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Tatars, Kurds and Israel..

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posted on May, 20 2018 @ 06:02 AM
With all the toing and froing ( had to check that spelling Ha ) with Israel and Palestinians and myself realising how hard the Jewish peoples had to work for somewhere to call a homeland ? I read a recent article on the Tatars and they for sure have had a bad ride and continue to do so.
The kurdish peoples also when they are not at odds with each other can be thought of as hard done by IMHO and continue to be treated badly.

Seventy-four years ago, Joseph Stalin deported the Crimean Tatars from their historical homeland, an action that cost nearly 200,000 lives at the time, set the stage for Vladimir Putin’s Anschluss of the Ukrainian peninsula, and continues in the form of a Russian genocide against that nation. On May 18, Crimean Tatars in their occupied homeland and around the world and their supporters in Ukraine and again around the world are pausing to remember the events of 1944 that almost three years ago, the Ukrainian government recognized as an act of genocide and called on the rest of the world to do the same.

When the NKVD rounded up the Crimean Tatars and loaded them onto box cars for deportation to the wilds of Central Asia, the officers in Stalin’s secret police missed those who were living in three coastal villages. That presented a problem: if they reported their mistake, they’d be exiled as well, and if they shot those people, they’d have to account for the bullets. So, Stalin’s NKVD detachments on the ground came up with a horrific “solution.” They loaded up the Crimean Tatars in these three villages onto garbage scows and had them pulled out into the deep waters of the Black Sea. There, the Soviet police beat them to death and tossed their bodies into the water.

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posted on May, 20 2018 @ 07:11 AM
Good thing Hillary had that reset button handy or who knows what could have happened.

posted on May, 20 2018 @ 07:38 AM
a reply to: skywatcher44

You tell some people it really is not a touchy feely world and they can not comprehend just how cruel humans can be to humans..

I always swore I would not die on my knees praying for the invisible hand of god to save me... it might work with lions like the bible said but there have been millions on their knees praying as the bullet enters their brains. I would rather bite foe's nose off than go like a sheep to slaughter..

Probably one of the reasons why so many in the states swear they will not be disarmed..?

posted on May, 20 2018 @ 07:44 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

Some people here don't think life is worth that much
Don't think this is everything and death is the end

Stalin obviously did and justified what he did because this is everything
Obviously Stalin made the world a better place, Marxism and Darwinism
Love me some good ol atheist boys and their contempt for humanity or as they see us, human cattle

posted on May, 20 2018 @ 07:57 AM
a reply to: skywatcher44

I recall an article which stated the Kurds were largest ethnicity in the world, 25 million, without a homeland.

They're not likely to get one either. None of the three nations are going to willingly give up territory in their favor. It would have to be enforced and we'd end up with what Israel went through, except on steroids.

Seems like a basic law of this planet. Someone will get screwed. Be glad it isn't you or me it's about the best we can do.

posted on May, 20 2018 @ 03:40 PM
Well after thinking I maybe should have added the Rohingya peoples of Myanmar to the title they have had a hellish time
and I cannot blame them for not wanting to be returned to the control of the Myanmar military machine.

The latest exodus began on 25 August 2017 after Rohingya Arsa militants launched deadly attacks on more than 30 police posts. Alleged ?
Rohingyas arriving in an area known as Cox's Bazaar - a district in Bangladesh - say they fled after troops, backed by local Buddhist mobs, responded by burning their villages and attacking and killing civilians. Rohingya crisis: Refugees tell of 'house by house' killings At least 6,700 Rohingya, including at least 730 children under the age of five, were killed in the month after the violence broke out, according to Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). Amnesty International says the Myanmar military also raped and abused Rohingya women and girls. The government, which puts the number of dead at 400, claims that "clearance operations" against the militants ended on 5 September, but BBC correspondents have seen evidence that they continued after that date.

posted on May, 20 2018 @ 04:01 PM
a reply to: skywatcher44

Sure, the Taters had an empire, the Kurds had an empire. We have to live in the present, not the past. If we tried to restore ancient homelands, what of those that are there now? How many more Israel vs Palestines do we need.

The Taters probably came from Central Asia anyway. At least they are around similar people. I don't think it's good for them but Stalin must have seen them as disruptive. At least they weren't slaughtered like so many others in the USSR including Ukrainians.

The Kurds may still end up with something of their own if Israel succeeds in Balkanizing Iraq.

posted on May, 21 2018 @ 04:28 AM
The Tatars were once a specific ethnic group before they joined the Mongol hordes and became known as the Golden Horde. These are Turkic-speaking people spread from Lithuania to the Ukraine and from Crimea to Siberia. They are scattered all across the old Soviet Republic. 700 years ago they may have been a distinct ethnic group but that was lost over the centuries. No need for a homeland for the Tatars.

There cannot be a Kurdistan without throwing either Iraq or Turkey in to civil war. They are a sad side effect of colonial interference in the middle east redrawing National boundaries and excluding certain ethnic groups in the process.
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posted on May, 21 2018 @ 08:36 AM

originally posted by: Asktheanimals

There cannot be a Kurdistan without throwing either Iraq or Turkey in to civil war. They are a sad side effect of colonial interference in the middle east redrawing National boundaries and excluding certain ethnic groups in the process

Another war in Iraq in not inconceivable. They presently have a Shiite aligned government which the US sees as being less than ideal. When Isis failed, it looked like the Kurds would get a turn. US and Israel likes them but then Turkey swept the area and set them back. We'll see what develops. I don't believe the US has enough public support for another invasion right now. The Saudis can't seem to even handle Yemen.

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