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Migrants 'issue ultimatum & forcefully prevent' German police from deporting failed asylum seeker

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posted on May, 4 2018 @ 07:35 AM
By the way, so far, NOTHING on the radio. This happened wednesday.

I don´t doubt it really happened because this is not the first time. Have I mentioned that about 20-25 people with open tuberculosis went missing in Ellwangen two years ago? Nobody from the city government or state government really gave a # about it.

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 07:37 AM

originally posted by: Sublimecraft
a reply to: verschickter

Let me clarify - resultant from liberal open border policies, as opposed to conservative nationalistic closed border policies (like japan), Germany has no more identity.

There is absolutely nothing you can say to me that would make me change my opinion on the current social trainwreck that is Germany society - thanks to open border policies.

You are from Australia. When did you live the last time in Germany, for let´s say one or two years?
All you know is from the MSM(i will come later to that, especially to the Ellwangen case!), which suddenly is good and only reporting the truth and reality, if it is the own opinion, what these reports say. But hell breaks lose(FAKE NEWS, Lügenpresse) if these reports tell the opposite of the own opinion. Funny, somehow.

We have to live here, why should we come to ATS to lie about the real circumstances in Germany???
And we are even from different parts of Germany, Verwchickter is from the south, i am from North-Rhine-Westphalia.

Germany is not a liberal hellhole. And it is not splitted right in the middle, there is not only what othsers, in others countries think would be left and right. The world is not just b/w! We just have to accept what the overseas dictate us. Where is that stupid SWJ # coming from, where is that stupid political correctness BS coming from? The origigns of that stupid sh*t are not in Germany, it´s all from the "U"SA. And everybody knows, especially the people that have to live in that occupied area(Germany), that Germany has to dance to the anglo-american, the overseas tunes. At least the transatlantic controlled puppets in "our" government.

Don´t forget who created the refugee streams, at least those from the middle east, we have to deal with! I have to admit that the african refugees are our, the wests, own fault. But still we don´t have gangs everywhere, armed to the teeth. We have some allegedly "rocker" gangs which make a bit trouble from time to time, Hells Angels and Bandidos for example. Where are they coming from again? The people here get medical help, even if they are not rich. We don´t have millions of heroin addicted because of our big pharma lobby. We don´t have crack dealers on every street corner. We have no privatized jail business and put only minorities or poor people in jails because this is pure money.

But everything is going into that direction. The "american" way of "life". We always needed up to twenty years to have the same circumstances like in the "U"SA, looking at the working places which are now just cheap slave wage jobs. Twenty years before this became the norm here too, it was reality in the "U"SA, that one neede up to three jobs to survive. Just as one example!

If we become a political correct nanny state with just crying lefties and righties that hate each other, it`s not our fault. It´s our fault that we didn´t try hard enough to not copy everything that comes from the overseas!

"...the current social trainwreck that is Germany society - thanks to open border policies."
That says what you want to believe! Just tell me one thing, why are there milions over millions of tourists visiting Germany, from all over the world, and why do they come back? Why are these numbers even rising, if germany is that sh*thole, that social trainwreck, that civil war country where nobdy dares to leave his house anymore, afraid to get killed, robbed, raped in all the no-go areas where you have to fear for your life? Are they all crazy and have a death wish? Are they all on survival tours through the german "ghetto´s"? Do they love chaos, devastation, knives in their backs and at their throats? I bet if walk to the cologne cathedral now and ask 20 tourists, one or two of them are even from australia!

But hey, don´t believe germans that live in germany and can report live from the "social trainwreck", believe the english speaking MSM if their reports fit your own opinion...

Will come back later because of the Ellwangen case(when i have more time), according to police no weapons, no by refugees injured cops. But a little dent on one of the police cars. Something like this happens if you put 500-1000 people in a "open prison", people who know that they will be deported. They have to live there together, they maybe become friends, what did those responsible think what would happen if you try to take one of them? If they are five hundred and the cops three or four? That they say thank you and follow happily to be deported? In a dream world they maybe would, but we have to deal with the reality here!

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posted on May, 4 2018 @ 07:51 AM

We just have to accept what the overseas dictate us. Where is that stupid SWJ # coming from, where is that stupid political correctness BS coming from? The origigns of that stupid sh*t are not in Germany, it´s all from the "U"SA. And everybody knows, especially the people that have to live in that occupied area(Germany), that Germany has to dance to the anglo-american, the overseas tunes. At least the transatlantic controlled puppets in "our" government.

