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imagine TSA tossing your luggage and spilling moms ashes all over

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posted on Jul, 11 2018 @ 01:10 AM
Obviously this bag was checked underneath the plane.

Note to future ash holders: take it with you in your carry on bag. When going through the security checkpoint have it in your hands, outside of the bag, AND TELL THE TSO WHAT THE # IT IS. This will make this so much easier!

Blaming TSA for tossing your bag just because they left you a courtesy note doesn't mean the TSO checking your bag tossed it around. You have to remember that checking a bag underneath the plane means the baggage handlers, usually aged between 18 and 35, have x amount of time to get y amount of bags correctly placed in sections a through 99999. Without causing the plane to roll uncontrollably. The baggage handlers drive like crazy, they toss your bag on a belt, and they toss your bag into a position under the plane.

Even if you plaster your bag with "fragile" tags and have flashing lights on it, that will not stop the baggage handler from performing a suplex with your bag at least once.

Oh and let us not forget when you land a new set of baggage handlers have to take the bags off of the plane, where it goes in backwards order. And finally comes out of an electronically operated machine to finally bring your bag back up from the basement. No matter what you do a machine does not compute the word fragile what so ever.

The TSA baggage team that operates underground are not the same as the baggage handlers from twa, ba, aa, or swa. The TSO's underground are used to bags containing absolutely anything ranging from hermit crabs all the way down to vibrators. When ever something odd comes up on the x ray machine they must investigate. Because for all they know a stress ball packed with c4 can take out a plane from the sky with ease. And if anyone has any common sense, which it sounds like a lot of people do not have it. They should know that x ray scans CAN NOT PASS THROUGH BONE STRUCTURES SO EASILY. And what are ashes? Well the remains of a human body. What do cremated remains mostly consist of? Bones. Don't believe me? Google it. So you can imagine what an x ray must look like when cremated ashes come a long. To a TSO it looks like a hurricane on the x ray machine. Because this hurricane looks deadly and could cause several people to die. They gotta check it out.

My personal opinion of this idiot in the story? You lazy ass mother #ers. You mean you could not hold the remains of your loved one with you on the #ing god damn flight? You stuffed it underneath the #ing god damn plane? Bitch ass white boy gonna get his mother #ing brain chopped up in a sump pump when he dies for sure.

posted on Jul, 11 2018 @ 01:16 AM
a reply to: TheRedneck

Then what do you fly? Your own plane. Most of us peons can't afford or just are afraid of that.

We no longer have ANY freedoms in airports so we peons have no choice.

I honestly don't see this as big of a deal as the poster. They're ashes-not a person. In a suitcase. Carefully wrapped.

posted on Jul, 11 2018 @ 11:08 AM

originally posted by: Sillyolme
a reply to: schuyler

Weird that you'd judge them .

Hey, if he wants to sprinkle ashes in his suitcase with nothing holding them at all, who am I to judge, right? His own business, right? So if he takes the ashes out of their originally secured container, throws them in an "urn" and covers it all up with aluminum foil, thus absolutely guaranteeing an inspection (because it looks like an explosive to the scanner--duh!), what the hey? Ashes are sacred, right? and by God he can do any damn thing he wants with them! So the TSA inspects, doesn't realize what they have uncovered, and suddenly all the ashes fall out because of a piss poor packing job--and it's THEIR fault!. Well, I don't think so. And to make your own stupidity into a national news story is an eye-roller. I know this is a difficult concept for some people, but maybe he should take some responsibility for his own actions and stop blaming others when he screws up. But a guy like that is accustomed to being a star and doing no wrong-with plenty of adoring fans to worship his every move.

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