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Asian Nations Invasion- Tradewar Super Debt Collection of United States Real Estate

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posted on Jul, 30 2018 @ 10:17 AM
I wanted to relate a waking dream consciousness experience I had in a meditation room at my church when I was 22. The dream consisted of my room going into a beautiful ruby red color with the pounding of a native american drum heard everywhere.
I could hear flares being thrown into the streets by police as if they had been herding people along and were pre-emptive upon an invasion anyway.

It's rather peculiar that I have been noticing exercises late night my Phoenix PD for such a thing for 2 years now. It may have to do with being ready to herd and channel traffic in possible invasion scenario.

The waking dream had sight, sound and I could also see from my meditation point of view the way in which it was all happening. I got so disturbed as I heard children and families panic and usherer off streets out of cars into nearby homes even.

What happened is that screeching metallic jets with silver look and a red star near nose cone of air force craft were bombing and taking out paleo verde and hoover dam to flood simultaneous targets. There is also these craft that were submerged at one point but then hover at night like warehouses of para-sailers in black to take on rooftops and their targets.

I figure asian allied countries collecting on massive debt in not the end of the world- it's lives lost and destroyed in the process. I wouldn't feel good if I told you all this is really about fear and panic with no solution.

The solution here is it's not environmental, cosmic or each other that are the enemy right now. It's the failing and super aggressive economy along with those who will collect on a massive US debt to them in Real Estate that is my main heads up and issue for your safety!
There is tons of corroboration in the psychic arena to backup this coming event!

Your job is to understand what is happening is they are already here, russians, chinese ET's if you will. They Are US Too!

This is not the end but when you retaliate and feel it is the end in brutal and violent means for no real benefit to your family and all, that's a problem!
Something I want people to know in Phoenix is that abandoned or occupied streetside homes may need to house people very temporarily to unblock traffic! Don't shoot police or people like invaders when bombs go off if this all occurs before next year of 2019.
At the Core this is an economic issue and we all have to wise up and grow up on the fact in some respects most of government and chose themselves and personal family over you!

Most government has abandoned you for their loot all on your expense and trust in them with a large debt to China and many others.
Best thing is be cooperative but hold your own and know the rules of engagement!

If no one is assaulting or taking you away, it's that I and You are caught in a Powershift and it can be bloody inbetween that Powershift or it can be more fluid and compliant with keeping the mind and ears open to solutions and making it up as we go city per city/ local politics per local politics.

So I know many of us have guns, blades and food stores- whatnot. Don't be caught without the main life essentials at least by september. September is going to be a rush on markets and stores of all kinds. Heads up for the the believers if you trust the intel of a precognitive psychic.

I've known this about 16 years and let it go twice since now, third time but I'm not the only one with this information- this is just more detail than others.

A FUTURE ASIAN/CAUCASIAN culture where 50/50 ratio genetics are common is not a bad thing either. I remember Art Bell Talking about a well mixed race of humans is more like Phillippinno people anyway their beautiful and diverse looking people with much greatness to offer.

The fact is there are people come to us from their ruins and demand something for nothing but then there are those, who planned and paid way over what they should have by all means rights to occupy naturally and have been revoked and oppressed from doing.

Which people are more deserving and since we are all about a better species and quality of human beings, that genetically does transfer and relate to the future of a better well kept planet who takes care of their environment!

It's a simple choice in the end- choose life, intelligence and an actual future without death and warring going on over the most inane asinine circumstances possible. Deny those rights and grant and try to understand the rights of those who are more deserving and growth oriented anyways.

I can see the bright side of anything when pitted against so much death to be had for fear and ruins of countryside where we abandone true intelligence for protecting the sacred hatred and dark and holy father of selfish pride, entitlement and megalomania! Where is there humility, humbleness, patience, intelligence and contribution to a society anywhere with that modality?

I hope we can see past our aggressive natures for getting that $h|T Pie at the end of your conquest, then we will all be full of $h|T when we take inventory and settle on what we really accomplished through resisting this PowerShift and Economic DownTurn.

I can't say whether my diatribe or take on my own little personal view of deserving peoples is perdinant here in this context of a vision so much but I wouldn't make up this waking dream during this significant meditation at my church. Where I also saw a giant ufo mid day about 5 pm rush hour in Phoenix on my walk to Church.

It's about a heads up after all for all by september have your ducks in a row because the lame will be caught in the panic and tizzy over ill preparedness and that's when people will hit the streets in any major city to have to be herded and channeled out of invasion mode for goods and supplies- leaving cities too.

posted on Jul, 30 2018 @ 11:05 AM
September huh?
So I shouldn't bother registering my kids for school then?

posted on Jul, 30 2018 @ 11:12 AM
a reply to: LostGods

I wanted to relate a waking dream consciousness experience I had in a meditation room at my church

this waking dream during this significant meditation at my church

Where I also saw a giant ufo mid day about 5 pm rush hour in Phoenix on my walk to Church.

Since your post seems to be heavily influenced by your "church", would you mind sharing what type of church it is that you attend?
Thanks in advance.

posted on Jul, 30 2018 @ 11:35 AM
Your prophesy sounds like a movie combination of independence day, Plan 9 from outer space and Red Dawn.
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posted on Jul, 30 2018 @ 11:53 AM
a reply to: LostGods

As one other poster notes, it will help a lot if we know what racial makeup you are, where you were born, and where and what your church is. It's already the end of July, so taking your vision at face value, means starting a stampede. We need to see the face behind this vision, to take it with more than a grain of salt.

I'm a student of Nostradamus, and possibly his touted 500th year male decoder. While I deliberately stay away from his verses, where I'm mentioned, I can see an event coming; " stones hidden in the star's beard", which will devastate North America. But its probably between twenty to forty years out. Mid 2050's for instance. A real Mexican Reconquista invasion, could be a lot closer, now, with an avowed Marxist taking power in Mexico City, at the end of November.

So don't feel bad if some of us want to see how your vivid dream fits into our own researches. See the dream, by seeing the dreamer? Nostradamus knew what comets were, and he specifically said Star's Beard. So he may have seen a dwarf star, like Barne's Star, which did slip through the edges of our solar system a long time ago.

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