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Right in front of my window, about one and a half hours ago

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posted on Jul, 28 2018 @ 06:01 PM
I heard a really strange sound, watched out of my window onto the street and saw how a cop car knocks another car, a Mercedes SUV, hollywood-like into the trailer of my neighbour(which i guess was fully loaded with furniture, the trailer, not my neighbour... xD). Then happened everything very fast, the whole street was turned into blue because of the cops signal lights and 10 or 15 cops tried to smash the windows of that SUV. Didn´t work for two minutes, i had to laugh and [snipped] (had no popcorn here). Then, after around two minutes of yelling "Mach die Tür auf!", "open the door" and desperatly but without success trying to smash the window or to open the SUV somehow, the SUV driver was bored and wanted to leave the scene again.

Not without crashing into the cops car that stopped him in almost picture-book form and doing no move anymore, after that.
I was blinded from all that blue lights, so i couldn´t see who they pulled out of that car and how they managed to finally open the car and pull the guy out.

20 or 30 minutes later, as i was reporting via steam chat to a friend what was happening, live and direct, the first reporter showed up on the scene. From the toilet paper (Springer-)BILD. I know that because he talked to my neighbours that were outside on the street, in front of our door and i was watching and listening from above, best view. BILD reporter was first, and on a bicycle, lol. Another ten or twenty minutes six or seven reporters were there. I checked the local newspapers first, online. Nothing. Local TV. Nothing. BILD toilet papers news ticker. Nothing. Nothing to find, nowhere. Another half hour later i found this here:

Kölner Express (german)

Another 10 or 15 minutes later i found this here:
Kölner Stadtanzeiger (german)

In one article the driver was seventy, in the next one 80. Lol again. The reports said that the driver was sweating and looking nervous some kilometers before, eyes wide opened, then tried to flee through the whole city when they wanted to check him. Don´t know how much of that is true. He rammed several police cars and traffic lights while fleeing, two kilometers from here his tires went flat.

That was btw the strange sound i heard and that made me look outside. There is a curve 75m away. Creepy sound, taking that corner without intact tires. The other curious thing is, the reports don´t tell that the cops rammed the SUV into my neighbours trailer. It sounds like he crashed by himself into the trailer. Don´t know if the truth is worth something for my neighbour, because of insurance stuff. Maybe the cops say that he crashed there by himself so that their insurance company doesn´t have to pay, we will see.

Another funny fact, the first reporter was the BILD reporter. But the first report was in the Kölner Express, followed by the Kölner Stadtanzeiger(the two links). The BILD reporter left the scene three minutes ago, and no report there yet. Checked right now.

But i have the feeling there must be a bit more to the whole story. Because all that happened 15 meters away from my window. I heard how the cops were angry about people that were filming and taking pics with their spyPhones "while we are working". Then they shutted parts of the street off. Only residents were allowed to go home or leave. Then i heard that nobody is allowed to enter or cross the shutted off area because the cops were searching for something. What where they searching for, if the official is everything that happened?

And they used and still use a lot of (in parts) heavy tools and a lot of light, the whole street is like daylight right now. Ok, they took pictures, but the three cars involved (cop car in front of SUV, SUV and cop car behind SUV) are still not moved, the area, the street is still shutted off and they still are working there, still searching for something?

Btw, second link, second picture, is some meters from my house away xD

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posted on Jul, 28 2018 @ 06:35 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

In america the cops would have shot his window out with rubber bullets and then shot pepper spray into the car and maybe even killed the guy.

posted on Jul, 28 2018 @ 06:51 PM

originally posted by: scraedtosleep
a reply to: DerBeobachter

In america the cops would have shot his window out with rubber bullets and then shot pepper spray into the car and maybe even killed the guy.

Maybe. Because they have to think that the driver is armed with a firearm and could shoot.

There are still blue lights, a lot of cops and a huge spotlights powered by a loud petrol generator (the first night this week which is not hot as hell and one could sleep, i can´t because of the cops), the street is still shutted off and the people still have to follow traffic diversions, people are still not allowed to enter the area. But i have one of the best spots... xD

Only thing that confuses me is the fact that everything is done, pictures are taken and all that, but ten cops are left, discussing, the three cars involved were moved not one millimeter. What are they looking for(if they are still looking for something) if the official story is everything that happened. What did they see, what didn´t they tell the reporters or what didn´t the reporters write? Because they must have heard too that the cops were looking for something and because of that only reporters with a press pass were allowed to enter the scene.

