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Netflix live action of Bleach...

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posted on Oct, 1 2018 @ 03:00 AM
I am not a sycophant. I will not be persuaded by CGI, smooth talking actors, or a director and/or script writer who were too stupid to watch the anime.

Netflix absolutely destroyed the original plot and storyline needlessly.

There is no excuse for it other than sheer negligence and stupidity.

Netflix take on bleach deserves to fail. It was terrible.

posted on Oct, 1 2018 @ 03:07 AM
By the way... the stupidest mistake, yet the most basic...

The original ghost was a female. Stupid ass directors. Something so simple yet so neglected.

posted on Oct, 1 2018 @ 06:24 AM
a reply to: EternalSolace

Just because Netflix picked it up doesn't mean Netflix had anything to do with it.

posted on Oct, 1 2018 @ 06:52 AM
The anime was better, and there's nothing cooler than listening to Icihigo saying 'Bankai'.


Bleach had the most coolest characters.

Especially in Soul Society.

posted on Oct, 1 2018 @ 07:47 AM
Im an absolute Bleach fanboy!!! Love the show and movies.

People gotta remember this is a tv adaption to movies, i loved the movie rendition. Chad and Orihime are def going to get a big part in the second movie.

This was a well done 'Asian' movie that i 100% loved that 'Hollywood' did not get their grubby hands on, and so the story stayed true to the abbreviated story within the Asian viewpoint/story telling.

Give this to Hollywood and you get a story that has nothing absolutely nothing about the original story plot.

Give this to the Asians who created it... well you get a story that is true to the plot (within its movie media time frame).

Yes I would have loved to have 20 episodes of 20 minutes of full motion picture showing the 100% story.... but this is a movie man, 400 minutes of story in 120 minutes!

And people whinge that its not the same!!!

Here is a violin playing just for you.

I give it a 4 rubber chickens out of 5. Cant wait for the second movie.

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posted on Oct, 1 2018 @ 08:41 AM
Netflix's Godzilla anime movie series was better.

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posted on Oct, 1 2018 @ 09:23 AM
a reply to: EternalSolace

Netflix screwed up with Bleach twice. First of all, they only had the first season, OUT OF 16! This meant that for those unfamiliar with Bleach until watching it, they will have had no idea that there was so much of it, and gleefully sat down to watch the one available season, only to discover there is more story that they cannot access. This was utterly ghastly and annoyed me no end, because I am damned if I am purchasing access to another platform, just to get what I should have had from Netflix.

Second, they got rid of Bleach the series, and threw in this film, which I have avoided because there is NO way they could have told any of the story I have already seen, without pissing me off entirely, and from your description, that is exactly what actually happened.

Basically, Netflix does not understand anime. If it did, it would NEVER purchase one season of a show to display, but would ALWAYS get ALL seasons of a show to display, like SENSIBLE PEOPLE!

posted on Oct, 1 2018 @ 10:04 AM
It’s terrible. I couldn’t watch for more than 10minutes.

Bleach the anime is a classic however. Kimpachi is just so hardcore I love that character.

All the music is top notch to great sound.

The first season intro music still pops into my head some times.
a reply to: EternalSolace

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posted on Oct, 1 2018 @ 10:52 AM
a reply to: EternalSolace

Check out "Leaf of Faith" same network.

posted on Oct, 1 2018 @ 11:46 AM
The movie wasn’t that bad... I enjoyed it, at least...
I’m waiting to see if the all-powerful Chair-sama is gonna be in the sequel, or maybe the sequel’s after credits scene.

posted on Oct, 1 2018 @ 05:39 PM
The movie was okay considering I went in thinking it was going to be a trainwreck. I liked how Rukia and Ichigo's voices matched the originals in the anime.
Also...the actor that played Ichigo was absolutely gorgeous.

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