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Global Degenerative Disease

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posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 08:27 AM
We Will have our opinion, don't deny us. We're entitled!
Together we stand, Facebook badges, going viral.
Public grief, laying wreaths.
Emojis weep. Light a candle
Storm the hospital, phones recording,
the latest tragedy, newest scandal

I know the facts, they came up on my timeline.
In the 21st century, you don't have to be Einstein.
Search engines are optimized,
Simply Google the cure.
No science degree needed to be a provocateur

Human interests conflict
Judicial findings, medical ethics.
Human rights!.... Don't stop the fight !
Social media whores....
they are all parasites

Profile pic with a filter,
Christ... the whole world's out of kilter.
Start a Crowdfund, Just Giving, legal fees for the Xians
Who are suing the doctors, they believe to be killers
Pro Life nest of vipers, offended?
Pulled triggers?

How about those anti – vaxxers.....any hidden agendas?
Homeopathy, miracle cures...just whatever the trend is.
Or those Brexiteers,
European sightseers.
Free movement if it suits them
Just don't allow those refugees in !

All aboard, let's pontificate, feed our need...
just to validate
Retweet, Like and Share
Solidifies... how much we care.
Best of all,
We do it all, from our comfy armchair

Join the crusade !
Gulp down all the Koolaid.
Come, be part of the hive,
Makes you know your alive

Your moral high ground, your false sense
of superiority
With your limited knowledge, makes
You scream mediocrity.
It is not your decision, thank the gods for that
When what you do best, is play tit for tat

Thoughts and prayers....Palliative care
Every parent's worst nightmare
A family exploited
A media buzz, that won't be thwarted.

One poor little soul, who knows how he suffers?
Or the pain he endures, through the frenzy that smothers
This one tiny life
leading the 6 o'clock news.
But hey !.... you all carry on.....
what do you stand to lose ?

posted on Apr, 26 2018 @ 09:49 AM
If we snooze, we risk to lose our ability to express our views, and maybe that armchair.
Totalitarian nightmare enveloping this planet like thick fog, before you know it you won't be able to think, # or talk without the authorities recording your every thought in an attempt to resolve future thawed attempts at freedom, i mean criminal life style you shouldn't pursue. Don't worry, big brother's got you.

By the balls, and he won't let go at all! Pushing propaganda down your throat, most accepting it willingly, not even seeing it.
And for those of us who do see it, awaits an indefinite sentence, in prison, or at least thats the conspiracy theory those crazy nutjobs on ats engineered, totally made up out of fear of authority and misunderstanding of brother lenin's intentions!

Communism is the true cataclysm in societies' development towards an equal opportunity prison, i mean paradise for everyone to share their wisdom on twitter while getting a cavity seach in the public #ter.


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