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The enigmatic flying humanoid over Saint Petersburg Russia

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posted on Sep, 10 2018 @ 07:30 PM
a reply to: Arbitrageur

The first Russian writing translates to "plastic bag"

The second Russian writing translates to "Stay Hydrated"

*I received My training from the Defense Language Institute/Foreign Language Center

posted on Sep, 10 2018 @ 07:41 PM
a reply to: free_spirit

There's some things kinda wrong with this vid:

a) If it's a person, it doesn't react to movement like one.
b) I don't see any feet.
c) The monk's robes aren't moving all that much in the wind that should surely be at that height. The robes aren't moving in relation to it's motion, or changes in motion, either.
d) He's awful short...

My impression is this is a device of some sort.

posted on Sep, 11 2018 @ 09:06 AM
a reply to: JimNasium

That's in Monterey, right? When were you there? My son went there briefly in 1998 until he got out of that program and changed jobs (whatever they call that in the Army, don't remember). He surfed a lot with the sharks while he was there.

On topic, I'd say that the plastic bag with a balloon inside fits this like a glove.

posted on Sep, 11 2018 @ 12:13 PM
What about the sightings over DC in '16?

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posted on Sep, 11 2018 @ 12:23 PM
a reply to: wtbengineer

1988 Presidio Monterey/ Ft. Ord . Good surfing but cold water and Big Sur was also beautiful...

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posted on Sep, 11 2018 @ 12:24 PM
I made a witch that floated for halloween and this looks very similar. Well my witch had a broom but she floated above the house for 4 days. Oddly it was my son that gave me the idea they had some birthday balloons they put in trash bag and released it.

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