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Breaking down "news events", political actions, war and conspiracies - following $ and effects

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posted on May, 30 2018 @ 01:42 AM
So I was watching some videos and was listening to Qaddafi stating that Islam would conquer Europe without ever firing a shot and this made me think about how the mass invasion of fighting and breeding age men into Europe is the result of "unrest", oppression and war in their homeland (well that is the story at least). Another quote I've heard is that the west measures time by a clock while Islam measures time via a calendar which basically means all their moves are meant for long term effect and the day to day actions aren't meant for an immediate impact, more a gradual ramping of whatever the intended cause. This makes looking at the impact of actions by muslims and those in the islamic world very difficult to measure accurately because we are using a different time scale. the west is looking at the next quarter (fiscal usually) or to the next election term, while Islam is looking at the next "generation" in terms of birth.

It seems to me that all the leaders in the West have to know this, and especially the globalists. We must not forget that before WWI that the Ottoman empire was one of the leading powers in the world and I think they saw the rise of power in the west and appropriately placed agents who would later influence geo-politics while maintaining the "homeland" of the empire (Turkey) as staunchly islamic, and in my view, Turkey is the most dangerous threat to Western civilization possibly followed by the Islamic Republic of Iran (who may actually be working in some degree with some aspects of either wealthy individuals in Turkey or gov officials). It would be completely foolish for any Western and or Christian nation to believe that Turkey has their best long term interests at heart and that they are not actively working to exploit or undermine every aspect of the Western/"Christian" countries with which they partner. While some short term moves may make Turkey look like an ally, this is but a tick of the second hand in the life of the global Jihad movement, and be sure, there is reason for their actions (either building trust which will later be used against their "western" ally, or to weaken other islamic sects).

So with the "invasion" and bombing of the middle east, by either western forces or even by fellow muslims (which has caused the most civilian destruction - THIS is the most important aspect to understand the cause of the invasion), the "refugees" move to the countries which they want to conquer espousing the beliefs these host countries hold dear to their hearts such as: hard work, community, nationality, religion, education, equal rights, etc - all the while planning on keeping their beliefs from their mother country firmly seeded in their heart which they will instill in the next generations of invaders which will then be considered "naturally born legal citizens" of the invaded country. This is why these invaders don't really want to find work and want welfare, because this leaves less for natural citizens, weakening them, causes more work for the natural citizens, weakening them, and causes a huge divide between the original native population - those who see the truth and those who have sold out with open arms to these invaders.

This invasion is a population bomb with will be felt with terrible consequences in 10-35 years depending upon the country and it could change the face of Europe if extreme actions are not taken immediately. So this war in the middle east is the catalyst and cover to ignite the invasion and give the invaders cover for their terroristic ploy. In addition to this, terms such as racism, islamophobia, diversity, hate speech and many others are other weapons being used against the native population to make them second or even third class citizens in their own homeland.

I would like to find a group of people who realize what is going on from the PC culture, be it islamophobia, feminism, LGBTQSNIFF, hate speech, etc and try to dissect the source of these movements (not just to their public acceptance, but to their root inception of the "creator" of the ideology & studying that person) and look at the immediate effects and the probably 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 year effects on society - especially when we look at the combination or synergistic effects of the "isms" or PC bullSit.

As I see it, both Islam and Communism are not jsut political ideologies, they are both complete ways of life and are thus 100% incompatible with most all western governments (except maybe Cuba & Venezuela on the communism part - but that is still questionable), and as such, have no place in western societies because as their original doctines state, they CAN NOT co-exist with a democracy or a democratic republic, let alone any of the current constitutions in ANY of the Western countries. This in effect makes any of these people enemies of the state just as communists were back in the 1950's. As true Islam espouses Sharia as the form of government which must be followed, it means the constitution should be burned, thus treason. There is no other way to look at this, no other way to interpret this as that is the will of Allah, and if you are a muslim, you can not argue with this or you are an apostate which means any muslim can kill you without consequence. Any muslim follows the word of Allah, and thus would burn the constitution happily to establish Sharia PERIOD. This is a clear and present danger to the Republic and needs to be brought to the attention of every law maker in the country. Those who don't agree are either too naive, ignorant or stupid to be in office, or an active collaborator.

posted on May, 30 2018 @ 10:55 AM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

Sounds good and it does hang together with a logical consistency. There are a couple of things I have trouble reconciling with this line of thought.

The Islamics were invited into Europe by Merkel and presumably Brussels.

Saudi Arabia is the most backward, sharia loving, nuttiest state in the middle east yet they are great allies with the US and apparently, Israel. It seems as if the western governments don't see any incompatibility at all with countries like Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

posted on May, 30 2018 @ 04:13 PM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

Well, if Communists and Islamists are 'enemies of the state', than so are Anarchists, Nazis, Christian Theocrats, Globalists, Native Americans or Hawaiian nationalists, the Chicano Movement or Aztlan, etc.

Heck, maybe even that guy walking down the street is an Enemy of the State.
He probably is.

Almost everyone is man....

So what do you think should be done about it?
Restrict political freedoms, put them in jail, deport or execute them?
Force them into reeducation camps?

Are you becoming an enemy of the state in order to protect the state from enemies of the state?
Has America lost it's way?
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