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Propaganda in America and World

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posted on Apr, 13 2018 @ 03:01 AM
Any lawyer got balls. I got a lawsuit
April 13th 2018
Propaganda. The past and the future

Shame people just do not understand it yet . I guess The Pilot did not choose the right person for the job because apparently I am failing here in America . Since January 15th 2017 I have been engaged in The Pilots Project . .
The Pilots Project
An educational project designed to eliminate Propaganda from every nation on this planet . This comes at a critical time in this civilizations history. A Time where science and knowledge makes such a project possible .Done before this period in time mankind incapable of understanding . As it is progress internationally is better than in America . Yet the Democratic Party refuses to co operate and so civilian lives are to continue to suffer and at times sacrificed even murdered as the Democratic Party embraces propaganda and will do anything to slam the conservative republicans with propaganda keys.
The Pilots Project requires precise timing to succeed . I went to visit the Pilot 7 times in 1972 . Never told anyone before about The Pilot for various reasons . I guess there are 3 major events others would find hard to believe that happened in my life . The first two happened in my childhood . So did the 3rd meeting the Pilot 7 times my secret though never talked about The Pilot . Apparently enough believed in those 2 other events that my entire life was altered and hostile surveillance teams were the result . Since childhood there were 2 George Orwellian Machines later as an adult Democratic Party and President Jimmy Carter decided to become the 3rd hostile George Orwellian Machine . I guess in 2016 when I had 9 months or possibly 3 to 4 months of memory drops ending in 2016 the month of September . Time was distorted unsure how many months transpired in 2016 . That year tore me apart many times and rewrote my entire understanding of my entire life . Finally I understood all 3 hostile George Orwellian Machines the 3 hostile surveillance teams. Knew how they came about and who was behind them . A few months later I would discover that I had an active hot feed back loop with one of the George Orwellian Machines. Also for the first time in my life A George Orwellian Machine had turned friendly . I also had a tool I requested decades ago while under assault from the various teams . Wonder if the original teams and players were told that for decades 3 hostile surveillance teams hounded me destroying my mind ruining my chance at a normal life . All those years they followed the lead of a Pathological liar , child abuser , and a murderer . They followed the lead and advice of my primary abuser who destroyed me and quite a few others . How does it feel to know you chased what was in fact a normal person due to 2 primary events of my life that I was the only living survivor of . That you choose to follow me for decades and then in secret degrade , harass. send assault teams , and attempt to destroy my mind . Due to some twisted logic and fear of what the 2 primary events implied. . As the only survivor of the two primary events did anyone ever think to possibly just straight up talk to me. Of course not instead you listened to. Pathological liar who was a murderer and a child molester . The democrats the 3rd hostile George Orwellian Machine no wonder they will not listen to me . They think or have been told this is a revenge hunt . If it was I would be soaked in blood and have more answers . This is not a revenge hunt its merely me doing a favor for a friend The Pilot . Its not my theories they are his . Its really a planetary repair kit designed for this moment in time . .
I can not believe that there are zero democrats that have a brain. If there is a 5% chance that what I say is true. . Maybe by now you would have vetted one of my theories. On this place where attribution science replaced the scientific method and opposing ideologies would rather destroy each other than do their jobs . Their jobs you may ask . Provide the best life they can for their citizens without getting drunk on the elixir of power . The only thing the democrats are good at is dispensing propaganda keys , Propaganda assault teams , smear campaigns , and the occasional wet work .
Propaganda needs to stop here in America .
Democratic Party needs to admit what is happening
Male no mistake this can be War .
It already has been since 1979 and blood has been spilled .
The conservative republicans never got the memo so even though bodies fell they didn't know they were at war .
They finally got the memo .
Typically The Project is hopefully an educational package with a repair kit . .

Rules were broken
They rolled the dice hard .

Poorly defined
The way things are with time running out maybe I will switch objectives.
Currently I am under stress . Assaults continue to come .
Democratic leaders continue to ignore me. My best step will be to sue them for illegal surveillance they should ask
JC for his take . If no reply what cost does a man's life , a child's life equate to .
Maybe a revenge hunt is required after all . I assure you I could do more than you fear merely by launching the proper concept packages . You would have no clue and the impacts would be far deeper than the people behind this mess would ever expect . I think I can do that last time I looked i could not figure out how to do that . Things have changed again now I can see the design of the concept packages required for that type of thing .
It would most likely be Justice .
I spent nearly a year recently trying to understand what Justice was and what was necessary. What I should just walk away from whether or not to proceed with the project . Some things I will never resolve . One way or another I will not let these events disappear and Democratic Party pretend nothing happened .
For that you would need to kill me.


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