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Lost in projection

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posted on Jun, 3 2018 @ 02:14 AM

Often you may feel yourself being pulled in
Disney land lays close by
Horrorville awaits around every corner
Everywhere there is someone
doing there best to invite you in
to the projected life
the latest show.
Escapism from the dreary days
those old peoples silly ways
or that is what someone tells you.
Everything must be replaced
what is dressed is stripped
what is naked must be covered.
Welcome to the never-ending show
Don't worry we are here
to show you the best way to go
We promise you, yes we do
to take you far away
from your daily pains
far away from the decadent days.
Don't get sucked in! stay real
just watch the wheels spin around
keep your feet firmly in your ground.
the projected world is always in need
of some unpaid clowns.
So hey how about
just giving it a miss?
wave goodbye and blow it all a kiss.

Eliberocelta @ el torcal june 2018
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