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The Simulation Hypothesis in a new set of experiments gaining momentum.

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posted on May, 18 2018 @ 04:01 AM
2:30 - F*** this communist manifesto BS.

This is nothing more than Darwin/Evolution crap on steroids.

posted on May, 18 2018 @ 11:43 AM
a reply to: YouAreDreaming
Aye Aye. Message received in "dream" last night:
You farted,Ted, in "time".

Yulitha picks. (Not sure if I spelled her name right.)

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posted on May, 18 2018 @ 06:31 PM

originally posted by: ClovenSky
a reply to: YouAreDreaming

Wow, that is impressive. I will have to read through that site. Just from a quick glance, imho, you believe in a system similar to ascension then? Like the monks that understand this reality enough that they graduate on to a higher plane of existence?

I think I have a very unique personal perspective on it, again this is entirely based on personal experience and my own interpretations. The first perspective that I have comes from knowing that I existed before this life. Even though in this locality we have a lot of belief-systems drawing on what you remember and know is far more rewarding than picking up some trendy religious or even spiritual belief. It honestly took dying in that last life to wake me up in this life. And gave me a life long journey in reclamation of who and what I am both as a human but as non-local, non-linear entity that has succumbed to immersion into this experience. My whole life has been about breaking immersion and trying to know the truth through first-person experience using what ever tools I had and I found being conscious during sleep provided a very unique opportunity for self-exploration.

I don't believe Earth is some lower-plane undesired punishment although we can really have a rough go when we are here, and it's not all rainbows and lollipops. In fact, when I started to break immersion and realized a very important part of the immersion problem which is a form of amnesia caused when we enter into a new life. It was easier to start to recover these fragments of memory and find threads that I could follow and recover. One thing is certain, we are evolving through experience. I'll cover some more points after I address the rest of the questions.

originally posted by: ClovenSky
Does that make this reality a test? Is there any room for play and enjoyment of this reality or will that set back the spiritual advancement?

Reality is an experience. There is room for play and enjoyment just as there is room for pain and suffering. The entire experience good or bad provides a learning platform that we can grow from.

originally posted by: ClovenSky
Do you have any simple words of advice that will help with personal advancement?

Become conscious during sleep, make that the new normal. Use that opportunity to add new experiences as well as introspective questioning because functioning in another focus state where you are not 100% only conscious in this focus state is something that starts to demonstrate you are more than just human. That you can be 98% immersed here, 2% immersed there or even 60/40%. It can present opportunities to basically gain knowledge that otherwise is forgotten or hard to obtain without veridical evidence. By that I mean having something in your subjective dream experience that connects with certainty to your objective reality like a really solid literal precognitive dream. Or perhaps an out-of-body experience where you validate what you saw there matches something you shouldn't know here. When you gain the evidence, because that is how the system really works. It's all about your own edification of the truth through your own processes and experiences not through someone elses interpretation of thiers. Although their interpretation can be helpful if it's not myred in belief.

originally posted by: ClovenSky
Maybe you should ignore me. I have sooooooo many questions.

I won't profess to have all the answers, I'm doing my best to put myself back together but I probably take for granted lots of the epiphanies I have as so many people I meet can't relate as they have zero expereince of their own (yet) to reference to thats similar. But then most people I know haven't spent 31 years pursuing consciousness during sleep as their tool for adding new experiences and perspectives. So ask away and I can certainly share my expeirence or opinion but know that I value your own ability to dicern the truth within yourself far more rewarding knowing once you can obtain your own process for answering your own questions you'll be well on your way.

originally posted by: ClovenSky
Just one more....if reality is a dream, what does it mean to be awake? What is the structure like? Is there any entropy at that level. Is there any decay or strife? Is it all sunshine and rainbows? If so and there isn't any 'bad' how can we experience 'good'? Do we all have individual lessons to learn on this rock or is the lesson plan the same for all of us?

