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John Kerry colluded with hostile foreign power to influence US policy

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posted on May, 13 2018 @ 02:33 AM
a reply to: CynConcepts

Someone needs to explain to Kerry and the world that he does not represent us in any official capacity! He has no authority and certainly has no clue into how the Trump administration will be handling these matters. 

To these people, Kerry is representing the True Government of the U.S.

Remember "Not MY President"? They were serious. They wanna continue running world affairs as if Trump never won.

Kerry was probably just reassuring Iran that "the good guys" are still in control and that Trump will be disposed of before he has a chance to win the next election.

I'm starting to have a new respect for Trump. Half the idiots chanting for impeachment would be lying in a corner having an anxiety attack if they were facing a fraction of the hatred and evil and historically entrenched, previously insurmountable power bases that all want him dead or worse. I have to respect his ability to maintain composure. And I have to be a little more forgiving toward his rough edges.

I don't know if he could do it without our collective support. That has to be the thing that keeps him going.

posted on May, 13 2018 @ 04:27 AM
Little bit of history incase you all have forgotten the reasons..

Since the 1950’s US has been derailing Iran’s political progress.

US overthrew a democratically elected government of Iran. There isn't a bigger crime than interfering in a sovereign nation’s internal affairs for personal gain. That is the text book definition of terrorism.

Since then, US have conducted series of hostile acts by US toward Iran. Come 1979 revolution, the US allowed the late king to enter US for medical treatment. That decision conjured up images the horrific crimes committed in the 50’s by US in the minds of certain young revolutionaries. To prevent another derailment, they seized the US embassy. We know what happened next.

The average American who didn't know Iran existed before that moment. I know because I was in US at the time. Naturally people ate up the narrative they were fed.

There has never been an act of terror committed by an Iranian against America. Sadly the same cannot be said for US.They supported and provided chemical weapons to Iraq during the eight year imposed war on Iran.

On July 3rd 1988, a passenger plane shut down intentionally by Us Navy in cold blood. The captain of the warship was awarded with a medal of “bravery” by the Teflon President Ronald Regan. As of late there hasn't been an apology.Evidently, it is brave to shoot down an unarmed passenger plane in Iran’s own territorial water.

Take notes of these brave acts and then let me know who is the hostile forces here.–Iraq_war

And many more……

These small samples of the recent history and that is what made the revolution popular with the masses was its narrative of taking a stand against the big bully.

Mr. Mehran Janghorbani once wrote..

There are many practical reasons and one very, very important cultural reason. the US has reneged on its promises several times and has shown itself to be fickle and wayward with its commitments. Perhaps the most striking moment was actually how they behaved with the deposed Shah, a long time ally and bosom buddy. When he was no longer in power and became a liability they discarded him like a spent tissue.

Later on, Reagan made lots of promises to us none of which he honored after we played our part. For us, a promise is sacrosanct, that is why we can never stop aiding Assad even if he is doomed, that is why we need to support Hezbollah and the Palestinians even if it goes against our national interests. You may find this to be medieval and naive but for us, a man's word is his worth that is why our supreme leader and our politicians are very careful in what they say, once they say something, honor dictates that they abide by it. In the US however, politicians' mouths are way ahead of their brains and they chatter away like there is no tomorrow, obviously, the next day they change their minds to suit their current circumstances.

It is actually a wonder how anyone at all trusts the Americans.

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posted on May, 13 2018 @ 04:46 AM
a reply to: Kkintekk

I dont think they do. Not the people anyways. How many of these leaders are CIA? How many are linked to illuminati? How many have been compromised? Everything I am seeing points to all governments being just like ours. Meanwhile all the normal people are getting the shaft.

posted on May, 17 2018 @ 09:48 AM
a reply to: Kkintekk

The commitments we make to our own people greatly outweigh commitments made internationally.

Our first commitment is ensuring all Americans self-evident & unalienable rights (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness/BoR) are protected.

Regardless, Iran violated the JCPOA by having material that could be used to advance a nuclear weapons program. Them having a "basement bomb" was considered unacceptable, and this is precisely what they have. Israeli intelligence proved it. Therefore, we simply certified that Iran didn't hold up their end of the agreement, effectively terminating it.

On the bright side, Iran has no good options here. Even without the United States, Israel is probably a nuclear power with ~400 thermonuclear weapons. AKA Megaton range weapons. Sure, Iran has ballistic missile tech. But how much good would that do when their launch sites were being targeted for Israeli counter-value strikes with 10-20 MT weapons?

How long do you really think Iran would last in that scenario? And that isn't even taking the United States into account: we'd stand behind Israel in any situation or circumstance, of course. We're inseparable.

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