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Are national elections admittance of who is to be a Deagel Statistic ?

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posted on May, 4 2018 @ 01:33 PM
Professor Sir John Curtice recently stated that it is assumed that 70% of the Conservative vote in the UK is pro-Brexit.

For me, when John Curtice mentioned Brexit Leavers, it created a sublime imprint of 'entire UK population'.

So, out of curiosity I wondered what 30% of the UK population is and at present it is 19.8 million.

Apparently, the US Deagel report now estimates that in a state of crisis, by 2025, the UK will have decreased to 15 million people.

Hmmmmm, what if TPTB are using elections to survey who they need to kill off over the next 7 Years for their New World Order ?

Also, in USA, has anything actually happened in terms of those thousands of Indictments ?

Or is your Deep State simply logging who chooses to become one of the Deagel US population drop statistic ?

I understand that 15 million is different to 19.8 million. However, with the Brexiters getting wiped out, I am sure that they will take down many Remainers with them, hence the extra drop of another ~5 million Remainers.

Seeing that 2025 is 7 Years away and this world still has the 7 Year Tribulation coming, I am wondering if the culling will start close to the day that the US Embassy moves from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (15th May 2018). Just something to look out for.

Twitter feed

BBC polling expert John Curtice: Conservatives have been reminded that "the electorate that it now has is disproportionately a Leave electorate. 70% of the Conservative vote are people that voted Leave. it has to deliver Brexit."

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