First i really thought: Wow, a terror false flag in front of my house, lol. But who knows, maybe tomorrow MSM reports that they found a bomb, a gun or whatever, who knows nowadays... xD

posted on Jul, 28 2018 @ 06:56 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

First i really thought: Wow, a terror false flag in front of my house, lol. But who knows, maybe tomorrow MSM reports that they found a bomb, a gun or whatever, who knows nowadays... xD

Sounds more like a man at the end of his rope doing dumb things because he is angry.

Or if he really was 80 years old it could be dementia.

posted on Jul, 28 2018 @ 07:40 PM
a reply to: scraedtosleep
Yeah, thought about a medical problem too. But then i saw how he tried to flee again, seemed as he was fully awake and knowing what he is doing. Tried to enter the smallest possible spot between cop car and neighbours trailer to flee. Didn´t look like he was suffering from a stroke or something.

That angry thing could be, it is hot as hell since a while, some people get angry and go nuts because of that.

About that 70 years or 80 years, that remembered me to something. When i was 18 i was hit by a knife in my back. Ok, it was my own fault and kind of a mistake, a silly coincidence maybe. I just tried to prank the wrong person. You better don´t do something like that, fully in military gear, fully camouflaged (color in the face and even sticks and leaves everywhere), armed with a paintball gun, at the times when a "Gotcha" gun was the greatest paintball gun one could buy. And average people didn´t even know that something like paintball, Gotcha at that time, existed.

On our way to the next gas station, in the middle of the night, coming from a camp in the forest at the border of the town, where we played a bit paintball before(and scared pairs of lovers to death, which thought they maybe were attacked by trees that shoot strange stuff on peoples a$$es, in the middle of the night xD), i met a well known buddy, a former working mate of my father. A real rocker, a freerider. He lft a bar we passed and wanted to fool him, thinkinh that he notices it´s me. And pulled the gun out. Then i thought he hit me when he was everywhere around me in no time, pulled off my cap and was a bit angry. Then he recognized me and said that stabbed me in my back, he was really shocked, never saw him like that before or later again. Wow, that was fast, i can tell you. He just wanted to defend his wife, btw.

Went to the hospital, needed several stitches(not that much, it was deep but not big, to my luck not deep enough to really harm me). We went to the gas station after the hospital to buy beer then and to drink at charlies house, before going back to the camp. No way of going home because of that little incident(pretty painful the following days and especially nights xD).

Long story, there were reporters on the scene, from three different newspapers, if i remember right those two from the links and a smaller one. Nobody of them talked to me or my friends. The next day i was 17 in one newspaper, 19 in the other and 21 in the next one.

What do these guys get money for, can i have such an easy to do job to?

posted on Jul, 28 2018 @ 07:40 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

Was he an immigrant lol hows it goin with all that over ther now??

posted on Jul, 28 2018 @ 08:33 PM
Sounds like a cover story for something else to me given the extreme measures taken to stop this particular driver. Like most news in Europe we may never know the facts about it. Or maybe it was an old man going off the deep end but I have my doubts personally.

posted on Jul, 28 2018 @ 08:34 PM
a reply to: ImBack
Couldn´t even see that, couldn´t see the guy even for a second, because too much blue lights at night and blinded by that and a damned tree in the way. If i would have a good camera i would have taken pictures. Exactly the driver side was civered by that tree and the thousands of cops.

About that migrants thing, only what is exaggerated from a fart to a thunderstorm, by rightwinger politicians and the MSM, is felt by some peole as a problem. The other average people like me just live their lifes as we did it ever. Without being murdered, without becoming poor because of the refugees, without being raped, without being robbed, without being forced to become a muslim or to lose a hand, or whatever silly stuff that makes the round on facebook, twitter and and othe echo chambers.

At least nobody i personally know was negatively touched, except maybe by the housing problem, that got a little worse, but that is acute since around 15 years. And didn´t come up first in 2015. Even the overall crime rate dropped, even with around 1,5 millions of new residents.

And nobody i know personally knows somebody who was hit by one of the horror stories some people spread the whole time about refugees, migrants, Ausländer. And i live in Cologne, with a lot of not "bio-germans", since ever. I mean, we were founded by the romans , italians xD

Sure there are some rotten apples in every bunch of people, people are not all saints. But it is not like maybe "U"S-americans think about what would be going on here, after reading Breitbart and watching Fox News xD

Our eal problems come from the inability or the unwillingness of "our" lobbyist controlled "representatives of the people" to work for the people. "Representatives of the people"which are eating from the feeding throughs arranged around the power, feeding throughs the people have to fill with tax money. The all work not for us but for themselves and their real rich and because of that powerful masters. It seems everybody who pays enough has a lobby in Germany, except the average, not rich german taxpayers.

