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Shake the dust off

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posted on Sep, 2 2018 @ 02:53 PM

A philosophical journey....

Shake the dust off
your feet
and walk on by
for how can one fly
if one is stuck
with their boots
in the mud high.

There are many
who have sunk down low
who would enjoy your company
a chance to laugh
at your freedom speech.
To many, what you share
is free entertainment alone.
But no not I,
for I prefer
to use my time well.
So please just listen,
before you fall into someone's else's spell.
If you want to levitate
you will have to walk
far from the drunken beat.
Way beyond the common way
Not that you are more.
but answer me this,
who would willingly sign up
for a life of hellfire?
But still one after another
I have discovered,
Man, woman and other
those whose lives scream out
please, could I just have another?
Their souls have gone
Their joy dissolved.
For blindly they have walked
in to worlds
either frozen cold
or tumbled into burning coals.
So for those of you
who are able to listen.
Stand up and walk your way
for one must use the light
that you have been given.

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posted on Oct, 12 2018 @ 03:31 AM
Take on The Odds, Do The Impossible, Dodge The Attacks, And At The End of It Fade Away into nothing.
Dont Let other people Get you down, And Never Surrender, As Well as Don't Be Afraid To Do it all Over Again.
Because The Lost Become Found, and The Found Become Lost.
When its all said and Done, Walk Away With Your Head Raised High, And Lift Yourself up Above The Sky.
Then, Brush it all off your Shoulder with a Flick of The Wrist.


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