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The Truth reveiled

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posted on Feb, 22 2005 @ 11:48 PM
How can I begin. I will just say it. This is a great site for the contemplation in the information that we all have researched for the truth of alien existence outside our planet. However what does it really matter. I believe others like myself on this site are looking for the real truth Do not get me wrong, I what to know about other life forms outside our tiny world. But what is the truth. IMHO the search for the truth is what happens to us when our bodies perish? Where do we go and who/what/why are we then? I truly believe the spirit can not perish. Only our physical bodies will be gone. So with all of this, how do we travel over light years or the reversed engineering for new devices from downed alien crafts can never answer the ultimate question for me. “Who/What/When/How are you?” This brings up religious aspects taught by our past generations depending where you lived in the world. I was brought as a Christian believing in Jesus Christ from the bible. I never researched the bible or other religions until my thirties. I now find all religions very fascinating. From what I have discovered among all religions formed, the common denominator is NO ONE is taught to hurt anyone else. BUT WE ARE.

So why does the governments hide the truth? This is my posts questions.

1. Why does the government want to develop more weapons of mass destruction to kill all us?
2. Why are we are not ready for contact?
3. They government does not know the truth?

IMHO response to these questions is:

1. Only the rich will profit for which they will never receive the true riches of eternal life (maybe reincarnated, ghosts).
2. Ready for what. From what I have read, everything (not everyone) will go into KOS. Economical markets will crash, religious originations will bankrupt, ect. Well the truth is the truth. We can handle the truth. The truth will set you free.
3. The greatest human mind on the earth can not comprehend our soul. The government may have new toys and bodies to extract information from. However they may be concern about the alien ADGENDA? The truth is that government does not know the truth. The problem is that may not be asking the right questions. The problem is they have run out of time to inform the people of what they have learned. The REAL problem is that do know the true meaning of LIFE. The TRUTH IS “I look at my son and wife and say to “GOD” Thank You.”

For all of you that want proof,sources , or links about topics just use your common sense about your reponses

[edit on 23-2-2005 by Truthforall]

posted on Feb, 23 2005 @ 12:12 AM
Nice play on words there. It may have been a freudian slip, i don't know. Veil means to conceal. So "The Truth Reveiled" means the truth reconcealed. Very nice. Intentional or not.

1. They can. It brings them enjoyment. They feed off the misery of others.

2. It would undermine the current power structure in much the same way as a free energy device would. This is their viewpoint not mine. Or so it appears.

3. The government is a severe hiarachial structure. It's like an onion. As you get deeper in the layers you get more of the "truth" they wish to give you. And for that truth you sign a paper that states they will kill you if you say anything. Parts of the government know something more of the truth than the average citizen. At this point it would be difficult to cross the line from the mundane to the spiritual so I'll leave my answers where they are. And the thread is in Aliens & UFOs.

The TRUTH IS I look at God everyday and thank God.

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