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Approaching the idea of the Anunnaki with "reason"

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posted on May, 15 2018 @ 03:35 AM
I honestly have a hard time starting this thread. For years I've been opposed to what I believed was outlandish ideas about Earth, the universe, our own existance and place on Earth.
I'm by no means religious, never have been. Was brought up, not atheistic, but as being responsible for myself and my own well being, rather than letting it be by the will of some sort of god.
The closest this brings me to religion is a fascination of buddhism as a philosophy.

But something happened along the way as I let myself read various accounts, concepts, historic interpretations and events.
I'm still not sure though that this isn't my voluntary decent into madness... so here goes.

If you are a believer, stay put... listen... share.

If you are skeptic or even a devout skeptic, stay put... listen... share.

You see, that's part of approaching the topic with reason. For a moment, we let our guards down and the reason we do this is first and foremost to let go of dogmas to prevent ourselves from going completely blind or absorbed.

The base of this whole thread is by design:

- The ideas of the Anunnaki are true, and they will return at some point.

Subtopics I will focus on to form the premise of "how / what Earth is":

- Current state
- Religion
- Powers that be
- Culture, music, art, film
- The rebellion / the enlightened ones
- The return of our creators
- Our future as a race - What are their plans? What can we do ourselves?

I will not entirely make things up, but I will be using the good ol' "this I believe could be true, so this I post." Therefore the thread will likely contain a lot of what has been said before and wont be original for a great part of it, but my brain is always trying to wrap things in a greater whole rather than focusing on specific parts. A mini version of the theory of everything.

Thank you for your patience and for taking the time to read, regardless of how stupid or crazy this may sound.
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posted on May, 15 2018 @ 03:35 AM
Current State

Earthlings have evolved exponentially over the course of the last 2.000 years. If you compare us to the rest of the beings on Earth, we have in my opinion gone way past full throttle.
Seeing how other species have evolved over the course of millions of years, yet we achieve something pretty amazing in the short span of 100.000 years and even more so the last 2-300 years.

I'm not a historian, so I can't remember all events surrounding the inventions that has taken place since the 1800s, but I find it amazing and almost unbelievable that we have done so in such short a timespan. It's like we somehow flicked a switch or were handed some blueprints that just kicked things off.

So are we at our current point because the Anunnaki allowed us to be? Well since the premise of this thread is that they exist, then the answer could be several variations.

- The Anunnaki are here, controlling things, giving us just enough to keep a steady yet controllable pace in evolution to further their goals.
- The Anunnaki aren't here currently as a controlling race, but have subordinates who do their best to maintain control and keep the wheels running.
- The Anunnaki for some reason left us to our own devices, but will be returning soon, either to fix the mess they knew would happen, but couldn't stop or to put things right and even out things, because a short number of the population are trying to behave like their absent masters.
- The Anunnaki was here, but are now gone for good. We might never know the exact reason, but they aren't returning and what we see now is what we get.

Eiter way, we are what we are because of them.

Personally I'm leaning towards them being unwillingly absent and the current state of affairs on Earth is somewhat out of control; ie. not the way the Anunnaki intended Earth to be. Years of keeping bloodlines intact and separate from the general population will do this to any race.
The tech we have access to today, was acquired by conquering the left over Anunnaki who were positioned here on Earth while their own planet is away. A mutiny occurred, where subordinates literally disposed of the Anunnaki guardians and took their tech.

The dispense of this tech was then back engineered slowly and drip fed into the rest of Earths population, not to advance us as a race as a whole, but partly to take power, put themselves on a pedestal while at the same time keeping the rest of us down so we don't rebel. The slow boil of a frog.
The objective of these subordinates today is to only just give us enough "happiness" but keep us working to generate wealth for the select few.

I admit, it almost makes no sense if these people also believe and understand that the Anunnaki inevitably will return at some point. The return will ultimately mean the destruction of these bloodlines because they allowed themselves to use the power appointed to them in a bad way.
It's a short termed mentality, but alas, we humans are a short term race anyways, compared to the lifespan of the Anunnakis.

Adding to this, I think that the last 200 years of studies and scientific progress has lead us to "re-discover" our own past and that this past is deliberately being withheld from the eye of the public.

You see, while the bloodlines who are in the know of these facts have managed to pass it on for centuries, maybe even millennia, the public has long forgotten our true ancestry. Where we come from and how we basically are all almost equal.
If we were allowed to understand this and know that the Anunnaki very soon will return, the powers that be could risk being instantly overthrown, because we wouldn't accept their way of ruling Earth as it is.

Instead the focus now is to prepare us for what will be sold publicly as an alien threat to which we have to respond as a single race for the greater good of Earth. The now former subordinates of the Anunnaki want to keep the power and control of Earth for themselves, because very simply..... it will give them more wealth and a carefree existence for the remainder of their lives. Remember, humans are a short term race.

