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Goodbye Rod Rosenstein

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posted on Sep, 21 2018 @ 01:10 PM
So this is just breaking from NYT:

Rosenstein Suggested He Secretly Record Trump and Discussed 25th Amendment

WASHINGTON — The deputy attorney general, Rod J. Rosenstein, suggested last year that he secretly record President Trump in the White House to expose the chaos consuming the administration, and he discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Mr. Trump from office for being unfit.

Mr. Rosenstein made these suggestions in the spring of 2017 when Mr. Trump’s firing of James B. Comey as F.B.I. director plunged the White House into turmoil. Over the ensuing days, the president divulged classified intelligence to Russians in the Oval Office, and revelations emerged that Mr. Trump had asked Mr. Comey to pledge loyalty and end an investigation into a senior aide.

It appears that maybe Andrew McCabe is one of the sources:

None of Mr. Rosenstein’s proposals apparently came to fruition. It is not clear how determined he was about seeing them through, though he did tell Mr. McCabe that he might be able to persuade Attorney General Jeff Sessions and John F. Kelly, then the secretary of homeland security and now the White House chief of staff, to mount an effort to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Rosenstein denies and a person who was present said it was a joke:

Mr. Rosenstein disputed this account.

“The New York Times’s story is inaccurate and factually incorrect,” he said in a statement. “I will not further comment on a story based on anonymous sources who are obviously biased against the department and are advancing their own personal agenda. But let me be clear about this: Based on my personal dealings with the president, there is no basis to invoke the 25th Amendment.”

A Justice Department spokeswoman also provided a statement from a person who was present when Mr. Rosenstein proposed wearing a wire. The person, who would not be named, acknowledged the remark but said Mr. Rosenstein made it sarcastically.

Joke or not, this will be all that is needed to get rid of Rosenstein.
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posted on Sep, 21 2018 @ 01:15 PM
Quite interesting.

Wonder if it could be corroborated?

posted on Sep, 21 2018 @ 01:16 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian
already here

posted on Sep, 21 2018 @ 01:18 PM
Good find. Star and Flag Anti? Star and Flag Anti.

posted on Sep, 21 2018 @ 01:23 PM
It's going to be interesting to see how many people that normally disregard NYT and anonymous sources lap this up.

posted on Sep, 21 2018 @ 01:25 PM
a reply to: bigfatfurrytexan

I'm reading the rest of the article now and it looks like this might have come to light because of some memos written by McCabe.

Mr. McCabe told other F.B.I. officials of his conversation with Mr. Rosenstein. None of the people interviewed said that they knew of him ever consulting Mr. Kelly or Mr. Sessions.

Some of the details in Mr. McCabe’s memos suggested that Mr. Rosenstein had regrets about the firing of Mr. Comey. During a May 12 meeting with Mr. McCabe, Mr. Rosenstein was upset and emotional, Mr. McCabe wrote, and said that he wished Mr. Comey were still at the F.B.I. so he could bounce ideas off him.

The gist of what is laid out here is that Rosenstein was two weeks into the job, he felt like he had gotten used by Trump in writing the memo that was cited in Comey's firing.

Though other anonymous sources (who appear to be WH aides) are saying that he actually embraced the idea of firing Comey and volunteered to write the memo in a meeting in the Office Office with Trump and Sessions. According to the article, the WH aides were trying to talk Trump out of firing Comey but Rosenstein was all for it.

posted on Sep, 21 2018 @ 01:26 PM
a reply to: theantediluvian
Posted one minute earlier in this thread by avguy.

posted on Sep, 21 2018 @ 01:32 PM
Yep. Thread closed.

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