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Revisiting Years Passed

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posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 07:42 PM
For the last 6 years Ive had a lot of dreams, as is expected.

What Ive noticed is a common theme in many of the dreams.

I keep dreaming about things relevant to 2012 and my experiences/circumstances that year.

For example, I have owned 4 cars. in 2012, i drove my truck for the first part of the year, sold it, and bought a small car in April 2012 or so.

Since then Ive owned 2 other cars, yet i have had handfuls of dreams where Im driving that small car, maybe 3 dreams where im driving my truck (which is always funny because Im wondering why I have my truck again and think i stole it lol).

I never have any dreams about driving my two more recent cars.

Further...i regularly dream about the girl i dated during that year. I dated a chick before her, and dated two after, yet all of my dreams are about her. Ive only dreamt about my most recent (ex) girlfriend once or twice.

There are other things that make me raise an eyebrow, its like im stuck in 2012. Go figure that year was absolutely hellish for me. It was like I was dealing with some evil force or being. To make matters worse, when I met this ex gf of mine in 2011, we started dating and early on i found out that she sleep walks and has night terrors.

She told me that the same "demons" always haunted her dreams. In fact, there were a number of bizarre things about that. One time I woke up to see her doing this pulling motion with her fingers in the center of my forehead, but her eyes were closed, she was asleep.

I would regularly wake up at night and within 30 seconds she'd start sleep walking. It always happened.

She once told me she had a dream early on in the relationship in 2011.. She said she saw me in a forest. I was glowing but looked dazed. I was surrounded by all of her 'demons' and they were all laughing. She claimed that there were two new demons too, including a spikey haired one.

Suddenly they all pulled me into the ground. "Hell" i presume. Two years prior i had actually had a bunch of horrifying experiences in the forested area nearby.

Hell is sure what it felt like in the coming months/year

We eventually moved to a small city north of where we were...the new house was deep in the forest, complete with a creepy ass Owl doot knocker.

Well, ive told this story before...but long story short one night in October 2012 we encountered something that was in our backyard. It gave me the most intense feeling of dread it was deabilitating. It also made our two cats throw up a bunch and paralyzed them.

Whatever it was im pretty sure was not human. It spoke in a very gutteral, airy voice and i didnt recognize the language.

We moved out the next day and that next night our neighbors house burned to the ground.

As an aside, i find coincidences everywhere. In the song "Warning" by Incubus, the music video is set in the year 2012 and at the beginning, the girl in the video keeps saying "10 -24" which is #ed up because im about 99% sure that 10/24/2012 was the night we encountered this monster.

I was with her on December 21, 2012. That morning i had a dream about being in a trainstation where i saw an elderly version of myself walk by. After i saw 3 clocks aligned vertically all at 6:00.

Since then I have lived elsewhere, but i have still felt, at times, what you could call a "dark presence."

I shared this because i had another dream last night with her in it. Strangely enough, I was at my old friends house in the dream. He passed away in 2007 which was kind of the beginning of my descent into the rabbit hole.

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posted on Apr, 12 2018 @ 11:34 PM
Interesting read. This being you encountered did you see it? Could you describe it I am very curious also what religion was your ex if she had one at all that is.Do you think these beings could be something other than demons?

I’ve had many dreams of meeting strange beings at a giant table in a massive room big enough to have a horizon, I can never remember their faces or even what they looked like. It’s like a strange board room meeting.
a reply to: CreationBro

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posted on Apr, 13 2018 @ 08:27 AM
a reply to: Athetos

She was a sweet gal, drop dead sexy too.

She was mixed up.

Deep down just a sweet gal, but she had a pain filled past. She got into dark #.

She would sometimes talk about dark stuff, even joke about being the devil and stuff.

I wonder what shes like these days. I hope shes okay.

posted on Apr, 13 2018 @ 10:26 AM
a reply to: CreationBro

The 10 24 struck me. I had one of my clocks keep stopping at that time. The other times were 3:30, 12:05, and most recently 3:58.

Lol @ the creepy ass owl door knockers

posted on Apr, 13 2018 @ 04:48 PM
Well that’s good I hope your doing well these days.
Stay positive brother.
a reply to: CreationBro

posted on Apr, 14 2018 @ 03:38 PM
a reply to: Athetos

Thanks man. You too, all the best.

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