These are great questions, and as you know we do legit die in this world. If we get sucked back in, this system is 100% all about immersion so our current personality is resigned for a new personality in a new life. This cycle does have pitfalls in that it can become all we know. There is opportunity to gain knowledge and have a larger understanding while in a life so that ends up being for some the reason why they motivate towards some type of sense of more but ultimately having become immersed here in a state where the slate was wiped clean starts that fun process of filling knowledge gaps in with belief-systems which may appeal to their sense of truth but offer nothing in return.

That is part of the design because ultimately each individual must come through their own edification of truth within their own experience to gain knowledge and experience. Not as easy as it sounds because let's face it. It takes personal responsibility, accountability and work to question everything and go against the cultural paradigms and norms. Where as reading a book, being told what to believe is way easier. But good genuine truth seeking is my intent. For me it certainly had a cost socially so I find myself on the lone wolf truth seeker path. I have a "go my own way" attitude and it seems to scare people but it's the only way. I have to find the answers just as much as the nexy guy and time is short, too short to waste on belief.

All I have is my experience, my memories and my ability to be conscious during sleep which has been profoundly helpful. Sadly, not very helpful to others because I start talking what most think is crazy due to lack of relatable experience and that is what I dub, "The Grief of Disbelief" for example I was kicked out of my home at 16 by my father because I proved I could dream future events to my mom. She freaked out, he said I was playing with powers I didn't understand and boot... great start. When in all honesty it just popped up in my experiences as it does with so many and I was genuinely scared myself with no idea how to process so being kicked out didn't help. Friends didn't help. At that time, no Internet so no one to turn too that had the same experience and I was finding out quickly that even that simple amazing insight scared people or made them think very lowly of me. But for me, it was part of this process that I feel contributes to a better more aware model of existence.

Same with pre-life memory, equally rejected and vilified by my family and peers growing up. Didn't make me popular at the Church, let me tell you. [continued]

posted on May, 18 2018 @ 06:33 PM
It's not easy walking in knowing in a world saturated with belief. But I would never resign or give up because I'd rather know the truth despite all those who insist their localized belief found in some archaic superstition is better. Even to this day I cannot have an intelligent, open-minded discussion with my father and I'm 46 now. He's a Jehova Witness... I'm just me.

But you asked so here are some tidbits based on what I know thus far. I did exist prior to becoming human. Again not something I asked for nor want to believe because that would be cool. No religion to sell here just it's a very big part of my entry into this life and has huge impact on my perspective. Once you know with certainty it's hard to argue with everyone who just doesn't want to believe you. So obviously I don't talk about it much but it is important as it starts to demonstrate continuity of the self and that is something most people want to know. Are we going to survive death? Yes. Is it what we expect? # no. Not if religion is involved in that belief or expectation.

In that last life, I was a young adult before I died. I had a family that I barely remember now because memory became fragmented. Just clips buried in the depths of amnesia that comes with entering a new life. However I do vaguely remember my Uncle, his barber shop and that we used to sit outside and play cards on a table. Had the classic barber shop poll with the red/white/blue which seems to fit the 1920's era. The bolt action wood stalk rifle I had also seems to fit the 1920's era which leads me to believe based on the muddy trench I was in that it was WWI that I was last lucky enough to experience. Yay! War! Anyways likely died from a bullet to the head because something happened. All I remember is suddenly going into shock and hearing what I thought was water dripping by my ear. Then my entire visual view collapsed to a single dot much like an old cathode TV being turned off. The sound of the water dripping became louder, eerier and poof. I was ejected from that body instantly. No pain actually just shock.

I remember standing looking at the battlefield but before I could get my bearings this being of light descended and emitted this beam that really acted like a tractor beam in a sense and dragged me up through all these layers until we paused for a brief moment and it explained to me that I had died. Made that very clear, that my life was now over. It took me on a bit of a tour showing me other people who had died and were like me. We finally end up at what I perceived as a lake. I was standing in what I thought was water and I reached my hand into the lake and pulled out these dime sized possible nickel sized translucent nearly flat cell like structures. They emitted this energy which I can only describe as some type of magnetism or sunlight.