That´s one of the main reasons I´m on ATS. All this SJW, PC, GBLTQ, Transgender # is coming from the USA to us via press. Have an outlook of what´s to come to us.

Hell you ATS members should have seen the press the last two years how they ALL TOGETHER left nothing good to your president AT ALL. He was rediculed to the maximum here.

This was the first time in history that this happened. Even with the clinton scandal back then it was not as respectless like now. German newspapers always held to a high standart until -and that´s how I see it- snubby nosed millenials pouring into webdesign from 2000-2010 aquiring jobs at the ever more digitized newspapers.

Those are now somehow "reporters" that lack those things:

- Perspective
- Writing skills
- Honesty
- Non-bias

And they are unable to think for their own, it just degraded to a show where the most exciting "news" is regurgiated over and over again. Paired with a huge portion of bias and opinion, they even manage to ruin very good articles by injecting their opinion. Basically it comes down to power in influencing people. And also the management that let´s them choose what stories they want to write. Hello? Anybody there? This is the recipt for bias.

You still have such honest and unbiased people in local newspapers but they are slowly dying away. Hell 90% of the articles today are opinions and not unbiased. It´s like the border was blown away with all that hate.

Don´t get me started on the Springer Group (BILD)....
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posted on May, 4 2018 @ 09:20 AM
a reply to: verschickter

Some of my local friends have gone from saying we need to help these people no matter what..

To saying these people need to be gone, over the last few years.

Some of them are people that were not born in Germany but came here legally and have essentially become German.

Kind of the same problem we have in the States, the most anti-illegal immigrants I know are sons or daughters of legal immigrants.

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 09:22 AM
a reply to: Nickn3

That was the plan all along.

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 09:31 AM
a reply to: Irishhaf

Kind of the same problem we have in the States, the most anti-illegal immigrants I know are sons or daughters of legal immigrants.

I guess this is because they actually did something to get where they are now, other than simply demanding refugee status for monetary reasons. I can understand that perfectly. It drags their reputation into the mud.

When the turkish workers came here in the 60s/70s they worked their ass off to achieve something, just like we all did. They got nothing for free the way those financial refugees now do, they had to earn it.

Disclaimer: I still differ between women & children fleeing the terror and young males that basically let their country and family down to get here just to make trouble here. I would never let my family in a war zone, just saying.

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 09:50 AM
This issue isn't just tipped in Germany, it seems to be a global rejection of this NWO socialist ideology. Here is Seattle WA USA, we have a complete collapse of governmental ideas and what the people want, and San Francisco CA USA seems to be having a similar issue. Many cities are beginning to push back against disconnected states ideals. It's good to know that people globally are saying enough is enough.

As to the Neo-Nazi statement, it's become the new "N" word. Don't like something a person is doing, shame them by calling them a Neo-Nazi, or Nazi. Label them loudly to discredit them for no other reason then a word. Globally people need to quit playing the victim/offended and push back more against this attack on the individual rights. It's not wrong to be part of a culture, and celebrate that culture, it's not being racist it's being proud of what makes you up and where you came from. So why is it wrong to want that?

In Seattle WA USA, the homeless issue is nutz. People are allowed to live in a tent basically anywhere they want, the people are fed up with the city over this, and yet the city council wants to end going through homeless encampments looking for criminals hiding out and take more money from business to fund their overly funded homeless budget. It sounds like the same issue there in Germany except the refugee issue is your homeless issue. In the end it's all the same, people wanting everything for doing nothing more than just being there.

I disagree with the 1944 statement, I heard (and seen) enough stories (and photos) from my grandfather to refute that, but I will say that it does seem that there were less issues then what we have now when people did have pride in themselves and their countries. My grandfather told me that after the war (WW2 for you idiots out there) that the German people wanted to fix their country. He found it oddly funny that the same people that fought so hard just weeks before were also some of the most kind people when it came to repairing their country. I would hate to see what he would have thought about what happened to it since then.

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 10:13 AM
a reply to: verschickter

Our landlord is a Turk and he is fricking loaded now, owns a local eatery, has a catering business, owns a couple houses and a block building that is being renovated for apartments.

His entire family are some good folks, he speaks better German now than Turkish.

Every country benefits from immigration like that, and yea I agree with you helpless people should get assistance to avoid slaughter in a war zone.

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 10:38 AM
a reply to: verschickter

The woman I spoke with doesnt like the immigration but shes very open minded and shes actually married to spmeone who isnt white so shes obviously not racist

I dont see a problem with Germans wanting to preserve Germany for the native Germanic tribes just like I have no problem with Japan China or Liberia or anywhere for that matter that wants to limit migration from totally different culture.

