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Moon Trooper

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posted on Sep, 11 2018 @ 08:20 AM
Moon trooper speaks to the President on Earth.

"Im sorry sir we failed..... We...we...didnt stand a chance... the moons cataocombs is filled with predators ....reptoids..... Hideous forms all shapes and sizes. We... were overwhelmed... never stood a chance. Them controllers have captured me with other troopers here placing us all in cages.

The President of earth peers into a screen showing the swollen face of a Trooper. "Where are you exactly Trooper! gives us a Lunar coordinate! and we will mount a rescue!"

Suddenly a Reptile humanoid looking faces stares out from the screen and speaks "My name is Dracos. You were allowed to see your precious trooper alive, I gave you that privilege, but now is is time for us to negotiate."

There is a long pause as the president of the earth contemplates his next move. "What do you want!" asks the president.

The reptile responds.. "I want you to send 20 million people to Area 51. In one week from now our ships will arrive at an agree meeting place."

The Presidents reponds defiantly. "To Hell with your scalely man!!!"

The Screen pans back reveal the coops of the cages holding the troops. A mechanical arm reaches over grabs the cage of a trooper. The cage is brought over a pit which holds a hideous creater with huge gnashing jaws. The body of the creature and its head is one and the same. The body is sort of shaped like a beach ball and when it moves its seems to compress its lower body to the floor and then relax itself in a vibrating convulsion that propells it across the floor of the pit.

The caged Trooper is now aware of his fate and becomes terrified and Hysterical.

Caged Trooper "No No please No No..Oh God now....Ahhh ...."

The Trooper is pleading and crying for his life as now the bottom of the cage sits over the snapping gnashing jaws of the beast. The beasts tounge extends and is long enough to touch the bottom of cage. The beast tonge scaley saliva salivating uncontrollably like eruptions of profuse sweating during a blitziering heat. The bottom of the cage door flings open and the trooper is hanging on for dear life his feet dangling in air.
The beast lets out a terrible scream it knows its feeding time. Snap, Sanp does its jaws at the troopers feet trying to get a hook.
Caged Trooper screams "..Ahhh ....Ahhhhhhh...!" He manages to grab a footing on the lower rung of cage and is now standing back pressed up into a corner of cage"

The beast frustration pushes his tounge to hook the lower rung of cage andhe begins to pull it down and down. The caged Tooper in a desparate attempts stomps on lip on the creatures tounge. The creature shudders in pain as if its bring pricked repeatadly witha sharp needle.

Suddenly the tether suspending the cage in air gives away as if a level has been pulled releasing its fixing. The cage drops straight down and is grabbed in the jaws of the creature. The creature begins to violent shake the cage held in its jaws. The trooper is holding onto the cage for dear life but suddenly its tip of its tounge splits into a fork and each lashes itself around midrift of the trooper. Then in a quick convulsve contraction of the tounge pulls the trooper from his gripping into the depth of the beasts mouth.

The beast recoils back excitely pauses brief as if salivating the moment then slams his mouth shut as inefficient as an industrial press. A terrifying scream pierces the horror scene as blood squirts and oozes out from the the beast mouth. The man is devours in a minute and the creature sits in a satisifed pose lapping up the dripping blood and smacking its lips in delight.

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