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Rare and Dangerous Video : Ghosts In The Tsunami

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posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 02:33 PM
Immediately afterwards when the camera turns to the left on the roof there is a very trippy glitch that looks to be a spirit sitting on the edge with their back to something like a pile of red cloth. A pale skinned figure with long straight black hair wearing a kimono casts a white staff into the river and this coincides with a crunching sound like splitting wood.
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posted on Aug, 7 2019 @ 01:24 PM
a reply to: pseudonymousdoctor

LMAO we ALL want to believe.
But it is as the second poster has stated a pressurized tank exploding.
There are videos for it debunking this already check it out!

posted on Aug, 16 2019 @ 06:45 PM

originally posted by: ZIPMATT
Here is a video which shows the devastating effect of the huge Tsunami which came ashore on the East coast of Japan on March 4th 2011

Before watching the contents or adding comments , Please respect that well over 18 000 people lost their lives in this Tsunami and that we are indirectly witnessing their deaths .

In this video , people, marine life and land animals alike are expiring within the extreme turbulance of a mass of water and debris which is rushing up a river bed from the coast .

What this footage appears to show , is at least one 'white ghost' leap upwards from the waters and to disappear after a second or two as fast as it emerges . It takes a sweeping change of direction and has the classic or traditional form of an apparition which we may call a person's soul , emerging from their lost body , on death . The 'emerging spirit' can be found at 11.25 and surrounding seconds , in the bottom left portion of the screen , near the small black building .

This as yet unexplained phenomena has been seen and commented by several youtube users , however this [version], claimed to be 'rare' has only 1 million or so views .

To introduce discussion

White Ghosts

One of the classic forms of ghost within paranormal research and fiction is the white ghost. There are thousands of documented cases describing these apparitions.

People who have encountered a white lady ghost often remark on the feeling that the spirit had something important to say. The colour white may in fact be due to a paranormal phenomena called ecto-mist.

These strange fog-like shapes have been caught on video and photographs and are often seen as white whispy smoke. The hazy shape

may also lead people to believe that the form is female, when it is possible that the spirit is male. Although not as numerous as 'white ladies', there are in fact accounts of 'white men' ghosts from many parts of the world.

If you google 'white ghost' you will see shapes very similar to what the footage attests , therefore those basic cartoon pictures are of a definite image which is shared across boundaries around the world .

Going further , look closely at other stop points also commented , especially near the end , are there in fact several views into nether world occurences during the violence and tumult of such a devastating end for so many lives ? Such as , on the orange roof to left of camera , where something like a fight takes place , or upon the red roof very near the end where a black apparition appears to catch and struggle with a white one?
These are questions only you can asnswer .

Several youtube users have described this video as 'dangerous video' , and given the clarity of what we get to see , it is questioned - could there be people or entities who don't want us to see this ? It may be worth looking into what appear to be possibly veiled threats occuring through the 100 or so comments .

Please leave your considered interpretations below

oh god. It's not a ghost man. It could be mist or splash from the water. If you watch the video slowly at the end. You see it appear once behind the tree, and several seconds later it appears clearly on video and floats up and disappears. RIP. Life does one thing the best, it goes on.

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