I think this is a design flaw made by the Anunnaki in the first place. I also believe they know this already and will be a priority concern once they return. While we most likely still are a slave race of sorts to them, it was never their intention to rule us with such fierceness because they know by experience that benevolence yields more positive results than a whip.

So here we are... caught in the intricate web of greed by the select few. Anunnaki tech being hidden in places not easily accessible like the South Pole, inside the Pyramids ( fx. the room under the Sphinx ) and undisclosed, but too revealing tablets from ancient times.

At the same time, these former subordinates are combatting each other for wealth and power but only so far as to keep the rest of us under control.

One last thing, and this is stealing directly from another thread here on ATS, (sorry can't remember the name);
We are caught in a living cycle. The way we were programmed or build, the essence of man is a separate form of energy that exists in a constant state and the human body is a sort of vessel or fleshy prison so to speak. Once the body passes the life expectancy, the essence is released, but re-captured for re-insertion on Earth in a new vessel.
Without intending a nod towards the website of the same name, Earth is as such a prison planet, created by the Anunnaki, but a more proper word would probably be science project camp or work camp, with great benefits.

The human body is made with filters so we never realise this. I think the closest to this must be if you were in a coma yet completely aware of what is going on around you. You can't make anyone aware of your presence.
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posted on May, 15 2018 @ 03:35 AM

Religion is a touchy subject and is meant to be so by design. Question it and you will be met with a cleaving sword or a noose.

This worked in the old days, but while Anunnaki tech on one side makes us more efficient and more complacent it also evolves our understanding and sets limits to what we will blindly accept. For parts of the population religion still has a hold over reason.
Why this is stems from the fact that religion originally was based on true stories... they are more or less interpretations of what happened back in the early days of modern man.

As the remaining Anunnaki guards were defeated and power sized by the subordinates, there was a power vacuum that needed to be filled. One basic method of holding power over someone is misdirecting the source of power, by fx saying "this is what he / she / it says, and we must do so."
This is even something we use to hold "power" over our own offspring... it's basic and maybe even to some degree sits in our genes, sans the mutations here and there occurring naturally.

Religion was created with the sole premise of keeping the rest of us in check. But since bloodlines or subordinates couldn't always work together they actively had to choose to look at things and thus religion differently. If two families or groups wanted to distance themselves from another family or group, they couldn't likely be using the same basic idea. So they formed their own.
Here buddhism and hinduism belonging to those who are less anti-anunnaki and closer to the original story.

But why don't they just disclose it all them? Well two reasons could answer that:
1. They literally forgot and got consumed by the metaphors... ie. the words became truth rather than hints at the truth.
2. They can't because the other bloodlines will hands down strike them down if they see that the public is waking up to the truth.

This is why religion has always been militarised, at least by two of the factions. Out of sheer necessity.

But the fact remains; all religions speak the same truth, wrapped into a magical cloth with stories of more or less believable things. Religion is by design also written as to take the burden of responsibility away from the believer and place it on the will of an all knowing figure.

This was probably the exact way it was back before the Anunnaki left us. We were given freedom as long as we did what they asked of us and they took care of us and made sure we were safe.
Religion is merely an evil version of this... evil because the gods who are mentioned don't take care of us, because they don't exist. The powers that be, don't need them, they just need us to believe in them. Again the short term life span of humans comes into play, because we don't seem to live long enough for us to start question why "God" doesn't hear our screams or calls for help.

The Anunnaki would never let Earth slip into this kind of decay and destruction we are seeing today. It would simply not make sense from their point of view.

If we sit down and compare books or scriptures, we will see that they more or less say the exact same thing, with a few touches here and there to accommodate the view of life possessed by the particular factions.

In the end, once the Anunnaki return, we will see the end of religion for good.
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posted on May, 15 2018 @ 03:36 AM
Powers That Be

They are curious thing... I've already touched them on the above two posts. But we can dive a little more into them.

Despite what I wrote above, it's quite possible that what we term as "the powers that be" don't really know what is going on themselves. One or two might, but others could be absorbed by the idea of the words rather than the truth the words speak of.

But this makes them even more dangerous, because this would mean they act out of entitlement rather than out of knowledge. This is what might separate bloodlines from factions. I think factions are more prone to hand over facts from generation to generation while bloodlines tend to corrupt themselves with inbreeding and the offspring not caring about the "truth". To them it becomes rampant stories told by uncle or grandfather.

As such bloodlines become useful idiots for the factions, and are allowed only as much leeway as needed to not make them opposed the actions of the factions. This also means that it might be more useful for the factions to not actively seek to keep the truth alive amongst the bloodlines, because they are basically just plain people with too much wealth. Hard to make them go away in one swoop without causing disruption amongst the rest of the population.

