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I wouldn't say the Earth is really fragile, is it?

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posted on May, 10 2018 @ 09:57 AM
'Fragile Earth' ?
If a big stone hit you in the face
and smashes your skull in,
is the stone damaged?
the same with the earth.

its the environment for Humans that will kill US off.
the Earth will just try again.
with a more evolved life form.

posted on May, 10 2018 @ 08:33 PM

originally posted by: shankara
It's better to think of earth as fragile than to think we can just do whatever we like to it without any consequences. What animal destroys it's own habitat?

Actually it happens alot

Animals overbreed, they consume all the food/resources of their enviroment, they starve , die off and a new life (be it them or another), takes its place.

Lather rinse repeat.

maybe humans do it more efficiently, faster, whatever. But its no different.

Look at one example of the Aztecs . they built whole cities in size and (take into account their tech of the time) scope of our modern mega cities. they have stripped their resources...
Then they disappeared and nature came back as strong as ever.

Hell even in places like love canal, the bikini atoll and even Chernobyl where some of the biggest man made incidence and disasters have taken place.... Nature / the earth has come back in spades.

Any species be bird, animal, fish, man , ect will at some time go extinct and life will come to replace it.

Not saying we cant do damage (even severe) nor that we should not try to do better.

But in the overall picture we are just another species that can and may go away. We are the "fragile " ones.

Not the earth.

honestly we need to get off this narcissistic idea we can effect in any long term or permanent hurt the earth.

Seriously what can we do more than the asteroid did back in Jurassic time?


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