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Socializing in Symmetry

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posted on Mar, 26 2018 @ 11:55 PM
Every qualitative state is a function of a quantitative change.

Your body has a certain number of cells, around 50-100 trillion. Your brain has around 86 billion neurons, which produces a singular mind and being.

This body appears to be held together from the bottom to the top by a formal complementarity beginning at the quark level, and moving 'up the ladder' of coherence towards atoms, molecules, cells, etc.

You can count these progressions, and there seems to be a general theme of evolution and 'involution'. Evolution starts with the big bang, the formation of galaxies, solar systems, and planets.

Our story begins on Earth. The planet was formed 4.5 billion years ago, and life emerged 500 million years later somewhere in the deep seas.

Life - semiosis - occurs in the vacuole, but is there something similar - a 'smoothing out' at the planetary level? Similar globes - similar dynamics?

Semiosis - or life - progresses, extending and transitioning into a more convoluted form as time goes forward.

The first creature like us, the tetrapod, emerges from the oceans 400 million years ago. 100 million years later, the reptile evolves, and with it, the predatory way of being, now on land.

Semiosis embodied in ecological situations. The horizontal world - the world we live - forming and generating vertical worlds - "spiritual worlds". Ways of being - grounded in perception-action cycles, but strung together by a living breathing 'context': a world of interactions happening within natures bosom - the meanings of nature: the preying, the fleeing, the fighting, the long search for safety - for reproduction, for growth, for extension. Towards what?

The world of the scientist is a world animated by a benevolent spirit of inquiry. Yet, astonishingly, there are very different ways of knowing the world.

It needn't be an 'it' - something you can cognitively grasp and hold with your delicate cognition. The "middle", or essence, might be fundamentally synchronic - fundamentally sonorous, musical even. Nature may be one beautiful dance, and the mind is man, at times, may partake of natures dance by virtue of a profound alteration of consciousness - a higher and deeply meaningful semiosis, within the mind of the actor, which may as well be regarded as the 'universal consciousness' animating and being through the body of a human being, now "clicked in", entrained to a higher lawfulness.

The magus, or magician, the medicine man, the rainmaker, the shaman. Does it require a specific name? Before the Hebrew notion of God, before the Phoenician alphabet, and before the cuneiform of the sumerians, or hieroglyphics of the Egyptian - what is there? There is a possibility for a profound alteration of being and consciousness, but most astonishingly, this transformation entails a deeper, subtler, softer, extension and "etherisation of consciousness" into a form that is not simply human; it is, in short, a profound understanding and relation between one part of natures being - and another part, experienced and known as a reflection of a deeper cosmic beauty.

Affects such as awe are the ground of all meanings. The values we enact are composed by self-states, which in turn form around more basic functional action tendencies. Like a Russian doll, the 'singularities' which make us up are derived from the iteration of an ecological semiosis - emergence, forming and weaving a consciousness - now so evolved and so transcendental, that it can almost appear to be separate and 'different' from nature. The personality - what we call "identities", are trading cards between human beings: a common mind, a common identity, a singularity, the "human family", can see that these states are fundamentally based in adaptations to threat and the cultivation of an identity - a positive structure - which values life and being in ways that sometimes deeply contradicts the motions of reality.

I am reading Peter Kingsley's Ancient Philosophy, Mystery and Magic: Empedocles and Pythagorean Tradition, and I learning that Empedocles believed himself able to "go to Hades and fetch the life force of a man". It's a deeply disturbing idea - induced an anxiety attack in me. Why was I reacting this way, I asked myself? Again - the logic of semiosis whispered "its because it assumes a profound existential relation to the world around you". However one thinks about this idea, the more one "grasps" this idea in mind, the more this idea sucks the vital energy of the body up and away from the midline areas of the brain, towards the 'astral realm', or the disembodied dorsolateral cortex, where energy has moved to the sides of the brain, and with it, ones consciousness has become 'expansive', as if you are "holding reality" in your hands.

It's hard to know what is happening here, but what is indisputable is that the geometry of symmetry is relevant in the way events in the brain 'unfold', and the way brain dynamics grow to become ideas in consciousness, which constitute 'singularity'' - knots or nodes in a very vast web - which carry with them certain dynamic potentials.

There are many, seemingly countless inputs to our bodies semiosis - most of which is environmental chemical, the foods we eat, and the social meanings we experience in our living.

Many different things affect internal functioning. At our wildest - or at our worst - an addiction to a drug can dysregulate brain functioning and so, symmetry dynamics between self and world will become skewed. Perception now becomes morbid, and reality can feel deeply 'wrong'.

It's hard to know what the purpose of existence is - or if such a question is purposeless, and something that is only asked when the body is 'off'. I like to think that our relationship to reality should be rooted in a sense in the goodness of things. Connection with others - with other humans - is the most soothing process of all, and so, I imagine, the meaning of things is to connect, and to recognize we don't need to be afraid of one another.

The reflexive mind, the 'basal ganglia', are powerful organizers of self-experience, and being structured in the brainstem ventral tegmental area, and the nucleus accumbens, all of self-experience - the desire circuits - are organized from here.

Wisdom is recognizing that you have to put yourself back together, because symmetry is the 'way' of the cosmos.

When your brain is better ordered, ideas don't hurt, but do the opposite: they enliven. Objectivity helps us - orders us - by reminding us that reality isn't broken, it is the human social consciousness: it constructs minds that hate meaning, disconnect from it because 'feeling' profound meaning casts a negative light on our own ways of making meaning. It hurts.

We're far away. We mustn't think too abstractly, and too disconnectedly, from our actual world, because the human past has kept us perpetually wounded. I talk about symmetry, but my mind and other minds are too wounded to bark at one another about it. The concepts are too high: first, our brains and bodies need to live it before any ideas can be reflected upon without sickness.

Love is that ultimate symmetry. It helps anyone without condition - especially when we understand that no one can be truly blamed for their behavior - given how much energy contributes to capacities.

posted on Mar, 27 2018 @ 04:29 AM
So would you conclude that love is energy?

The G of the Freemasonry logo.. geometry is a big part of existence.. but I think it is this love energy that fuels the geometry..


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