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Sowing the seeds of doubt

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posted on Mar, 10 2018 @ 01:24 AM

Sowing the seeds of doubt
that's what it's all about
I know it hard to stop you
but to divert you
is my speciality
a little nudge, a little trip
in the wrong direction
and suddenly
your all mine
maybe not forever
but certainly, we will be playing
together, for some time.
Of course, dont forget
the advantage is always mine.
Until you learn to question everything
I'll be invisible
playing games in your mind.
Please believe me
haha that one works wonders
so many times.
Don't get me wrong
Although I'm a bad loser
if you earn it.
I'll let you fly
just between you and me
cause you"ve earnt it
Ill wish you well
Cause even I
God blessed me
with a shadow side.

Eliberocelta @ el Torcal 03/2018

posted on Mar, 10 2018 @ 02:28 AM
a reply to: ancientthunder

I prefer seed's of love

posted on Mar, 10 2018 @ 02:37 AM
This was a gift of love for those whith eyes to see.a reply to: TheConstruKctionofLight

posted on Mar, 10 2018 @ 02:39 AM
a reply to: ancientthunder

You are of course right, everytime I doubt Love keeps me going

posted on Mar, 10 2018 @ 04:07 AM
a reply to: ancientthunder

S&F for you, liked the writings..

posted on Mar, 10 2018 @ 03:59 PM
yeah we would all be dead by now if it wasnt for love, how would we even get up each day?
How little we value what truly matters.

posted on Mar, 10 2018 @ 04:25 PM
a reply to: ancientthunder

Love is the law, love under will.

posted on Mar, 17 2018 @ 03:21 PM
Seeds of doubt such a thing comes with the kamma of volition sowing doubt in oneself is to question the known against the unknown however pouring the cup to empty is a loftier goal for the "self" knowledge only lifts one so far as if on the wings of the deva.

Of course thinking one knows something is to grap and the concept once grasped will turn full circle; think one knows by definition? That is simply rote understanding as one is crushed under the weight of that conceptual burden, how many how many? Fullness in the form of emptiness the void is filled and emptied at the same rate.

Inner and outter wellsprings no different then what is coming and going? Breath is best saved for the inner fire unless one cares to warm a heart. Words poured forth like water only tend to drown both.

Sowing seeds of doubt in other is a treacherious job for a teacher but only displeasing to the foolish ignorant; that cannot accept a lesson.

The eye is a cup make it both empty and full and it remains clear, the same with the ear it arises and passes as the flow of life itself; so filling a mouth with baited breath a fish swims on it's own current. The source is of no matter except in those that mind.

When all is mind, make use of matter. When all matters what was the bearing or volition in mind? Once again the all. Self and other as regard to the elements are no different. Water taken into the furnice of self with the other elements gives rise to a body how that body merges conglomerates and forms is often discriminated.

Subject losing object is called focus, onject losing subject is simply being. Neither here nor there is a silly concept of distance due to the link of contact.

All things connected whether supporting self or other; leaves no doubt when seen, heard, tasted, touched and smelled without such discrimination. The link of ignorance that could place a doubt breaks the senses become unhinged due to being empty and all formation breaks apart that could lead to contact with yet more birth/lives and becoming in those various states.

The old man and the burden is death and a corpse dragging past about the blind old woman is simply the next round until spun yet again.

There is world and when world is no different then how can the meaured be infinite as the immeasurable?

No bottom to a cup; there is just wellness and if the bucket drops such is the nature of thirst.

Slow fast and middling many only take into account the world across the vast reach of thought; already having arrived the dream rolls in the middle having created the dream the illusion falls into place.

Each moment recieving and decieving each other, is a game silly enough to poke with a stick.

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