The being said, "Like you, they are waiting to return." By return it meant return to Earth. It was then I realized I didn't want to go back. "I don't want to go back. It's crazy down there! Everyone killing everyone!" I argued.

The being simply said, "You have to go back. This time it will be different" and it being metaphorical here... like some dicky Jedi master force pushed me into this [literal] fractal portal that I dub the blender. It was like a geometric fractal and when I hit it, that is when the personality of my former self shattered ie... the blender. And it was the conduit into this life. But I didn't stop there, I immediately went back out of pure will and argued with the being. "You sent me back! I don't want to go back!" and it was honestly, kind of a jerk and would always repeat, "You have to go back." and same force push thing it does where now I would wake up as this child going back to even crib memories of my mom with her black hair looking down at me. This struggle commenced on and off until I was 5, I would have nightmares of the blender it was more terrifying to me than the memories of dying which at 2 were really fun to remember. Fortunately, my mom remembers me as a child telling her as best I could these horrible "dreams" as she would call them. No they were memories. Studying dreams for 31 years I know the difference.

These memories are terrifying for a child sure, but as an adult now knowing this world like I do are treasures. I consider them a form of immunization from all the localized belief-systems because unlike many in this locality who opt into beliefs, I have a genuine experience that I derive knowledge from and could expand on. Never seems to make me popular with the ladies but I have it so I own it.

Now as a child I reconciled or succumbed to the immersion at age 5. There is a ton of filler experience but what was important was at the age of 5 I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom in the first house my parents built and knew I was someone else. That self, the soldier part was still very aware of it's plight but realized that it was a child now so let go to be that child and everything haunting about it, the dreams, nightmares and memories just receded (still accessible but not like a jarring song repeating in my head over and over again). It was actually like having this ghost reflecting back, but it's your ghost in the mirror. Once that happened, I was fully sucked in to being a child and moving on. Of course, here comes religion and indoctrination. Coming into this experience is not complete without a bazillion beliefs and man do people love to lay that # on thick when we are kids.

Now my parents felt their kids need to go to Church and the appeal to authority of my parents did make me want to believe what they were telling me was the truth except I always had that sense of the past life experience and this being of light nagging at my memories. I related the being of light possibly to God because god was described as light. But the idea that we die, get judged and either go to heaven or hell really didn't fit in with what I experienced. At 13 I did the right thing, I read the bible 3 times from front to back and based on what I had now read realized it was all bull#.

I wasn't sold. To make things even better, I was hanging out with a friend who had this really amazing skeptic friend who was this old man in his 60's. When I told him I didn't believe the bible he introduced me to the guy because he was really brilliant, really great at logically breaking down religion and belief. So he was grooming be to be a skeptic and we would have meetings. So aliens, psychic phenomena, spirituality, religion and pretty much anything outside of materialistic views I thought was also BS.

Then came that fateful day, a day that can change you for ever. At 15 I came across an Omni Magazine with an article written by Dr. Stephen LaBerge called, "Power Trips: Controlling Your Dreams" where LaBerge described an ability for us to be conscious in a dream and control the dream content. Well, I already had amazingly fun dreams and the idea of being able to be conscious in them and control them seemed more like a skill than a belief. I was eager to see if I could do it and with in days of the article had my first lucid dream which was absolutely the most incredible joy filled experience I had. So I was hooked. I realized I could be conscious, it was hella fun and wanted more.


posted on May, 18 2018 @ 06:34 PM
What I didn't know is that it was going to open up all the crap I repressed and also introduce things like precognition. Now keep in mind, I was now a skeptic and had absolutely no belief in being able to predict the future. That was total hogwash to me. But it's one thing to believe something isn't real to then have it land in your lap and have to deal with it. Dreams started to come true. At first I was easily dismissing it as coincidence but also had a dream journal which would inevitably lead to entries that I could then return to and find out I had not only dreamed it, but written it down. It took to the age of 16 before I finally accepted that it was happening and was legit, not some belief.