The game of factions is the same that has been going on since the last guardians were defeated. Maintain control, but keep the pieces moving ever so slightly all the time. The biggest threat towards the rule of these factions are a population that feels safe or are at peace.
We would never accept our current rulers if we didn't believe they were protecting us from "the others"...
By constantly inventing enemies for us to focus on and fear, they keep our eyes away from the local truth, which is, that they are not our true rulers, that they aren't ruling us for the greater good of man.
They move us through war after war, through economic down fall after down fall, setting the rules of the game so high that we can't do without them or fight against them.

This goes on while all factions behind the curtain really seeks to hit some kind of singularity on Earth, where there is one centralised faction that will assume control over us all... just like it used to be, but with humans as rulers instead of the Anunnaki.

The powers that be know we as a race cannot let that happen if it at all becomes visible to us what is going on. I think that we genetically might be prone to be ruled, but we can also tell our true rulers from the fake ones.

TPTB need us a single unit, and therefore the race is on to unite us against a common enemy. If they succeed in doing so, we will for a brief moment try to fight the Anunnaki once they return, but as a race this will fail, because we simply aren't strong or willing enough to follow the rules of former subordinates rather than the Anunnaki.

I believe that TPTB don't believe this... I think they see themselves winning as an actual outcome. It's a fools hope. But again.... short term race, right.
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posted on May, 15 2018 @ 03:36 AM
Culture, music, art, film

Throughout time we have accounted for things happening around us. We have Sumerian tablets, religious texts, cave drawings and former cities excavated. Could the monuments belong under culture or art? I don't think so... I think they are more of a scientific means belonging to that time periode that simply stood the test of time.

But one thing I recently noticed is how art in general drips knowledge here and there. It's almost like the idea of "They Live" where messages were hidden subliminally from our eyes yet constantly affecting us.

Music in the popular genre often uses language and texts that are directly relatable to religion, but also functions as a means to accept the way of life on Earth.
We have songs that speak of resurrection and how it's good to be here or good to go to "God" because we will be safe... that we are glorious and that we should be happy to be alive etc etc.

It's part conditioning and part "this is what people react to and want to listen to".

The same goes for movies. The last 50 years, we have been seeing more and more productions that play around with the old truths and the birth of the concept sci-fi. Obviously a lot of these movies are far fetched, but I also believe a good deal of them are pretty much spot on.
They might not have been made knowingly that they portray reality, but the truth is so deeply rooted that we can't help ourselves, it's like it's screaming to come out. So it bursts onto the big screen.

This is allowed because people don't see these as truth yet. And as long as TPTB can observe no harm being done, there's no reason to stop people from making this movies. It would generate much more speculation if they suddenly went out and banned sci-fi movies.... people would immediately question the reasons why.

This also makes it easier to mix in the movies that treat ETs as alien invaders prepared to destroy Earth. A form of seeding an idea to prepare for the return of the Anunnaki, where they will be the bad guys and the people of Earth with stand together and face this evil oppressor.

But the clues are there and we should carefully take note of them but withhold our allegiance to these notes until the proper moment.

In regards to art, it has been more focused in the early years where religion was very much in focus. That's the irony of religion, on one side it will try to assert itself and pretend to be very serious and dangerous not to follow, but depicted it becomes down right ridiculous and entertaining. For a witty artist pretending to follow the doctrines of a religion, it becomes easy to persuade that he or her is a believer and that the painting was made out of respect for the religion, while in fact it was made to show it for what it is... a scam.
It has taken time to reach this point, but it's clearly visible now.

As for culture. Another duality where TPTB uses culture as a way to segregate us from each other. Deferentiate us from each other.... "they are..." "they do...." "they like...." "we like...."

Where culture for those opposing the TPTB or those who wish to support the old truth, will use culture to show the reality of what was and what is to come.
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posted on May, 15 2018 @ 03:36 AM
- The rebellion / the enlightened ones

.... to be filled

posted on May, 15 2018 @ 03:37 AM
- The return of our creators

.... to be filled

posted on May, 15 2018 @ 03:37 AM
- Our future as a race - What are their plans? What can we do ourselves?

.... to be filled

posted on May, 15 2018 @ 07:57 AM
a reply to: flice

Seeing how other species have evolved over the course of millions of years, yet we achieve something pretty amazing in the short span of 100.000 years and even more so the last 2-300 years.

Other species and their evolution is about their biology and not technological achievements

Yet you seem to be comparing that to evolution of human ingenuity not human biology.

So really its not a comparison of the same thing.

