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Ask Me Anything about Skinwalker Ranch with George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell

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posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:10 PM
Welcome to the first Ask Me Anything about the infamous Skinwalker Ranch! Our two guests have spent many days on the ranch and many years investigating it.

George Knapp brought it to the world 20 years ago to the extent he could with the restrictions placed on him by Robert Bigelow, the former owner. George did save all the footage he shot over those 20 years and opened that "vault of footage" up to Jeremy Corbell the filmmaker of "Patient 17" fame and all around excellent investigative journalist.

George and Jeremy teamed up a year ago to produce "Hunt for the Skinwalker" which was released earlier this month and went straight to the top on Amazon Prime. I'm proud to call both of these gents my friend and was honored to play a small (very small) part in the making of the movie. In addition, a certain British Pop Star told me last night that he may be able to pop on for a minute as well, we'll see.

Now to the rules of this AMA (there's always rules)...

PLEASE limit yourself to one question so everybody has a chance at getting their question answered, I have a feeling that even though it's Saturday this will be a pretty busy AMA.

Since there are two respondents in the AMA, if you want to ask a question of one or the other PLEASE start your question with his name, i.e.
"George, is it true that Springer taught you everything you know about Makers Mark Whisky?"

PLEASE be civil, respectful, and polite. It's fine if you disagree, just do so like a polite in a professional environment. In other words if you wouldn't say something someone's face at your work, don't type it here, it will be removed and your ATS account will be Banned from Posting.

These guys are giving up their Saturday to be here to answer your questions, the least we can do is be polite to them.

Now, let's have a nice and informative Saturday afternoon/evening (depending on where in the world you are of course) and a FUN AMA, Enjoy!

If you want to see the movie you can get it at these links: (purchase includes 1-1/2 hours of bonus material including the full "fireside chat) (purchase includes 1-1/2 hours of bonus material including the full "fireside chat)

Available also on Amazon…

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:11 PM
a reply to: Springer

Hey George and Jeremy,

I’m so glad to have you here to answer our multifarious (and nefarious?) questions!

Here is mine if you have time. Thank you!


Were parapsychological investigations part of what was done at the Ranch by NIDS or other official/sanctioned groups? If so, what kind, and to what result?

ETA - removing second question!

Just some thoughts if you have a minute…otherwise, no sweat.

Everything is communication. Sometimes I wonder if the crazy stuff happening was/is to protect something else — a “warning sign” to go away — a ‘don’t listen at your own peril,’ sort of thing. (The cattle mutilation smacks of magic ritual — old school shamanic — and “sacrifice to the gods” type stuff. ???)

I’m intrigued by the “time slip” nature of the area, with shamanic magical elements all the way to sci-fi appearing machinery and UAPs. Or is something merely throwing things at us from our own subconscious???

Thank you for a great introductory movie, as well as some additional information.

Similar phenomenon are said to be in Sedona, AZ, and in the San Luis Valley of CO, in forests in Europe, and many, many other places around the world. A meta analysis of experiences and phenomenon would be amazing.

Our perceptual bandwidth is so narrow, I often wonder what is right in front of our faces that we just can’t see.

I really appreciate your time, and your responses to all the questions you can get to today.
And a big thank you to “movie star” Mr. Mark Springer for setting this up with you, too!

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posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:12 PM
Yes!!! Here we go! a reply to: AboveBoard

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:16 PM
a reply to: JeremyCorbell

Hey Jeremy And George!

Big fan of your films Jeremy, and George you are a legend.

I’d like to ask why you chose to either not delve into / comment on, or not include from either the NIDs footage or George’s original documentary:
- the ice ring footage
- the other angle on the towers (front on) (you’ve got a distorted version in there
- the camera following the hole which the creature went down
- the firefly footage that was recorded around the cameras that were destroyed

Are these missing or not examined becuase you couldn’t authenticate them or are we looking for a special edition on Netflix at the end of the year?

That and the “oooh god” footage are some of the most visually compelling pieces for many who have watched.

Any level of comment would be most appreciate, angeneral answer would be great.
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posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:16 PM
So much for KISS.

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:16 PM
Hi George and Jeremy, thanks for taking the time to do this -- much appreciated!

I've been following the ranch since it became national news when NIDS took over. I've always been confused about the secrecy and "I know things I can't talk about" stance many are taking. I get that some may be under an NDA...but why.