I don't even care if the reason is ethnically based thats the choice of Germans and Japanese people to make for themselves and as an international community we need to respect that

Here in the US we are dealing with a totally different situstion its not relvant at all

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 11:51 AM
What happened?
Monday night at 2.30 four(4!!!) cops were send to arrest, pick up a 23 year old man from Togo. This man should be deported to Italy. The police report says that 150 people harrassed the 4 cops so that they set the man from Togo free again. To prevent any trouble.
POL-AA: Ellwangen: Abschiebung aus der LEA mit Gewalt verhindert

For sure that police report is written like somebody who has plans would write such a report. They have to dramatize, overstate. Because "our" new "Heimatmuseumsminister", interiour minister Seehofer wants to play the hard guy. After his own people "deported" him from Bavaria to Berlin. That is something german states do, if they want to get rid of politicians in ther states, they send them to Berlin. In bavaria they changed old vs new, others wanted to take place on Seehofers seat, thrown. So he had to leave the bavarian political theatre with direction Berlin. If they want to get rid of him in Berlin, they will send him to Brussels. That is how you get rid of unwanted old farts or too stupid politicians in Germany/Europe. Like "Drehhofer"(today a sayer, tommorrow b doer), who always jumped as a tiger and landed as a bedside rug, with his empty promises coming out of his loud mouth. But it´s all theatre anyway, to fool the people, he just played the role Merkel wanted him to play!

Nevermind, the "christ"-"socials", the parties CDU and CSU want to play the falcons now, the hardliners, they want to become the more right parties again, they were before Merkel. Because the new extreme rightwingers from the AfD steal too much of their voters. The C(allegedly "christian") parties want to become more right again not because it would be good for Germany or the german people maybe, but just because these parasites lose a bit of their power. That is the only time "representatives of the people" start to work, try to change something, for their own profits or to save their won a$$es!

So, we have a political shift to the right, from the "old, established" parties, in addition to the extreme rightwingers of the AfD. Right means always mass surveillance, harder and more rights for the "protectors", less rights and freedom for the people. "Protectors" means police, secret services etc. There are maybe coming some new police-powers law in some of C-parties ruled states, the most absurd and hardest, the most aggainst the german basic laws police-powers laws in bavaria(hand grenades for cops, neverending prison just because of unproven accusations and anti-human stuff like that). But NRW wants to become more GeStaPo and StaSi too, because C-parties rule.

Back to Ellwangen. The police for sure now knows who is interiour minister and how he "ticks". How the cops have to act to maybe get some more of whatever they want. So making an elephant from a mosquito is one of the oldest techniques. And if it even fits into the new political more right agenda, even perfect for them. But if one reads the police reports carefully, there is nothing more than "aggressive and threatening BEHAVIOUR". And a "by hitting with fists damaged police car". The police didn´t want to answer how much damage was done to one of the two cars, monetary. The police spokesman to the TAZ(MSM, formerly known as a bit left): "There was no immense damage. Some dents appeared".
Was geschah in Ellwangen?

And then all these C-parties "christians" started to roam around the MSM and did their work with the help of the only for bad news and evil sensations waiting MSM. They made elephants from mosquitos and blew up farts to thunderstorms. But the MSM were even better, they had to "trump"(xD) even the stories of the german wannabe "Sheriff Apaio´s". I remember horror stories, that the refugees had plans and techniques, that they had a mobile phone alarm system(guess calling somebody in an other house, saying. the cops are here...) that warned all of the 500 inhabitants, that there were weapons and that the refugees attacked and injured the cops.

An example?
CDU-Interiour Politician Armin Schuster: "In our constitutional state exist explicit red lines(redlines...Neusprech anybody? xD) which meanwhile almost daily are crossed by asylum seekers." The "excusing of such excesses would be out of place now". Nobody excuses anything Herr Schuster, but people really should know the whole truth. Especially if it comes out of the mouth of an so called "representative of the people", paid by the people, allegedly working fo the people.

Another one?
Premier of Baden-Württemberg, allegedly green party member Winfried Kretschman(everybody in Germany says that he is a CDU "submarine") thanked the police for what happened the next day, after the cops set the man from Togo free. When the cops raided the LEA Ellwangen with hundreds of masked and heavily armed cops. Like if they would try to arrest an "Osama Bin Laden" or Assad personally. He thanked the police "which reacted with the necessary and hardness". I will come to the overall results of that "showing hardness" show later, that raid that german taxpayers have to pay for.

