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The Christine Ford Survivor Center And Support Group

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posted on Oct, 2 2018 @ 07:23 PM
The Christine Ford Survivor Center And Support Group

Alright group please welcome our new guest and introduce yourself one at a time after her.

Hello everyone.
Christine Ford molested me when I was a child 30 years ago. I dont remember where or when, but it happened and it has had a profoundly negative effect in my life ever sense. I really think this needs to be investigated. You guys believe me...right?

Depends. Are you Democrat or Republican (or not Democrat)? Do you vote Democrat? Male or female? Do you vote Democrat?

Gene Garbis-
You give me FAITH that there are honest women out there.

L R-
We believe you...
If you're against Trump...
Especially being you are female...
And not white...

Sword Nika-
I'll believe if there is NO one to corroborate your story

Matt Davis-
I learned after Casey Anthony! Women always tell the truth!

Living C-
Maybe after a two question polygraph that takes 48 hours...maybe.

Beth Rowbottom-
I was there....I stand with you.

TD ToppDogg-
Yes of course.....She's guilty untill proven innocent right?

Terry Mair-
And I will help you setup GoFundMe long as i get a cut.

R J-
Try adding another front door on your house, I heard that helps.

BirdMan Fether-
Get in line. I demand the FBI investigate when Dianne Chinese spy Feinstein grabbed my balls and muttered something in Chinese years ago.

Paul Smith-
I was there, I drove past in my TonkaToy and seen it all.
I knew you would feel that trauma 30 uears later.

You think that's bad, Cory Booker touched me. He's now hired Creepy Sloppy Daniels Porn lawyer Avenatti to defend him.

Randome question, I know you've been to many other countries but are you scared of flying?

Me believes this wamin

Only of you are speaking in your tiny, squeaky, I didnt get the pony voice.

Jamel Ling-
I'm with you

Depends if you are OWNED by the CIA

Steve Mueller-
I believe you.

Ford molested me 8 million years ago when I was 8 million years old.

Jim Jefferies-
As long as you have no proof, we will investigate.

Michael Thomas-
I was there, standing outside in a huddled mass, laughing, drinking beer.....
But I'll testify for you....who are you again and what party was it.
But I know you and I were there.

Joe Schlotthauer-
I was there, and I was so traumatized also, that only until now was I able to retrieve it from my memory.

De Bean-
Make sure you use your little girly voice and cutesy mannerisms when you say that...then throw in some millennial upspeak and vocal fry for extra "credibility".

On behalf of Senators Harris, Her..oh no, Sparticus, and the ever accountable, second wealthiest member of the senate, human skin suit wearing lizard man, Richaaaaaard Blumenthal! *crickets* ...As certified "credible" using the method as provided by the Clinton Foundation.

Carl Forbes-
You are so brave, this needs an FBI investigation.

Of course I believe you, you are a whamen. Whamen are incapable of lying.

Hebrew Kang-

Tara Mckinley-
We stand with you sister! Your testimony was so compelling! Speak your truth- no one should question your motive or your honesty. She should pay for her crimes.

Eric Gatlin-
Oh yeah I believe you all the way. You should be heard damnit, we need an FBI investigation. We dont need evidence, just your word and we'll hang this harlet from the high limb, and according to the left its not racist to joke about hanging white people soooo I think we're good.....yeah lets do this!


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