So are we at our current point because the Anunnaki allowed us to be? Well since the premise of this thread is that they exist, then the answer could be several variations.

you actually said that the base of this thread is

The base of this whole thread is by design: - The ideas of the Anunnaki are true, and they will return at some point.

The 'ideas' of them are true and they will return.

One idea is that they are our creators and that they are still here ruling from within or some other hidden place.

Going by those "ideas" then yes, we are where we are technologically because they guided us to be.

posted on May, 15 2018 @ 08:13 AM
a reply to: flice

I can tell you--and show you--that what Zecharia Sitchin has written about Nibiru, the Anunnaki, the book of Genesis, the Nephilim, and a host of other things has absolutely no basis in the real data of the ancient world. I don't doubt that Zecharia Sitchin is a nice guy; he's just wrong. Nothing personal.

Just in case you haven't read the work of people with PH.ds in the relevant science.

As I recall, all this hubbub started with a simple mistranslaton of a word like "star"
into a bloated, non-existent mythology. But I'm sure that someone like Harte will
be along presently to educate us.

BTW, I have an overactive, pattern-matching (where patterns may not exist) brain
as well.. so I'm not meaning to be unkind.

If you write this up as a hypothesis and give evidence.. and not as a belief system,
then you might get more traction.


posted on May, 15 2018 @ 09:27 AM
a reply to: flice

Trying this again, I like posts like this as I am firm believer of teptillians, aliens, Enochican Angels, and the Annunkai. As far as returning, I believe, like the aliens and reptillians, they are already here. I believe they are in charge of us already, and they have complete control over our government. I just wish they would show us who they are, instead of hiding. I also believe our government a long time ago sold us out, and made a deal with them. They can abduct as many people as they want for their technology. I don't believe they are friendly or here to save ys, as I feel that is a bold face lie. Thanks for posting.

posted on May, 15 2018 @ 09:44 AM
a reply to: liliththedestroyer

I also believe our government a long time ago sold us out, and made a deal with them.

do you really believe this?

Its a very serious question.

If you do really believe that, then you must be a politician or trying to get into politics?

posted on May, 15 2018 @ 09:46 AM
Most religions speak of a return of some kind , Let's say way back when the God's or designers of Humans did "promise to come back:" They only left because they got what they came for . Now what if they had planned on coming back but have been destroyed themselves after all it's been quite sometime . Or they have found a source of whatever they were here for somewhere closer to their home world .

posted on May, 15 2018 @ 10:35 AM
Well, why would an highly evolved race that gets personified into one or few beings make mortal slaves with free will and give them axes, shovels and pitch forks to do their work for them?

That doesn't sound very god like?

posted on May, 15 2018 @ 11:00 AM
a reply to: Specimen

What do you mean? That's perfect.

Every god ever created was created by a humans imagination, and since humans are clearly assholes, thats why their gods are assholes.

posted on May, 15 2018 @ 11:46 AM

Tried to embed but the code would not work. It is a video called Root races from the beginning. May shed a little light on parts of this subject.
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posted on May, 15 2018 @ 11:56 AM
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

Every God made in man's image, so I agree with you on that, but the op making the connection that the Annunaki, were aliens. And that the god thing is a case of mistaken identity, and yet they are personified to a few images that needed humans to do their God work, when it their job?

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posted on May, 15 2018 @ 12:49 PM
a reply to: Specimen

I have no problem with the concept that powerful beings might exist
which impersonate deities.

But people pick ones that never existed.. as a simple matter of a simple

I see your point too.

posted on May, 15 2018 @ 01:50 PM
OP, I applaud your efforts but you've taken on quite a bit of material. It's kind of overwhelming, really, and will be difficult to reply in any comprehensive manner. In my view, your premise is completely flawed. The Anunnaki are simply our ancestors who were elevated to the rank of gods by the Mesopotamian cultures. They weren't from another planet or star. They were entirely human. They aren't here today. They were very likely the survivors from a culture that flourished during the last ice age and were largely wiped out when the ice age ended and the sea level rose 400 feet. That was "Noah's Flood," though there probably was no "Noah" and no "Ark" and no saving all the animals. But the "Flood Myth" is pervasive and worldwide. The survivors basically went to the hinterlands and introduced agriculture and civilization to the groups of hunter-gatherers that had also survived. If you want a likely scenario, read Graham Hancock's "Magicians of the Gods" for a really nice and comprehensive summary of the idea.

posted on May, 15 2018 @ 07:41 PM
If we lived a relatively long life and a new planet happened to appear in our solar system or interstellar neighborhood, perhaps we would run a few tests and plant a flag.

It's like going down the rabbit hole with the Anunnaki stuff. It's all very confusing and negative, however, the truth is always positive so personally I feel most of what is out there to be untrue or at least unhelpful. Focus on the present.

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