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Evolutionary Biology-Were Saurians our Ancient Ancestors?

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posted on Jul, 9 2018 @ 10:14 PM
Text PurpleText

For Anyone who has taken some Geology and may have studied Evolutionary Geology and Biology which is my inspiration.

This is my First Post for Forum so I will make it not so developed and elitist yet, jk* larfs*. Actually I enjoy well educated
people even if one is trying to sound layman and dumb to come across to a wider audience. I believe it's the concepts that are most important
and basic fact checks coming out as non facts completely.

I think who can say where a fact is 100% false when the consensus doesn't matter anyway because us interested in geology are going to find our teachers corrected at some point on many a thing.

I will not teach here but proclaim and conjecture about a growing earth theory and saurians as ancient ancestors. The Jurassic era coming after the amphibious stage as reptiles adjusted from mutations to land. Do Saurians make up a common genetic pool with humans today?

Well of course we know of the reptile brain, R type/Cerebellum to Cerebral Cortex, right where it connects to medulla oblongata. This connection which plugs your spine in neck to brain is R type which is core of central nervous system where perhaps with sensitive beasts like humans we understand shingles and tingles?

So the central nervous system with spine conducts like antennae along with hair too, follow me here- I will get to my point. Electrostatic energy pulls in here like a void at core of spine and brain. It can become enlarged too with fear and ptsd for soldiers actually from combat service. It is the predator and also the instinct stored in muscle and brain neural tissue from millions of years of evolution.

It is also that which understand for the whole body sensing and producing it's electrical current through a constant flow of power.

Where is all that power coming from and what are we receiving there?

What happens when it is totally taken out or doesn't communicate with body, just that part- it dies.

It does give us our root into this world and is the first to form with a zygote into the fetus as it's the necessary part to get that baby growing to full development.

Saurians were only Jurassic Aged for a little while geological time wise. Perhaps the earth was smaller back then with all the star dust and comets over time that accumulate as sediment and finally dirt as it is said StarDust- Man were all made of StarDust!

If we experience the amount of geological change in 100 years we have. What about 100 million years ago or was it 2 billion- who knows if were even measuring right now all that well. Minor mutations from The Saurians into Prehistoric Mammals took millions and millions of stardust years accumulating with how many comets become asteroids now in 100 years now?

It's fine if people want to throw the legal creation book at me or burn and torch me with science- I'm all for it but I was grilled so hard in school it shattered my mind.

I thought the threshold wasn't there anymore and I thought how God can't be that vast and large to begin that way where the very energy that sustains these bodies is obviously being drawn in through the air because of the R type Brain removed from antennae spine and body dies completely.

There's that story of a headless chicken and people missing most the brains except for this area and spine of course and they still live. Look it up, plenty of stories.
So what I'm basically going to tell you today is what if all these saurians born of earth went elsewhere and were the new guys- humans. Which we still carry that common link- to absorb the same force of energy of any life bearing mammal or creature with antennae.

Even hair can be antennae- It's wi-fi strands lol

Sorry- Did I hurt everybodies demons, I think we may be the reptiles too or they may be ancient ancestors for the amphibious saurians could have been very ancient ancestors and we are the byproducts of their evolution and a larger earth now.

" Is that Force Powering us all with the same energy "- Vaguestimos

Is that Force that allows all to live and exist the one and only?

The very thing we all live inside which we all live inside which we all live inside?

Is God and Creation The Universe?

Proclaiming the Conjectures and Socratic Thesis of a 12 year old race of humans as opposed to 88 year old race of being long ago may have made a way and been usurped by a faster better more powerful one- humans!

When it comes down to it, that was then and this is now but interesting nonetheless.

I welcome your thunderdome and you can throw me inside the metal grid ball with flaming dancing cycles with neon laser guns. Wow were so much better to each other than they were to them? Saurians aren't the only ones ripping each other to shreds and raping and pillaging but then God Is Great and Accepts and Allows All.

" I know I'm Vague as Hell but thanks for Having me if that made any sense "- Vaguestimos

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posted on Jul, 9 2018 @ 10:26 PM
Being that our protein sugar is more like that of birds, fish, and reptiles than other mammals, I think we may have evolved from some sort of raptor of ancient times. Maybe the monkeys broke off of our line millions of years ago and turned into mammals or maybe they evolved seperately similar to humans.

They are trying to say that humans mutated to have this protein sugar, but actually, I think it would have been the other way around. Birds are dinosaurs, so are reptiles. They are very old, so are the fishes. Why would humans down evolve to a more ancient protein sugar? This involves most cells in our bodies, not just a small percentage of cells, almost all of them.

posted on Jul, 9 2018 @ 10:52 PM
a reply to: LostGods

S&F for a nice thought provoking thread on a topic I love.

It's fun to speculate. Maybe we are not meant to have these definitive answers?

posted on Jul, 9 2018 @ 11:35 PM
Its my thought that life evolves based on the environment. The current environment we have with a thin atmosphere and seasons is conducive for humans to survive in and it happens every 250 million years. The Earths normal environmental state is a very dense C02/O2/water vapor rich atmosphere, which provides buoyancy for large animals, such as Saurians to survive. It is possible for humans to share some genetics from creatures of the Jurassic period but it doesn't appear that way.

Link from an earlier ATS discussion
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posted on Jul, 10 2018 @ 01:10 AM
a reply to: LostGods

This is an interesting first thread. Congratulations. Having said that, it's a relatively dense OP that gave me a bit of a headache to try and parse.

With respect to the subject of the thread, I believe that all species on Earth developed from a "Swiss army knife" of genetic material; including mitochondrial and nuclear DNA, as well as epigenetic functions. Selection pressure and other environmental factors dictate which sequences and functions are activated in order for the organism to survive and propagate.


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