Then we have that known fraudster(getting tax money for jobs inside the police he never worked for, over years), rightwing hardliner and camera and microphpne addicted zero of an Rainer Wendt(chairman of the small and, not at least because of him, almost useless Deutsche Polizeigewerkschaft. There are other, much bigger police unions with serious people working there), i am pretty sure 85% of the german people "love" that criminal that wants to tell the people how we have to live, according to the law. He said:

"A refugee who attacks a cop, mustn´t be allowed to stay another hour in freedom till he is deported back to his homeland."

Remember ,no cop has been attacked, harmed or injured by refugees in Ellwangen!
To the "injured cops". The dpa(Deutsche Presse Agentur) wrote on thursday morning at 8.24 in the morning, when the raid happened, that three cops were injured. When the TAZ asked the responsible dpa-editor where that info came from, she had to admit that this info didn´t come from the police but from "police circles", whatever that means. Maybe Rainer Wendt? That was state of affairs the public knew, was told by the MSM, when Heimatmuseumsminister Seehofer went in front of the cameras and microphones and started his "more right" attack and announced a "harder pace" against refugees. And Germany believed at that time that whatever evil things happened in Ellwangen, riots and anarchy, caused by refugees. And what did the police spokesman of Aalen tell the TAZ some hours later, around noon, about the injured cops:

That only one cop was "inured". He didn´t want to say what exactly happened, he just said that "this didn´t happen by third parties, not by external influence". So nobody else than a cop himself harmed a cop. Maybe he knocked his head when leaving the car, fell over his own feet or whatever. You have to know that german cops are "injured" and "unable to work for days or weeks" because of Knalltrauma. for example. Means if a firecracker explodes somewhere around a cop, often 20 or 30meters away from the cop is enough to "injure" them. Normally, after New Years Eve, they all must be dead. Or after shooting training, or if a car has a misfire, they must be critically injured...

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 11:58 AM
No cop harmed or physically attacked by refugees! But that is not good for the MSM, we all know that only bad news sell, that only bad news are good news for them, that only bad news generate clicks nowadays, doesnt matter if these bad news are really the truth, nobody needs to check sources anymore, main thing is that it generate clicks, sells. And if the MSM reports fit to 100% into the plans of the rulers which control the MSM anyway to almost 100% in germany, even better for both of them. And because of the right-shift it is even good for all the rightwingers, which have another alleged reason to scream for 1933 again. The 15-20% of the german population that is served by all the rightwingers in the government now, with that right shift.

Let´s go to the "searching for weapons" part. The cops need a reason to act as the stormtroopers, to get the OK for such a raid, with hundreds of masked and heavily armed superheroes. Such a raid would never be allowed if they say what really happened, that somebody hit a dent in of of the police cars, and nothing else happened except that the for cops felt harrassed and were scared sh*tless. If all that wasn´t part of the plan too, the first night and that trying to arrest one person among hundreds, with only four cops.

The police said while the raid happened, that they search for weapons too. Possibly to have an excuse for such a raid. People that believe every official statement, spread via the MSM, or that want to believe because the story fits their opinion think maybe: "For sure they have to send their stormtroopers, heavily armed, hundreds of them, if there are weapons hidden and cops attacked, maybe with those wepaons". Let´s have a look what a police spokesman of the police Aalen said:

He said that he can´t explicitly tell where that "weapons hoarding" accusation came from. He babbled something about "mosaic stones" and made references to "other security services"(he meant the private ones, where the people earn 8,55 or something like that, to just stand there and be there like bouncers in clubs). But then he said(admitted?) that he can´t confirm that the private security service of the LEA heard such statements(about wepaons hoarding) and informed the police about that. It´s just not the truth or better, a lie he told first!

At least there were no weapons found. "No weapons in the technical sense and non-technical sense". What that means? "There were things of the daily use found, which could also be used as striking tools...". Really? That can be everything! While that time the statement of CDU Thomas Strobl(interiour minister Baden-Württemberg) made the round in the MSM: "It stands in the room that future deportations will be prevented by refugees, via the use of armed force." The neoliberal, transatlantic controlled Springer "WELT" wrote istantly:
Refugees wanted to arm themselves

That´s how creating certain atmospheres in the population works, to fullfil the wet dreams of the neocons, the hardliners, the rightwingers, the falcons, the betrayers of the people, the so called "representatives of the people". And for sure the dying MSM is a willful helper, we germans know now that Merkel invited(and invites) henchmen of the MSM in secret meetings, to tell them how they should report about certain things. And we know for a long time that almost 100% of the german media is transatlantic controlled, via the rich publisher families. There is no fourth power called souverain, unbiased journalism anymore. It´s still like John Swinton said in 1883, they are all intellectual prostitutes. They don´t bite the hands which feed them. They have to write, to report what their employers and their masters tell them. Otherwise they can look for another job.

