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The big battle is coming for Idlib, Syria It really is a big deal

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posted on Sep, 6 2018 @ 08:33 PM
Today Friday the 7th of September there are formal talks about the armed combatants in Iblib laying down their arms and being bused to an area out of Syria..Probably Turkey or Jordan IMO .(The leader of one faction of the rebels has said anyone who surrenders will be considered a traitor.)..

Many of the prior insurgent provinces have been offered the same busing deal,,, They surrendered and went by bus away from the killing just before the Syrian army and its' supporters liberated the town. Unfortunately as the were bused to a border region of Syria they were rearmed and sent to Idlib to carry on the fight. Guesstimates are there are around 30,000 al-Qaeda fighters in Idlib embedded throughout the population.

Syria now controls just about 70% of its' territory with Idlib being the last major hold out for the USA, France, U.K., Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, supported Rebels. If there has ever been a time for Syria to get out of hand IMO it will be within the next two to three weeks as the Attack on Idlib commences. Presently all sides are moving troops and material into position for the coming battle.

True, I have no inside information and this is but speculation on my part.

There was a news blip about China wanting to get involved in the Idlib offensive.. There is a bigger reason for that. Turkey helped move, some where between 5000 up to 20,000 Uyghurs from western China to help fight and settle along the Turkish border with Syria in the region of Idlib. China does not want them moving back to western China so their fate is uncertain unless Turkey or someone else takes them in..

In my opinion the west and their supported insurgents have gotten their butts kicked and as everyone knows a cornered animal is a dangerous beast to deal with. Israel has carried out two more airstrikes on Syrian territory in the last few days.

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posted on Sep, 6 2018 @ 09:20 PM
My questions is, where do they buy the bullets?

posted on Sep, 6 2018 @ 09:58 PM
Good looking out OP.

It does appear the big one is being geared up for. Most of the breaking news about it is still only on Twitter so... expect potential fireworks and msm headlines soon.

Hopefully these 'rebels' will finally be put down entirely already and hopefully also the civillians are fleeing.

posted on Sep, 6 2018 @ 09:59 PM

originally posted by: musicismagic
My questions is, where do they buy the bullets?

Russia and the USgov.

Except for they arent paying us for them, likely given free via cargo drops.
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posted on Sep, 6 2018 @ 10:06 PM

September 04, 2018 Syria - UN, U.S. Try To Delay Idlib's Liberation The United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura and his Special Advisor, Jan Egeland, held a press conference (vid) today. They appealed to the Russian President Putin and President Erdogan of Turkey to find a solution for Idleb province that would avoid the upcoming Syrian army attack on the province ruled by al-Qaeda. De Mistura claimed that there are 2.9 million civilians in the area. That number is nonsense. In 2011 Idleb governorate had a population of 1.5 million. Several hundred thousands of those, Christians, Alawites, government employees, soldiers and their families, fled when in 2015 al-Qaeda and its Free Syrian Army allies attacked and occupied it. Some new people, 10-20,000 Chinese Uyghurs as well as other foreign Jihadis, arrived. But their total numbers were in the ten thousands, not in the hundred thousands. When in 2017 the Syrian army liberated Aleppo and then east-Ghouta and other areas, about 50,000 people in total asked to be put on buses and to be shipped off to Idleb. The total number of people in the province and the attached areas held by the Jihadis must be well under 2 million. As for the number of terrorists in Idleb de Mistura only spoke of some 10,000 of the al-Qaeda aligned Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the former Jabhat Al-Nusra Front. But the total number of radical Jihadists in the governorate is much larger. There are two large groups of "rebels" in Idleb. Turkey’s favourite is the NLF, which is led by Fadlallah al-Hajji, a Muslim Brotherhood ally. The NLF includes Turkey-friendly Islamists like Ahrar al-Sham, the Noureddine al-Zengi Brigades, Failaq al-Sham, Jaish al-Ahrar, and groups that fought under the Free Syrian Army banner, like the Victory Army and the 2nd Coastal Division. Big but brittle, the NLF is held together by Turkish sponsorship and shared enemies: al-Assad’s government, Syrian Kurdish groups, and hardline jihadists. These ain't your friendly neighbors but brutal Islamists. Ahrar al Sham is a recognized terrorist group founded by a senior al-Qaeda veteran. The al-Zengi brigades became famous when they published a video which showed them beheading a wounded 12 year old boy. The second, larger, and even more brutal group is the alliance around HTS under its leader Abu Mohammed al-Golani. It includes several thousand Uyghur and Chechen fighters:

posted on Sep, 6 2018 @ 10:18 PM
The Dutch Royal Family is directly providing funds and weapons to terrorists in Idlib and Syria since more than 2 years.
Too bad their gambit is hopeless and the terrorists caliphate will either surrender or die, sending a few more billion dollars of dutch taxpayers money down the drain.

posted on Sep, 7 2018 @ 12:44 AM
of note;

the OP was 7 Aug today is 7 Sept eve... and recent reports are that an Israeli Jet (souped up by them) was finally downed with one of the Russian missiles that are being installed all over Syria...

Idlib is the precurser battle immediately before Damascus in my worldview... and the Russians have been toying with the Israel air force by not hitting their jets before now...leading the IDF into a false sense of security

but just wait for the S400 aircraft intercepters to be pushed into constant service protecting the Syrian skies from both the Israeli & USA attack aircrafts in the immediate future...Beware the Jihadi armies attacking in Idlib which will directly lead to the Atomic demolition in Damascus in the weeks that might become a month or so.

i am so mad at Trump's lack of making the right choices concerning Syria/ the white-helmet jihadists acting as if they are peacekeepers...and the continuing BS of the poppy fields of Afghanistan that the dark ops of the Pentagon/CIA guard and trade

posted on Sep, 7 2018 @ 03:01 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

A false flag operation thwarted?

An organised expose by the Syrian and Russian governments over a three-day period starting Aug 27 may have thwarted a British-backed plan to stage a ‘false flag’ chemical weapons attack in Idlib province that would have forced the US to launch a missile and air assault on Syria.

According to Russian Defence Ministry spokesperson, Igor Konashenkov, a militant group, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, was going to be the conduit for this false flag operation. It would foment an attack targeting innocent citizens of Idlib and then put the blame upon the Syrian government. Eight chlorine tanks were delivered to Jisr al-Shughur town for this purpose.

Militants “trained in handling poisonous substances under the supervision of specialists from the private British military company Oliva arrived in the town a day earlier. The militants had the task of simulating the rescue of the victims of the chemical weapons attack dressed in the clothes of the famous White Helmets”.


posted on Sep, 7 2018 @ 03:04 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

Thank you Sky for starting the thread. I will be following this chapter closely, scouring foreign news and social media accounts to upload and fill with content. However, I need to find a way to archive or mirror videos sepert from YouTube for the inevitable purging that will follow behind like they have never seem to stop doing g to me. Would it make sense to simply create a LiveLeak account and mirror them there?? This way when YouTube does it's deletion thing and the embeds fail, the alternate links will remain up?? Pain in the ass to have to upload duplicates of videos but extreme censorship calls for extreme measures.

Resources to follow for breaking content will follow later today.

posted on Sep, 7 2018 @ 03:58 AM
I screwed up on the date it is 7, September not August.. hahaha I have an excuse I am retired and every day/month is pretty much the same to me... Sorry for the confusion. I did not catch it until it was to late and after golf..

EDIT to ADD !!!:::::: A mod changed the date for me !! thanks ... !!!
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posted on Sep, 7 2018 @ 04:58 AM
Is this information available? it's not that I don't believe you, but I'd like to see what proof there exists.

posted on Sep, 7 2018 @ 05:07 AM
An couple of Russian fighter bombers (SU-34 and SU35s) hit targets in Idlib on the 4th. One was a warehouse where portable anti aircraft missiles were stored and the other sight was where Armed drones were being made. There have been 47 of the drones shot down in the last month as they approached Russian airbases.

