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Macca Station

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posted on Sep, 10 2018 @ 08:13 PM
So it's finally here. Only been waiting since like 2013 LUL.

Wow um. It's alright? For such a long wait it didn't knock me off my seat. Although it's pretty much what we can expect from Mr. Silly Love Songs.

There are some tunes that have the hook, even though this one was co-written and is already being hailed as the embarrassment of the album (what is Paul McCartney without a couple dozen embarrassing tunes here or there?)

He sits down at the old piano

He does a funky little jam

But he always surprises us with something outside his usual zone, though it has the Macca stamp applied

The album finishes with an interesting medley that confirms that Paul just wants to be himself and have fun!

All in all, I hope he's got more left in him because this doesn't feel like the bookend his career deserves.

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