Let´s look at the results of that by tax payers paid raid. It´s easy to burn money others have to work for, for these "representatives of the people", the hardliners, the falcons, the big brothers, the rightwingers. We have one, 1, again ONE arrested person that will be deprted now, the man from Togo. 292 people were controlled, 12 were injured, 11 of them inhabitants of the LEA(we know the story about the one "injured" cop). Because the inhabitants were maybe shocked and afraid, maybe really had something to hide that never was found and jumped out of the windows when the stormtroopers started their raid. They allegedly found "drugs" on five persons(i bet a bit weed), 32 person allegedly used, in parts, enormous civil disorder. Two people are accused to have stolen clothes. Criminal investigations against five people because of "breach of the peace" and because of "provisions on non-nationals' rights".

The other police statements:
POL-AA: Ellwangen: Polizeieinsatz in der Landeserstaufnahmeeinrichtung

POL-AA: Ellwangen: 3. Meldung zum Einsatz in der Landeserstaufnahmeeinrichtung - vorläufige Ergebnismeldung

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 12:25 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter
In the case of Ellwangen.

There have been plenty of 100 vs 100 fights there with weapons like razor blades, cissors, chair-legs, fist-sized stones. There was also a time where every damn night someone thought it would be funny to activate the punch-buttons on the fire-alarm system. Until they shut down the modem to the fire department and brought a private security firm into the building so they would check out if there is a fire or not.
Then he (it was one guy at that time) got stabbed into the arm and crushed two fingers in a door during an ambush at night. I know him, he´s a good guy and now he´s a wreck because of those animals.

I do charity on my own and I help here and there, via church service and the lodge, so I know lot´s of active people over there. I´ve made some calls and I could turn a favor in. The second raid was a team up with the Kriminalpolizei. It´s not about the green stuff, it´s about the "H"-word. It´s flodding in from Crailsheim and Schwäbisch-Hall and that seems to be the connection. That´s all I´m allowed to tell without betraying my promise. You won´t read that anywhere else.

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 12:53 PM

originally posted by: Cygnis
a reply to: Wardaddy454

In 20 years, there very well may not be a Germany as we know it.

Kind'a sad, but I guess that is how things go.

Kinda sad? Considering the Holocaust, I call it kinda Karma!

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 01:06 PM
a reply to: TonyS

Oh look, here we have someone who believes in kin liability! How refreshing!

Why don´t you tell us where you´re from? So we can rub your ancestors faults under your nose, too, and call it karma when something bad happens to you.
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posted on May, 4 2018 @ 02:02 PM

originally posted by: verschickter
a reply to: DerBeobachter
In the case of Ellwangen.

There have been plenty of 100 vs 100 fights there with weapons like razor blades, cissors, chair-legs, fist-sized stones.

That makes it even more look like they wanted something to happen, so that they have a reason to play police state, hardliners the other day. If they know that, why do they send only 4 cops in the middle of the night to arrest one person among 500 of them?
For the security of the cops???

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 02:53 PM

originally posted by: TonyS

originally posted by: Cygnis
a reply to: Wardaddy454

In 20 years, there very well may not be a Germany as we know it.

Kind'a sad, but I guess that is how things go.

Kinda sad? Considering the Holocaust, I call it kinda Karma!

Leave the past where it is, in the past. Every culture, color, people have an unsavory past.

It is exceedingly naive to blame descendants for sins of the past.

The only thing the past should serve is a lesson and reminder of things not to do, things to learn from and NOT repeat.

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 03:09 PM
a reply to: DerBeobachter


a reply to: verschickter


a reply to: Hecate666

Thank you for the enlightening information. I do appreciate the time and passion you two are communicating to the rest of us on this matter.

I've always wondered about the info coming out of Germany and the rest of the Eurozone via the MSM. It has always seemed kind of skewed. It reminds me much of what I am sure you see coming from our American media.

Complete garbage.

I don't necessarily agree that if this happened in the states it would end up a bloody massacre, but I suppose my viewpoint might be minorly altruistic that cooler heads would prevail. People are passionate, all be it, a little naive on some things and their privilege here as well.