Idlib rebels are blowing up bridges (4 so far) and digging new fortifications to fight back during the coming Syria offensive.

I personally am concerned about the possibility of a false flag chemical attack so the rebel backers can go in and bomb the crap out of the Syrian army and anyone else trying to free Idlib from al-Qaeda ..

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posted on Sep, 7 2018 @ 05:42 AM
Russia, TURKEY, and Iran have just completed a meeting on what they are planning for Idlib. Hands shakes by all the leaders and smiles.

I am still betting on something big going down in the next two or three weeks as it takes time to move men and material into place...Not much on China at present but if I find something I will post it..

posted on Sep, 7 2018 @ 06:04 PM

originally posted by: 727Sky
Russia, TURKEY, and Iran have just completed a meeting on what they are planning for Idlib. Hands shakes by all the leaders and smiles.

I am still betting on something big going down in the next two or three weeks as it takes time to move men and material into place...Not much on China at present but if I find something I will post it..

perhaps the big game-changer you expect will be the action against Syria in particular (and Russia by error) which Trump is Now-in-favor-of --> I see both the UK and France airforces dragging their heels in committing to combat with the USA in the lead.

but IF the UK/France/USA ramp up too much--- then China will be a willing Ally to Syria & the Russians-&-Iranians...
Turkey however cannot give more than safe-passage to the rebels/Jihadists as they cannot go against their NATO bit-&-bridle handlers

the Trump neocons are just as Globally Destructive as the revolutionary-Demokrats are with their ongoing Coup attempt in the domestic sphere
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posted on Sep, 7 2018 @ 10:00 PM
a reply to: 727Sky
Step News is a domestic Syrian news organization written in Arab. You can browse it in English by using this google translation link.

Founded in December 2013 by a group of Syrian activists and journalists throughout the country, Step News has continued its ongoing work to this day without interruption of Step News in its coverage of more than 2.5 million followers through the agency's social networking sites, And permanent expansion. Step News helps support access to a democratic society in Syria by strengthening the independence of the press, increasing its professionalism and increasing its credibility.
STEPP NEWS was registered in the United States of America as a profitable company in early 2014 under the following license: The Agency also obtained a license to operate within the European Union in 2016. The agency is headquartered in Washington, DC with headquarters in addition to the spread of its offices in the neighboring countries of Syria (Turkey - Jordan ) And some of the main Syrian governorates

Following is from the front line of North Hama/South Idlib
An airstrike from earlier. Is it an Su-35??

And airstrikes at night.

Qalaat Al Mudiq
‏ @QalaatAlMudiq
8h8 hours ago

#Syria: heavy artillery shelling tonight in N. #Hama CS btwn Rebels & Regime (video). Multiple civilians killed & wounded by both sides (esp. in #Muhardah & Q. Mudiq).

Qalaat Al Mudiq
‏ @QalaatAlMudiq

#Syria: Rebels shelled NW. #Hama front with Elephant rockets in retaliation for airstrikes.

Qalaat Al Mudiq
‏ @QalaatAlMudiq

#Syria: remains of rockets with submunitions (BM-27 Uragan) fired by Assad forces on Al-Tah (SE. #Idlib). geo located

Monther Etaky
‏ @montheretaky

#ASSad regime and #Russia regime flags been burned by the protester today during the demonstration in #idlib against Assad and his allies
#Outrage4Idlib #EyesOnIdlib

On September 5th members of the NLF, destroyed a Syrian Army T-72 MBT in a surprise ambush on a military camp in Joureen on the Ghab Plain.