Now I didn't know what to believe. I was suddenly skeptical of skeptics, I was skeptical of religion, I was skeptical of myself. It was very confusing for me at that time and of course getting kicked out didn't help but man the lucid dreams were so beyond amazing I couldn't get enough. And this lead to spontaneous out-of-body experiences which were like lucid dreams except the classical leaving your body seeing it in the bed and not being able to go too far before being pulled back in.

Even with the OBE's I was skeptical that it wasn't just a lucid dream until I was able to prove to myself that I could access objective information I shouldn't know. It was pretty easy to do. Go somewhere, look at something, then wake up and go there to see if it matches. Had enough success that I was able to then accept with certainty, not belief that somehow this OBE stuff was also legit. And it did make me happy.

Best of all, I started remembering that I did this OBE stuff as a child and returned to that being which made me curious, could I go back there? Found out that I could and now instead of being a sissy all scared of it I started to related to it with more openness.

This being was part of my first lucid dream, it was the voice in the dream that challenged my intellect to do the reality check. It was also there assisting in the first OBEs. I started recognizing its influence in other areas of my life. So obviously I had a need to know, what is this being? Is it God? Is it something else?

It was this being that helped me have my first lucid precognitive dream. I already had a lot of experience with it at this point. Quite often the meetings took place in what people call the "Void" of astral space and in this fateful experience it asked me, "What do you want to experience?" and I told it, "I want to experience people setting aside their social, religious and political beliefs to enjoy each others company."

The being opened up this 2D window and I could see a birds eye view of myself on a beach. I've gone through this process many times into other dream experiences so knew to just project myself into the avatar in the dream. Once there, I was fully lucid and had a great experience. Except... it was all 100% precognitive. That dream was the soon to be future event in my waking life. One of the most powerful, profound experience ever. I never knew lucidity could bridge into precognition but that dream changed all that. When that dream came true, I also had all the lucid awareness and it was like I was lucid dreaming while awake for the first time and not the last time.

Lucid Precognitive Dreaming is the experience that define clearly with uncertainty that this reality is somehow that initial dream that later becomes a future event. And it took the final process of changing these types of dreams to observe the changes happening here to answer that question and provide the veridical evidence I needed to know, not believe that reality is at a root level, a type of dream that lasts a lifetime.

Now this being also helped me overcome some more amnesia and I was able to remember several lifetimes and move into even non-human life such as insect and animal. To go as far as remembering coming too this Earth system and the motivation being new experiences.

Other insights that were very profound came when I was 24 and while working with this being I came to an amazing epiphany during an OBE that this being wasn't some external entity outside myself, that I was this being. That it was my future self. This path of investigation took me to a singularity of consciousness and I became aware that everything, everyone started from oneness, this exact oneness where each of us had branched off and become individual parts of this whole. I came to the realization that I am projecting my awareness from this singularity into experiential reality, not projecting my awareness out of my body.

Even more relatable for me now at 46 so this is recent, I was at the Monroe Institute taking their gateway program and remember that lake, I returned and saw not grey trance lucent cells rather radiant beings of light as far as the eye could see. A mass evolution took place and all participants had grown and evolved becoming something more. It was another wonderful vision of a purpose or goal in what we ultimately evolve into.

So that is a summary there is a lot more but the gest of it is we come from a non-local, non-linear singularity of the self. Each of us are parts of this whole. We are in fact all aspects of each other, interconnected and unified. It has evolved using highly organized thought (dreams) to create patterns of experience and this process is much like the programming language of reality.

Other interesting insights include the concept that our reality is merely just a rendering, the final product of information processing ergo space is Cartesian and a product of information processing and time merely an animation of data following a defined rule-set.

While we are here in this locality, we are in a state of limitation and constraint so we don't see the forest through the trees. We have a very finite perception of infinity and impose our limits and beliefs into the experience. But to see the forest through the trees we need to become conscious during sleep and enact a process of reclamation of self, recovering amnesiac fragments of memory and answer our own questions through experience to shed belief and obtain truth and knowledge.

