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Dream trading.

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posted on Mar, 19 2018 @ 01:28 AM
Over the past 2 weeks I have been doing something strange.

Trading dreams.

I have become such a vivid dreamer that flying, talking, moving, and interacting with my dreams have become boring. I have had a lot of strange occurences happen throughout my dreams that I have posted about on here, and have written down in dream journals. One dream showed bombs dropping while some others are very far fetched.

But trading dreams? I began to say one last thing before I fall asleep every night and it is a very simple thing to remember. I said out loud in my own language "I would like to trade dreams tonight."

On my first night asking to trade dreams I had the most wild and far fetched dream I have ever had. To the point where it was border line scary.

Every night now I keep requesting to trade dreams. And every time I ask to trade dreams a new scenario plays out in my mind.

So I want to ask everyone I can on ats that is a Lucid dreamer to try this out for a week and post on here if you did in fact have a wild dream.

Some of the dreams I've had were being fired from my job, working at a dough factory, old people in wheel chairs suddenly becoming very active almost child like running around like some type of Dr sues character. One where I was driving a semi truck, one where my motorcycle was stolen, and one where someone wouldn't leave me the f alone. I have had some weird dreams before but asking to trade dreams? I don't know if this causes some difference chemical reactions in the brain, or if we do in fact have some type of connection to other people.

So since I have been doing this for 2 weeks, I would like to get more people interested in trading dreams.

Also side note.... I am now using a white noise generator to help keep me in a deep dream sleep. You might want to have one running yourself.

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posted on Mar, 19 2018 @ 03:57 AM

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posted on Mar, 19 2018 @ 04:51 AM
No thanks. Years of my ex stomping around in my dreams was quite enough. She wasn't happy to stop there- she did it to 3 other people, too.

posted on Mar, 20 2018 @ 02:27 AM
a reply to: wylekat

I am just asking to see if anyone else who practices lucid dreaming has an experience like the ne I had just last night:

At first I was on a field trip from a school. Apparently we were donating a bunch of toys at some type of get together. These toys actually looked quite expensive since they were all gigantic heaps of plastic molded together. I looked closer at one of them that appeared to be like a cave for small children complete with geodes.

Anyway I headed back to the bus, but we had to take several busses to get back home. I arrived at what looked like another school, but I was heavily mistaken because it was nothing other than a transfer station. When I walked around trying to find the right bus to take me back to the cross streets of where I live I heard the train driver, yes a train, say 30th and (inaudible) as it drove away. I turned around and absolutely everything vanished. But just above me I saw what looked like the wheels at the end of a chair lift suddenly twisting on a rope suspended above me into the ground.

At this point a sort of carnival appeared before me. I was joined by some familiar people and I noticed that a wooden roller coaster suddenly laid before me into the cement. We walked across all of the tracks to what appeared to be an arcade of sorts. But my friend brought along her cat. And for some reason it had a wound. My friend had to keep cleaning it with a cloth that reeked of alcohol. Every time this cat would lick its wound and get scared when ever it saw the cloth. So I had the idea to wrap it up in a blanket. And as I did I could feel its claws poking through the fabric. Each time she swabbed it with alcohol the cat would cry and hiss.

After this I drove off in my motorcycle and eventually the paved road began to turn into the wooden roller coaster. And it was unfinished before me so I stopped between the wooden supports and got lucky. I looked over the railing at the floor and it appeared to be a bunch of garbage barges in the middle of a sea of water.

This is the types of dreams I have been having. I can remember this one because it stood out. It is one of the most outstanding dreams I have had in a while. And engaging with the dream made it feel all the more real.

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posted on Mar, 20 2018 @ 06:40 AM
a reply to: GiulXainx

I had a truly odd one when I went camping last year:

It was cold and wet the whole weekend. At one point, I was getting cold while I was asleep. Being in a tent, even with adequate bedding, didn't seem to be helping. I suddenly switched to a dream where I was holding this kitten, who warmed me right up.

When I woke up, the tent was *freezing*, but the spot I was in was unbelievably warm. Which, I didn't move from until I had to hit the bathroom. I found that just very odd. The tent is your basic dome thing, Had a tarp over it, because I didn't trust (and rightly so) the 'waterproofing'. My electronics consisted of my phone, and a backup battery, wrapped in plastic bags.

posted on Nov, 24 2018 @ 11:23 PM
a reply to: wylekat

I traded a dream the other night and something strange happened in the dream.

I started off by driving around someone who was my father. But in the perspective of the person who I traded with. This individual sounded nothing like my dad but the feeling of father and son was there. We had been driving for some time in the winter. Reminded me of driving around a rural area I had been to once. But after passing by some houses we finally came to a stop. We both got out and looked around what seemed like the end of a coldesac. I walked over to the opening in a chain link f3nce and I could feel my feet dragging through the snow. Eventually I turned around after trying to focus on the street I walked to. I got back inside of my car and suddenly I was a cab driver... and that person who was with me before told me where he wanted to go. I figured that he was headed in the desired direction I had to go anyway. I drove for like 20 minutes it felt like. Taking turns into a housing area. I took several turns and even came behind a bus station with some abandoned busses looking like the snow had frosted them for months.

Finally we arrived and I stopped my car before a t junction. We both got out and walked inside of some sort of school. But it was on the second story of a stone building that looked more like a European condo unit. About 2 stories high with steps that led up and to the door.

When I got inside the classroom was red. Well at least the carpet and chairs were red. I saw several tables inside that were all a bright sand brown color. The chalk board was green instead of black, and the tables were all set up in a circle. Someone was speaking like a teacher, but for what ever reason we were actually joining up here to head over to someone's house. I went back to my car and the passenger I had before told me he was going elsewhere. I drove to a house about 4 blocks away. Drove past about 4 houses to a single story unit. Windows for the master bedroom to the left. Garage attached to the house on the right. The front door sat in between these with a rather standard looking roof. Blue tone to the color of the house. It was beginning to snow.

I walked up to the door and the lady before who spoke in the classroom said it was her families home. But when I opened up the door everyone looked like a 2d cutout of themselves. I asked if anyone in here was Ok but just like a video game these 2d cutouts suddenly became 3d. But we're inanimate.

I walked past a few of them and suddenly a strikingly scary draft of silence filled the room. Like I was setting up a trap for myself and it was just about to spring. Everyone inside had their backs to me, or looked like one of those family photos. All of them with an incredibly deadly plastic smile on their faces. I looked at a few of them but they seemed to be locking their eyes right onto mine.

That is when I suddenly decided to exit the front door. Behind me all I could hear was "you will never outrun me!" I ran outside and jumped really high over the grass in the front yard. I jumped so high that I could actually float down. So I went to the right and I jumped again. Only this time I needed to see where everyone was. As I jumped the third time I did so in a twisting motion. The snow made it hard for my eyes to focus on anything fast enough. So as I made it past 4 houses I turned left. Trying to break the line of sight of me. Then I turned left again. This housing place was weird because after turning left there was only 1 house whose walls of their backyard that I ran around. Making somewhat of a u turn around the house. Then after one house on the right I turned right. I kept jumping because I could travel faster. Each time I jumped I had to see how far I had gotten from these pursuers. Eventually I turned right after that first house and decided to jump high enough to land on the roof of the first house I could get to. But the funny thing is... this house had no back yard. No walls either. It just lead to the street I had just jumped away from so everyone could see where I was. And just like a zombie rush they came running to any opening of the house to get to me. It was intense!

The dream ended there because the houses next to me were 3 stories high.

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