Battles for Syria | September 6th 2018 | Updates from the Idlib Front

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posted on Sep, 7 2018 @ 10:31 PM
a reply to: worldstarcountry
Russia, Turkey, Iran fail to agree on ceasefire for Syria's Idlib

TEHRAN (Reuters) - The presidents of Turkey, Iran and Russia on Friday failed to agree on a ceasefire that would forestall a Syrian government offensive in the rebel-held Idlib province which the United Nations fears could cause a humanitarian catastrophe involving tens of thousands of civilians.

Pot calling the kettle black ? IMO everything the west and their allies have done in the Mid-east has caused a humanitarian catastrophe and in some cases with no end in sight ...

Erdogan, Turkey's president was wanting a ceasefire in Idlib and said he could not take anymore Syrian refugees into Turkey. Russia and Iran said sorry but nope to the cease fire. All rebels will be removed and pushed out of the country..

If I were dictator, president, Emperor, or what ever of Syria I would do all I could to decimate and eliminate all the ISIS Al-Qaeda western supported rebels where ever they could be found.

posted on Sep, 8 2018 @ 09:09 AM
FranceSoir presents an expose on Malhalma Tactical, the highly sophisticated (relative to most of the guerilla fighters) private contractors who provide quality professional training and advise and assist operations for the various rebel groups, which has also included Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) formerly known as al-Nusra front, and prior to that as al-Qaeda in Syria.

They only got about a dozen guys, but provide some advanced medical and logistic support helping to reduce rebel casualties and leading to some successful strikes on government targets.

Malhama Tactical: the mercenary instructors of the jihadists
Published on :
Friday 07 September 2018 - 16:47
Update :
Friday 07 September 2018 - 17:06
All the belligerents of the Syrian conflict have their "instructors", whether they are sent by a great power (for example Russia for the Assad regime) or private. Matteo Puxton, a specialist in defense issues and a reference observer of the conflict, presents for France-Soir Malhama Tactical, mercenaries who form the shock troops of some armed jihadist groups.
Malhama Tactical is born in March 2016. This formation is founded by Abu Rofik, a character of whom we know really little, except that he was probably Uzbek. He would have been, perhaps, a former Russian Airborne Forces (VDV), but he also claimed, in 2014, to be a former GRU sniper (Russian intelligence), which is arguably inaccurate. He joined Syria in 2013, serving in the katiba of Sayfullah Shishani, former comrade of Abu Omar al-Shishani, who quarreled with him when he joined the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Sayfullah Shishani's katiba had joined al-Nusra at the end of 2013. He was killed on February 6, 2014 during the failed assault on Aleppo's central prison. As early as 2014, Abu Rofik led a jihadist training camp in Aleppo province, still in Katiba Sayfullah, then created Malhama Tactical (MT). The choice of the name of the formation is not trivial. The term Malhama refers to the apocalyptic battle supposed to be fought near Dabiq at the end of time, for Islam; the term refers to a famous hadith of Abu Muslim, often quoted by jihadists (including Islamic State).

OGN TV went on site at the end of July to observe some of the training they are providing to ensure proper battle doctrine and professional fighting.

posted on Sep, 8 2018 @ 09:22 AM
A hospital in a cave you say?? I guess you can't hide even those...

Abdulkarim Ekzayez
‏ @kareemekzayez

Even hospitals inside caves in #Syria cannot be protected from air strikes. Today a hospital in #Has village southern #Idleb was targeted by barrel bombs and missiles as part of the recent offensive of #Assad regime on rebels territories in NW Syria

6:29 AM - 8 Sep 2018

The Russo/Syrian air operation continues to relentlessly hammer targets from the air.

