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I want to share my dream/vision about a possible Stargate in my backyard

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posted on Sep, 28 2018 @ 02:20 PM
Guess ill start with I was not influenced for this event and I am not crazy....

Little backstory,

This took place at my parents house in the Raleigh, NC area. The house sits in the suburbs on an acre lot, it is still somewhat secluded even though they build some tiny lot homes nearby. From the backyard and side of the house you can view this radio tower. This tower is gigantic and ill post the wiki of it after the story. The mailman once told me when I was a kid that the tower is as tall as the Empire State. I would say the tower sits about half a mile from my house.

Anyway... getting into the actual dream/vision... well I think it was a vision and ill explain why shortly.

The vision started with me outside my house on the side lot. I was staring at the tower, but something was off. The middle section of the tower was distorted to be larger than it actually was while the top and bottom sections appeared normal. The sky was normal all around except for a circle that formed around the middle section. This wasnt a perfect circle but more of a rough fog that formed around the middle section. The fog started to materialize and suddenly I was looking into another part of our galaxy. Everything looked so enlarged. There were stars that looked to be the size of a hot air balloon, 100 times the normal size of a star in the night sky. It was like I was looking at one of Hubble's images in the sky. There were many stars but also Nebulae with gases of blue and purple. I dont recall seeing any planets. Thats when part one ended.

I was lying in my bed and was like OMG that was awesome, and instantly went back to bed in hopes on continuing what I saw. This is what makes me thinking it was a vision... I am a moderate lucid dreamer and never have I ever been able to pick up a dream where I left off.

I didnt pick up exactly where I left off but here is what happens next.

I was in my backyard and it was completely dark, no longer dusk. There is no sign of the tower or it being some type of portal anymore. I find myself staring at this skeleton type thing on a pole. It has a skull and rib cage but nothing more. All of the sudden this diety thing materializes. It took the shape of a peacock and when it materialized above the skeleton it created a comic like laser blast that sent me flying back and woke me back up.

That is all here is the tower if interested.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts

posted on Sep, 28 2018 @ 02:31 PM
My guess is either it was a flight of fancy OR some shadowy cutting edge research group has co-opted the tower for their transmissions of em scalar wave forms that can create bridges across the universe.

Of course, there will be unforeseen results due to mankind's folly and swarms of Lovecraftian demons will erupt and chaos will ensue... in the mean time, enjoy what time we have.

Gotta say, though, with more seriousness, that maybe it was something real and perhaps actually attached to some research going on nearby. The world is stranger than we can imagine, though the moment-by-moment can seem mundane.

posted on Sep, 28 2018 @ 02:35 PM
a reply to: Baddogma

Hmm hadn’t thought it could be research our done by someone on our side!

I was leaning towards beings of the other world but great point! Thanks for reading!

posted on Sep, 29 2018 @ 03:09 AM
Yes, those "frequencies" can effect us in ways we do not understand. Maybe the first time you were actually astral travelling. The 2nd dream seemed more symbolic. Maybe try DuckDuckGo Search: symbolism of the peacock?

The 6th result down talks about spirit animals.

posted on Sep, 29 2018 @ 03:09 AM
double post... my trigger finger has been a little jumpy lately, what with all the commies out and about, and more brazen than ever, too, I'll tell you what.
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