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'table top' MASER.

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posted on May, 9 2018 @ 09:34 AM
There has been a breakthrough in MASER technology.

A MASER is like a LASER but instead of outputting light it uses microwaves. There are many applications for such things like beaming power to various things in space and scientific testing.

this is a 6 min video and they do a great job of explaining it, well better than me at least.

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posted on May, 9 2018 @ 09:46 AM
a reply to: penroc3

This could be used as a pretty terrifying weapon, ray guns are finally becoming reality it seems...

posted on May, 9 2018 @ 09:50 AM
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posted on May, 9 2018 @ 09:51 AM
a reply to: hombero

you could use the maser to cut thru the atmospheric 'noise' like dust and moisture and using an adaptive optic equipped high power laser down the same path would really increase the usability of HP lasers as a weapon

also you could use it to transmit power to satellites from a station in orbit or maybe even from the ground, im thinking something like a solar sale for using the maser to transmit the power

posted on May, 9 2018 @ 10:15 AM
There was the idea of having solar farms out in space and the energy would be sent down in the form of microwaves which would be collected at the Earth's surface at a receiver station.

posted on May, 9 2018 @ 10:27 AM
Yes, they had a major breakthrough a few months ago I read it around eastern I think.

The main achievement is that they have found a material to use at room temperature. Maser development has been curbed by this for a long time.

It´s pretty cool how they have done it:

Step 1)
They use a infused diamond that has missing nitrogen and carbon "bonds", because of that the diamond looks black and electrons can be keept at higher energy states for longer. This means you don´t need to push them about 50x less than the organic material they used before. That means less heat and the diamond absorbs it better. The diamond is cubic.

Step 2)
A saphire ring is placed around the diamond cube so it acts as a reflector/resonator.

Step 3)
Around that saphire resonater you put a cylindric copper encasing on 0° angle with the saphire resonator.

Step 4)
You engulf that copper cube into a magnetic field to group the different electron states together.

Step 5) Shoot a green laser at the impurities in the diamond (I don´t have the exact spectrum on hand).

This way you pump the electron you sorted into groups before to higher energy states until they emit mircowave radiation. If you vary the magnetic fields strength you can tune the output frequency of those microwaves.

This is pretty amazing and it can used for all sorts of stuff. You can use it to gain signals for long-range communication, too. Destructive stuff also.

It´s German text but the video is in english
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posted on May, 9 2018 @ 01:17 PM
a reply to: verschickter

i wonder if you could put this on a large drone or some othermanned platform and use it to knock out radars and communication systems that broadcast and receive in microwaves

they have a cruise missile that used HPM to knock out electronics but it is a cone and not a beam so this might b e useful in a city or a targets building,person or car.

posted on May, 9 2018 @ 03:19 PM
a reply to: penroc3

Or maybe a mountain where somebody is doing nuclear tests, say, maybe a rouge state??

Sounds kind of like an electric version of Tesla EQ generator. Funny what you can do when you get a bunch of little things all lined up together, all doing work for you, while you make certain frequencies do specific work. I like the idea of a space based solar farm beaming power back down to earth via microwaves. Although it would be hard to find a place where that can be done safely. Point Nemo comes to mind. Antarctica, maybe. Chicago... (lulz). Of course some idiot will do something stupid and weaponized it, sigh.

S+F for the info!

posted on May, 9 2018 @ 07:35 PM
a reply to: penroc3

What if you combined this with a very powerful laser and do some TI. It rips the electron from the atoms thus ionizing a tunnel to whatever you want to deliver the energy. This is your waveguide.

Now you line up your maser, resonate and pump the electrons. Tune the frequency and find a way to release it in a very short pulse down the path of your ionized tunnel similar to what a electrolaser does. The plasma acting as a waveguide will propagate the EM pulse at nearly lightspeed while keeping the beam tightly and narrow.

Will this work in space/vacuum? I guess not, since there are not much atoms to strip the electrons from so no TI.

posted on May, 10 2018 @ 04:02 PM
a reply to: verschickter

You got it!

How about this? Create a narrow tunnel out in front of you. Generate a shock wave to move the air from "maser straw". Have another vacuum generated off the skin of your craft. Connect the two together. Let the rear end vacuum collapse, and off you shoot like a bar of soap in water!

That is just a terribly gross description. but they can do all kinds of cool things with pulsed arrarys of sound generators. Seems like the idea could transfer over to lasers and masers just as well. And if an idiot like me can figure this out then I am sure there is some super secure place where smart people do (most likely, "did a decade or more ago"!) this daily!

posted on May, 10 2018 @ 04:52 PM
... not sure how you´d get a vacuum off the skin but I guess you mean supercavitation but in air.

How about this, a breadcrumb I lost in 2016 in the weird california sighting thread:

now back to topic, it´s been a while and my keyboard is a bit dusty (for real). I´m trying to stay on topic and in co-relation to the other thread about the electric engine, I´d ask myself, could it be that there may be some, let´s say it in a crude way, supra conducting parts that make other parts move, stuffed into the engine assembly? In front the front?

March, 2018:

Just wait until 2019.

posted on May, 10 2018 @ 04:56 PM
a reply to: penroc3

The endgame planet destroyer in the books and subsequent movie "Enders Game" are Maser based.

My understanding is that you can get sustainably more power from Masers than Lazers and they might also function in our atmosphere better than Lazers do.

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