And that has been my way, my path now for this lifetime and it's why I think I have this different perspective which pretty much answers the insight the being or my future self gave me about this life being different. I understand completely now what that means as in no other life was I as aware and awake as I am this time.

If I could redefine belief here I would say it's better to believe in yourself, or the self rather than some externalized concept of deity or god because deity or god is merely and aspect of the universal self of which we are all parts of.

A nice metaphor for interconnectedness comes right within our own biology that we all start as a single cell (oneness) that becomes many to form a whole. That oneness and interconnectedness is not some fanciful ideology but more truth than people dare realize. Also it explains why love is critical in our evolution as we cannot unify or return to oneness through fear, hate and what I call lower order consciousness. It is that which keeps many of us in separation from not only the source of who we are, but each other in this larger reality.


posted on May, 18 2018 @ 06:34 PM
Other interesting notes, I cannot find a beginning or end to this source of self and in some encounters it hit me with nice metaphors when asking about it such as, "I have seen the birth and death of entire Universes" I love that quote. It's so cosmic. Quite often I'll tell people during deep discussions to simply brace for eternity because we didn't begin at our human birth and won't end at its death.

Hope that shines some light on what I believe and how I came to know through experience and support why I feel each of us have the same processes available to come into an awakened state through personal introspection and a true relationship with reality as a part of reality itself.


posted on Oct, 19 2018 @ 05:36 AM
a reply to: ClovenSky

From my understanding; the Simulation theory is one of a spiritual nature. That the physical universe we know and occupy, is a simulation, or reflection of a spiritual universe where our spirits/souls really come from; and where most 'life' would be said to exist. That the purpose of this physical matrix is intended to trap and limit the potential of our spiritual selves in this material world.

The Gnostics have spoken on this, as well as the Ancient Hindu, and a number of indigenous groups, pagan religions, etc.

posted on Oct, 19 2018 @ 05:43 AM
a reply to: YouAreDreaming

Once we are able to resolve the individual Planck unit it will pretty much establish whether or not the holographic principle holds any weight.

By the way the technologies to do just that are most lightly only 5-10 years distant.

End of the day though if we did prove our reality to be holographic by nature, which i tend to think it is to some degree or another, mass hysteria and religious implications will probably raise their ugly head.

People who believe in god are not going to be willing to entertain the possibility that life the universe and everything is part of a simulation or more lightly, a simulation, of a simulation, of a simulation, etc.
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posted on Oct, 19 2018 @ 05:53 AM
a reply to: nightbringr

I disagree. If people think that spirit molecules and other things simply result in classical 'hallucinations' i.e. the brain just making up information; they haven't dug deeply enough.

posted on Oct, 19 2018 @ 06:58 AM
Nag hammandi texts tell us of light beings that come to us at death and keep us trapped in earth on a constant birth/death cycle, these Archons were here before us and they feed if our emotional negative energies, have u heard of them, if not u should research as it ties in with what you say, and is under the radar, so to speak.

posted on Oct, 19 2018 @ 07:07 AM
a reply to: ManyMasks

Stuff getting that one wrong through as i imagine avoiding that tunnel of light could have serious implications should these alleged "light beings" be benevolent as opposed to the malevolent Avatars.

Sound to be right up Mr David Ickes street really.

Who knows what out there or in there as the case may be all the same, the truth is we won't know until we go, and by then i imagine its far too late.
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posted on Oct, 29 2018 @ 07:31 AM
God hating scientists will never figure it out even though all the info is known. They'd rather worship the visible reflected light than the invisible source.

What was before the big bang? You can see in their hearts from the answers they give. Its a simple answer. Something had to travel inward before it could be reflected.

posted on Oct, 29 2018 @ 07:40 AM
They had a Dr Who episode where everyone realizes they are a simulation. In fact thr simulation was to help an alien species figure out how to invade earth. The moment they figure it out they decide committing suicide is the best option. As this would destroy the simulation.

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