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Honest Question? Is Liberalism Slowly Eroding American Culture?

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posted on May, 12 2018 @ 09:45 AM
a reply to: shawmanfromny

I want to pose a question for debate..Is Liberalism determined to tear down America's traditional norms

Be specific.


Again, be specific.

and institutions?

Oh for crying out loud...

First of all, if you are going to ask a question of that nature, you have to be a damned sight more specific about what you are talking about. Name the specific traditions, values and institutions you are talking about, the ones you are concerned about in exacting detail, or no sensible, detailed and nuanced debate, discussion or answer can be given to your question. There are many institutions, values and traditions in American culture, which should have gone the way of the dodo during Roosevelt's era, but remain even now. There are many which must remain. It is not wise or practical to ask a broad question like this, when the answers you will get are bound to confuse you. Name the institutions, values and traditions you are concerned about, and see what you get back.

Conservatism has issues too, but it supports traditional values and ideas, which I feel is a good thing. I realize not all Liberals support the erosion of traditional values, however I'm beginning to see a trend and I would like to know if others see it to. Do individual rights trump social order? Are we "dumbing down" our children because of this?

Again, your query is so utterly generalised, that no effective answer can be given, because of the way in which your query is phrased. Conservatism supports a great deal more than traditional values and ideas, and utterly flaunts some traditional values and ideas. Many Conservatives, for example, believe that reference to God in official documents and practices is acceptable, despite the fact that the very traditional, institution founding document known as the Constitution of the United States of America, has a segment specifically pertaining to the separation of Church and State.

Its not just that Conservatism has "issues too", indeed, that is a hilarious understatement. The reason things have EVER gone too far down the hand wringing, idiotic, smoothie enthusiast route, is that for generations, the United States of America has been a phobic, hateful piece of crap of a country, a backward, regressive cesspool of racial intolerance, abuse against all minorities, whether racial, religious or to do with sexual and gender orientation and has been fantastically reluctant in ridding itself of that sentiment. It was so bad in America, that training videos had to be put out during the second world war, explaining to servicemen visiting Britain, how to behave in a nation which is NOT intolerant of persons of colour. The fact that in the 1940s, it still had to be explained to otherwise intelligent young service persons, that yes, people of colour can ride the bus anyhow, and in any seat they wish, and yes, they can go pretty much any place the rest of society can go, because they are human beings, says about all it has to in that regard.

The reason Liberalism is a problem for Conservative types, is because Conservatism has been a problem for EVERYONE else for hundreds and hundreds of years, a problem which has never been smart enough, decent enough, or comprised of honourable enough people, to shuffle off out of the way of society, so that it can get on with healing the agonies inflicted on it by the cold, heartless, inhuman and inhumane treatment that populations have received, at the hands of Conservative policymakers over successive generations.

With all that said...

It is vital that those looking to combat the terrors inflicted by the eugenicists on the right, do not throw the good out with the bad. Courage, honour, decency, respect, decorum, and wisdom are not to be thrown out, right alongside the incest laden hate politics of yesteryear. Just because it is a bad idea to permit racists to... well, exist, does not mean that it is also a bad idea to be determined that one ought to either live free, or die. Just because it is a bad idea to permit laws which unfairly target one racial demographic over another to exist, does not mean it is also a bad idea to carry a weapon and know how to use it. This is precisely why your question is so poorly phrased.

There is much in American law and tradition which MUST remain. But there is also much which must die, and be permitted to do so without a tear shed for it, on pain of being buried with it, so toxic are some of its institutions, values and ideals. Its not a yes or no situation. So next time you feel the need to ask a question like this, be very specific about which elements you are talking about.

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posted on May, 12 2018 @ 09:58 AM
Societies evolve. There are times that traditional norms have to change. Some fear or dislike change. This is where discord happens. Those that don't care for change can be quite volatile. We are seeing it with America again. I guess it's time. The last major time was the 60's.

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posted on May, 12 2018 @ 11:52 AM

originally posted by: shawmanfromny
a reply to: kelbtalfenek

Have parenting skills decreased because of Liberalism?

Not that I'm aware of. Why do you ask? I believe that due to capitalism, the combined factor of inflation and dual/triple or even quadruple wage earning parents, parenting skills have fallen greatly. Parents don't get to spend enough time with their kids to effectively parent. I blame that 100% on "trickle down" economics, which is NOT a liberal agenda.

Has Liberalism destroyed the concept of critical thinking?

You can certainly say that it has contributed greatly to it. Critical thinking used to be taught in schools. Now teachers are forced to teach memorization to pass achievement tests.

Liberalism wants all cultures and beliefs to be equal and deserving of equal respect. Liberalism wants to impose neutral standards for everything. Liberals don't want to debate...they want to enforce and protest. Example) A gay couple is politely told that a owner of a bakery, won't bake a cake because it would go against his faith. Does this gay couple use "critical thinking" to realize that a) there are other bakeries they could go to and b) the owner has the freedom to refuse service(aren't there businesses that refuse service if you enter without a shirt or shoes?) Not anymore. Instead they complain to the local LGBT chapter, who in turn protests the business, by implying the owner is homophobic. This is just one instance, of Liberalism forcing "inclusiveness" down our throats, by policing our freedoms, while maintaining that Liberals are tolerant. Liberals want diversity, but aren't smart enough to realize that "differences" creates diversity.

Ah yes, but in the same breath a conservative won't give a marriage license to that same gay couple, even though it is her job to do so...And all of a sudden "conservatives are under attack."

There's idiots everywhere. And the biggest idiots get the most airtime. This is a soundbite society and our culture reflects that.

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