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HS cheer team forced to accept everyone who tries

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posted on May, 10 2018 @ 11:45 PM
If I remember correctly at my high school you had to maintain a certain grade point average to be on the football team or cheerleaders etc. Along with being able to physically perform.

Think the Band and Color Guard were more forgiving but you could be dropped from there as well.

Think rejection and how to deal with it, was the most important thing I experienced in high school.

posted on May, 11 2018 @ 03:39 AM
Let em be on the cheerleading team
Spring training will thin the herd....
Drop out like flies
Did in HS football

posted on May, 11 2018 @ 05:36 AM
Message from the school:

In light of recent events regarding the cheerleading squad tryouts at Hanover Park High School, the school administration would like to help clarify inaccurate information being circulated in the press. It is important to understand that the cheerleading program at Hanover Park does not compete in interscholastic events. The guidelines that govern cheerleading are, and always have been to develop knowledge, positive attitudes, teamwork skills, leadership and athletic skills. These core values have remained the same to the present. Source

Read the entire thing, much more info than the article in the Original Post.

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posted on May, 11 2018 @ 07:02 AM
On one hand, sure whatever it's just Highschool.

However, those who are accepted not based on skill or any other requirements usually in place for the team will be in for a rude awakening if their parents or gaurdians don't properly prepare them for the reality that they probably WILL NOT make it onto a college team.

I think that's nice to include them in the highschool fun but I do believe it sets the wrong expectation.


posted on May, 11 2018 @ 07:19 AM

originally posted by: burdman30ott6
I'm torn here. On one hand, I think high school sports should accept anyone who wants to be on the team and hustles in paractices and games. That doesn't mean everybody gets to lineup and play on game days, however. My football team in high school always had a few guys on it that never saw a single minute of time in the actual game. They were playfully nicknamed "coach" by those of us in the game because they usually ended up as coaches assistants, water and towel boys, game footage recorders, etc.

I think exactly the same as you, it's how it is here in the UK, anyone can train but getting picked for the squad on match day is a different matter. My son has to win his place on our town's rugby team every week, and has done since childhood, the competition inspires all players to train harder.
If the cheerleaders were not even letting them train and practice then I would have to say that is not being inclusive.

We've had kids with physical and learning disabilities train over the 14 years I've watched my lad train, absolutely inclusive, and although they'll never get game time on matchday, they run the water and kicking tees/rings on to the pitch, and importantly feel very much part of the rugby family.
I absolutely support both competition and inclusivity, both are important human traits.
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posted on May, 11 2018 @ 07:23 AM
a reply to: CornishCeltGuy

Read the above message from the school.

posted on May, 11 2018 @ 07:28 AM
a reply to: AugustusMasonicus

Oh ffs, what a non story then, the school seem pretty cool and inclusive. Cheers for the link, mad how media spin things isn't it, even at local levels lol.

posted on May, 11 2018 @ 05:24 PM
I don't see what the big deal is. When I was a kid in the 90's our school had the same policy for all sports and cheer. Everyone that showed up got to participate as long as they were at practice. My senior football team went the entire season un scored upon. We played 12 games not one team scored on us. Even though everyone got to be part of the team some people didn't get to play. It shouldn't have to be an exclusive club only certain people get to participate in.

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