شاهد قصف هستيري عنيف يستهدف مدينة اللطامنة وأطرافها شمال حماة
He saw a violent hysterical attack targeting the city of Latamna and its outskirts north of Hama

شاهد القصف بالبراميل المتفجرة على مدن شمال حماة
Witness the bombing of the explosive barrel on the cities of northern Hama

قصف عنيف بأكثر من 40 صاروخ على قرية السرج شرقي إدلب
Heavy shelling of more than 40 rockets on the village of Sarj east of Idlib

شاهد القصف بالبراميل المتفجرة على قرية الهلبّة جنوب إدلب وما خلّفته من دمار
He witnessed the shelling of the village of Halba, south of Idlib, and its destruction

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posted on Sep, 8 2018 @ 11:43 AM
Members and leaders of HTS are allegedly selling off their properties in Idlib in anticipation of the looming battle.

Idlib: The leaders of "Liberation of the Sham" are offering their properties for Sale
A media source close to the media office of the "Sham Liberation", told the "cities", that the leaders and princes in the "body" began to show their property from restaurants, farms and commercial markets for sale "for fear of any battle or scenario is expected to result in the result of the expulsion of the body from Idlib. " The sources added that "the most prominent leaders of the Commission offered their property for sale in secret, so as not to spread panic among their elements."

According to the source, sales between the Authority's leaders and buyers are conducted through intermediaries or owners of real estate offices. Pointing out that the leaders required the mediators to be "secret" so as not to "exploit the enemies of the Commission against it, or raise fear among the elements."

The source revealed to the "cities" the part of the property sold or intended by the leaders of the "body" to sell; "Abu Malik Tali" Mall of the Qahwati in the city of Idlib for sale. Abu Mariah Al Qahtani and Abu Ahmed Hudood were able to sell Al Shami's restaurants on Bab Al Hawa Road in Hazano, just a few days ago. Shami and Shami Exchange in Sarmada are also on sale, by Haddut and Al Qahtani.

The source added that a large livestock farm in Babsqah near the city of Harim, formerly the Army of Islam before being seized by the "body", was offered for sale through "Abu Dawood" from the information office, and "Abdullah Awaini," nicknamed " martyr".

"The cities" continued with a real estate office in the city of Idlib, to find out the size of the property for sale. The office said: "There is active movement in the sale of various properties," but he refused to disclose the property offered and who owns. The office confirmed the existence of a cattle farm in the area of ​​Babesqa for sale, when asked about it, but he denied his knowledge if the princes of the "body" or others.

Also, Russian propaganda continues to insist they have some proof about an impending chemical weapons false flag attack. Of course I have yet to see this proof presented even though they claim they did so at the UN Security Council Meeting last week. Im thinking they are making this stuff up to coverup the fact Assad is using them as an easy way to get rid of rebels believing the worlds good will towards America has run out an they will blindly believe anything.

According to the irrefutable information available to the Ministry of Defense, on September 7, in the city of Idlib in the terrorist command post near the Al-Wahda school, a meeting of the group leaders took place: "Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham" * ("Jabhat An-Nusra" *) and "Hizb At-Turkestan Al-Islami" * ("Islamic Party of Turkestan" *) with the participation of local coordinators of the Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets).

At the meeting, scenarios for the conduct and filming of staged "incidents" were allegedly finalized and approved with the alleged use of poisonous substances by Syrian government troops against civilians in the settlements of Jisr Al-Shugur, Serakab, Taftanaz and Sarmin.

As the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Major-General Igor Konashenkov specified, the full readiness of all participants involved in carrying out staging provocations should be secured by the evening of September 8.

The signal for the beginning of terrorists' practical implementation of the provocation phase in Idlib province will be a special team from some "foreign friends of the Syrian revolution," he added.

posted on Sep, 8 2018 @ 12:08 PM
a reply to: worldstarcountry

the sales of properties will likely be deemed null=void by the eventual Syrian Government authority (after the territory is ridded of the enemy terrorists)...

the owners of the sold properties were most likely collaborators with the rebel-Jihadists/AQ, anti-Assad occupiers
and were trying to escape future incrimination by gleaning travel monies to run-from-the-situation & eventual guilty finger pointed at them...

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