Yes, the media has lost all integrity. A few years ago you could read the same article from multiple places and it would be worded differently on each site so you could glean a little better understanding, but that has changed and it is almost like a copy and paste job now.

Interesting that they call people who don't like immigrants 'neo-nazis', here we are called 'racists' or 'nazis'.

Thanks for your input, those of you from Germany, it is always handy to have input from locals on things like this, as every region is different.

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 06:02 PM
I just heard that the owner of a small nearby store very close to the LEA hung himself some days ago. Apparently after all the stealing and then locals staying away from the shop one after another slowly ran him into ruin and depression. Poor guy, poor relatives. He was a hard working men, I saw him sometimes doing staples personally. Always friendly.

You can´t even blame the locals. I´ll relay some occurings, maybe some of you think I´m racist then but I´m just telling what happend and my impression on those low lifes. Yes I wrote low lifes.

I´ve been there often on my way home. Some have no clue what the value of our money is, they buy 3 frozen chickens and stuff and throw a couple of cents onto the counter and try to walk away. Then after much back and forth they either leave without the goods or handout the propper amount of money. Often they make a scene and If you see a couple of those in front of you, you can slowly watch your frozen goods taw away. Some think it´s a basar and try to negotiate the price.

Those are mostly north africans being obnoxious, loud and uncivilized. They also harass the cashier women or others nearby to talk those into marry them. No wonder everyone is staying away. One saturday morning I was on a warmup drive and stopped there to get a pretzel and a coffee. You could not enjoy a second of it because of them hanging around, drinking alcohol and being just plain rude in terms of behavior. Screaming and jumping around like apes.

When I got back to my car there was a whole trove standing around it. Some at the back touching and testing (actually trying to bend) the rear spoiler, others were kneeling before the front tires fumbeling around between the tire and the chassis or looking inside with hands on the windows. Another one tried to open the pins on the hood but was too dumb to realize how the mechanism works.

I had 200 pulse and bloodpresure like a hydraulic pump I swear! Activated the anti-theft from far away and they spread like cockroaches, jumping away like apes and cowering behind other cars peeking around. While I write this, ape scenes from 2001: A space odyssey run in my kopfkino.

I could barelly get in and ignite the engine when I saw them coming back in the side and rear mirrors. Try manouvering out with no servo steering, 245s on the front wheels, a ceramic clutch and 272 cams. Of course I´m going to give little pushes on the gas while I try to find the gripping point to not stall the engine.

That somehow made them angry and they didn´t move away or just so ever slightly. Knocking on the rear spoiler. I felt like the situation may get out of hand any second and when I saw someone in the right rear mirror bending forwards as if he want´s to open the door (right hand drive) I just floored it and took off.

I saw some angry faces drowning in white smoke before I had to take my eyes to the front because of the corner that leads out of the parking lot. The skid marks are still visible. That was also the last time I went there. One reason being embarassed for making that burnout (but they don´t know the circumstances) and the other because I actually need my stuff frozen when I arrive at home.

It´s just everytime I visit Ellwangen, there´s something negative either happening directly to me or I see it done to others. Also small things like sitting on your stairs and won´t even move an inch while leaving leftover food everywhere...

I don´t hate them, they just disgust me, especially after that ape scene, most of them (north africans) are plain animals with how they behave. Most syrian men I came in contact with however are 180° different. Similar to turkish pride, most are civilized, friendly and thankful and even will do some low-level jobs in the refugee-center like empty trash bins or plowing snow by hand, just for the sake of doing something, if you let them.

"drops mic"

posted on May, 4 2018 @ 11:09 PM
a reply to: verschickter

That reply would get you branded as a racist here in the states, even if your family line showed up after the abolition of slavery. Most of my family is Scottish, Irish, Polish, and Iberian (not sure which country on that one), came here after slavery ended, especially in the case of the Polish ones (WW2 era). Yet for some reason I'm responsible for the actions of those that came before me...on a continent my ancestors didn't even live on until after the fact. Absolutely learn from the past actions, but leave them where they belong, in the past.

posted on May, 5 2018 @ 02:45 AM
a reply to: verschickter

Quite the harrowing experience, Vershickter, I don't envy you there.

Such behavior, I believe, does happen here as well in the States. There are some places I have heard about, despite what others will say, where such things do happen.

I don't believe name calling, or labeling is appropriate here. This is one of those cases where they knew what they were doing as did you, and you got away before it could be an issue.

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