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I'm just kind of wondering

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posted on Feb, 22 2005 @ 10:44 PM
The Rockefellers, WV Dem. Senator Jay Rockefeller & the Standard Oil Trust, appear to be attacking President Bush┬╣ and British PM Tony Blair through Rockefeller-controlled media, the Dem. Presidential hopefuls & the Senate Committee on Intelligence. The Rockefellers appear to want Bush to administer Iraqi Oil for the Rockefeller's benefit, not the Iraqi people's. Bush is refusing to sell out! If it were administered for the Iraqi's benefit, that would drive Rockefeller Family profits down! It would also lower Fuel Prices! Senator Rockefeller is blackmailing Bush, AGAINST the best interests of the American Public. People with hidden agenda┬▓, the Rockefellers' regularly use FORGED documents, it's their TRADEMARK. And they manipulate the press: it was they who convinced BBC's executives to falsify reports on BBC's broadcasts claiming the British "sexed up" Intel about WMD in Iraq, and falsely blaming it upon David Kelly, British WMD expert, who later committed suicide out of shame at the false accusations. What have the Rockefellers been up to here?

I had come across the above from some news source...I can't quite remember what, but anyways I thought in the NWO Rockefeller and the President of the U.S. were both cooperating? Was I mistaken, or are these type of things setups or what? I'm just kind of wondering even though this doesn't have that much to do with the NWO it has to do with the people that I believe to be in it.

posted on Feb, 22 2005 @ 11:23 PM
There is a war on. And I don't mean the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, or any other distraction-oriented cash-cow fakeWar. I mean the war for the World.

The European group (a.k.a. Illuminati, NWO, International Bankers, etc) created the money for the American group over a century ago (mid-to-late 1800's). Hand-picked due to aristocracy, heritage, and worldview, the descendants of these chosen Colonists are the Who's Who's of modern America.

It was a beautiful relationship. The American group worked tirelessly for the Europeans, passing legislature like the Banking Act and the Federal Reserve Act, cementing the overseas power-structure in US intelligence agencies, and learning as much as possible from their new friends; friends that had been in the world control business for centuries.

The American-based power-structure remained subservient to the Eurpean group into the 1950's. The father of our current pResident (typo?) was part of an initial push to begin breaking away from the Europeans, and establish a network (financial and informational) that did not include the European power structure.

Many world events have been related to the struggle for global power that has ensued. One of the most detailed and complete delineations of this can be found in a series of books by a gentleman (read: raving, power-hungry, genocidal lunatic) carrying the name, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

The books are titled, in order of publication: Between Two Ages : America's Role in the Technetronic Era - (1970), Game Plan: A Geostrategic Framework for the Conduct of the U.S.-Soviet Contest - (June 1986), Out of Control: Global Turmoil on the Eve of the 21st Century, Collier (1993), The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, Basic Books (October 1997), and, The Choice: Global Domination or Global Leadership, Basic Books (March 2004).

I apologize for becoming overly verbose. This is a particularly piquing subject matter for me, and one of intense study. Perhaps there are others with relevant information to add to the resource arsenal?

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