My question is this:

Is there any reveal coming as to what has actually been discovered on the ranch, and will we ever see any filmed evidence, or any other kind of evidence? And why does Bob Bigelow keep things secret -- if there's something fantastic going on at the ranch, it would make sense to reveal the details and what facts are known?
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posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:18 PM
Hey guys, question. I have little knowledge of Skinwalker Ranch, in fact I may be skeptical regarding the events there, however, is it true there's a connection between Skinwalker and the UFO phenomenon? If so, would any of you care to explain.



posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:19 PM
Thanks for taking time out to be here JeremyCorbell.

When and how will new info be made available to the public? Does the new owner have a website? Will it always be in a movie?

I thought the documentary was very interesting. My thanks to the new owner for sharing some info with us!

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:20 PM
a reply to: AboveBoard Hi there. I think George would be better to answer this question. But what do you mean by parapsychological investigations, exactly.

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:20 PM
What software was involved with its production?

I dont when I'll ever get to see it but...

originally posted by: Springer

Cool art.

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posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:21 PM
Question -

Why didn't you start the doc with a proper review of the ranch's history under the "Sherman's" ownership?

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:21 PM
Thank you both for taking the time to be here today!
Loved the documentary- watched it 4 times since release.

Mr Knapp, do you ever go through the mountain of footage you have looking for oddities that may had been missed?
Was there anything else similar to the footage of the towers materializing?

Jeremy, what was your favourite or most compelling time bringing the doc to life

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posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:21 PM
Hey George and Jeremy! Glad to see you on ATS.

I've been thinking about it since some time. Did anyone tried big and deep excavations on the ranch? If not then why?
The phenomena seemed to be very protective when it comes to underground also the old owners mentioned hearing some sounds coming from beneath the ground. To me it would be like goin straight into the rabbit hole.

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:21 PM
George, big fan. I’ve been following your career since you first brought Area 51 to my attention as a kid.

What is one of the most compelling events at the ranch that you know of that hasn’t been chronicled anywhere? If there is one you feel comfortable talking about.

Also, if you ever need some “bait” for the ranch I’m always available. I’ve always been a lightning rod for these kind of things, and I want to spend the night in that house.

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:22 PM

originally posted by: JeremyCorbell
a reply to: AboveBoard Hi there. I think George would be better to answer this question. But what do you mean by parapsychological investigations, exactly.

Ok, for clarity. Perhaps I'm using the wrong word!

I mean Remote Viewing, or any kind of "spirit communication" efforts, shamans from the area, etc. The kind of stuff someone like Dean Radin might do...

I hope that helps!


posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:23 PM

Thank you for gracing the ATS community today.

My question is about the future of the ranch. Under the current ownership, do you believe it’s in the right hands and that they may be able to unlock something that would truly shock humanity?


posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:23 PM
To George.

Do you think that it is possible for this phenomenon to spread, if or when it follows people?
If so,would we be powerless against whatever is going on?

It seems we are?
What are your thoughts?

Thank you for taking the time and keep up the great work.

Also,kudos for having the grapefruits to sit in the woods alone out thanks to that!!

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posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:23 PM
Welcome guys!

Simple question.

What was the new owner's reason for buying the ranch or, put another way, what future plans does he have for it?

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:24 PM
a reply to: AboveBoard

Hi Springer and ATS folks..glad to be back. There was an ongoing debate within the NIDS board about which approach to take with the ranch...heavy on the tech side, various detectors and cameras or go low tech with psychics, remote viewers, maybe shaman or channelers. The high tech side won out, but the team did ask for help from remote viewers along the way...some of the best RV people in the country took a look at the ranch. They identified a few places where something dark was detected under the ground, but it never got more specific than that. Later, Colm and I put together our own panel of remote viewers who did not know what target they were looking at but came back with many images related to military facilities and personnel. A few of the RVers saw military personnel around the ranch, sitting behind banks of monitors, soldiers peering through rifle scopes. We did not know what to make of that except that we know there has always been some sort of military/intell interest in the property, even before NIDS got there, according to residents.

posted on Sep, 22 2018 @ 02:25 PM
a reply to: ctj83 Thanks for the question. Movies are a limited medium... there was just so much to cover. That's why I provided almost an hour and a half of BONUS material to go with the movie if you purchase on iTunes or Vimeo. The ice ring footage... that is a stand-alone bonus piece that is free to the public and can be found via link below. The other angle of the towers... never had that footage. I am unaware of a camera following a hole which a creature went down. The firefly footage... never had it to put in the movie.

Netflix is not on the table... yet... you never know.

Thanks for your questions!
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