And the newer rightwinger party AfD does exactly the same thing and calls it "fighting the establishment" with using the same tools the establishment uses, to profit monetarily and personally. Giving zero F´s about the people of Germany and even their own voters, like all rightwingers do, as they grab some power and let their former presented promises be promises.

There are our real and urgent to solve problems hidden, in that dictatorship of the rich in the west, and by the rich controlled "politicians" puppets, a by the rich controlled two class justice(rich and not rich), a by the rich controlled media. Who btw tell you often that these problems, which exist since at least a decade and often much longer, are all just because of muslims, black-haired people, migrants, refugees. Man, we took not one but around what, 17 millions of new residents when the wall came down. Ok, the most of them were looking like us, speaking almost the same language, but that was it with the similarities.

Why should 1.5 millions not "bio-german" looking new residents become such huge problem?

Ha, the cops left, everything is gone but nobody was interested in moving my neighbours trailer properly back into the parking lot. Like it was parked before they rammed the SUV in it. And everybody is sleeping now. A corner of the trailer looks like if there will be another crash tonight on my street.

The police, "your friend and helper", as some say in Germany...

I will sleep now too, last night i had bewteen 34 and 36 degrees Celsius in my room, now it is 22, yippieh!

posted on Jul, 29 2018 @ 07:18 AM
So, there is a little more reported now(they updated the links). The SUV was registered in Dortmund(couldn´t see the numberplate because of the damned tree xD). His stunt began in Kerpen, a town in the Erftkreis, outside of Cologne. One newspaper says that people called the police because the driver was driving like he was drunk, sometimes even without lights(it was dark outside). The driver is homeless.

And now it is said that the driver was under the influence of medication, various medicines. Maybe he took several pills which created a synergy effect. Take that plus the hot summer weather, plus that driver was an older man. And homeless, maybe had to sleep in his car the last days, when it was hot like hell, and couldn´t get enough sleep too. Could be possible. Maybe he saw some "white mice", who knows.

But i still have the feeling there is more we are not told. What did they search for, over hours? Why did they shut off the whole street for such a long time and people were not allowed to take a look at the scene, except those with a press pass. Not even my neighbour, to check his trailer. And i noticed that the cops weren´t happy that i had a premier seat and was watching them almost the whole time. Was a lot of fun to smoke loads of weed in my appartment, while the outside was full of cops...

The angry looks of especially the female cops. And their behaviour, once again. The female cops are the worst, they abuse their postion of power. When i was sitting at my computer and not watching what they were doing, suddenly i heard an ugly, loud and aggressive female voice, yelling something like:

As if she had to send thousands of people away before, which tried to illegally enter the scene, nobody tried that, they didn´t have to send anybody away after they placed the barrier tape. After hearing that i watched out of my window and see a neighbour from the other side of the street, trying to walk home. So he was absolutely right with what he was doing. Couldn´t the female cop just have asked if he maybe is living there and maybe is allowed to walk there?

She came out of a crowd of around 10 cops, two of them were female. And one of the two female cops had to act like Robocop. While her mostly male colleagues were doing their work and didn´t care about the resident. He was not a threat or something like this, for nobody and nothing.

But if you tell people about your experiences with female cops over the decades, about especially their power abusing behaviour, you are just a male who can´t handle women in power positions. True, if they abuse their power position, like in let´s say 80, 85% of the cases. It could be that you did nothing, get stopped and asked for your ID. If you ask why and the cops are one male and one female, i almost can guarantee you that the female cop will start to act aggressive and outrageous. At the end it could be that you have to pay a ticket because of insulting an official. Maybe after you asked her after a while if she is crazy and maybe tipped with your finger on your forehead.

That female cop last night confirmed my experiences(and not only mine) with female cops once again, for the thousandth time.

posted on Jul, 29 2018 @ 12:34 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

One homeless, medicated, over-heated old guy can cause that much chaos?

Hats off to him.

posted on Jul, 29 2018 @ 12:44 PM

originally posted by: Asktheanimals
Like most news in Europe we may never know the facts about it.

Saying it like that sounds like we know the facts of what happens in other places.

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