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new rule? why have a person give up two thirds of their script?

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posted on Mar, 7 2018 @ 03:54 AM

originally posted by: MikeA
Do you know what happened when States started making pot legal, Mexican cartel's said thank you and increased the flow of pot to those States because they have entire fields once used for food crops growing pot instead. What happened when we decided to put cold medicine behind the counter because it was being used to make meth, the Mexican cartel's said thank you and increased the amount of meth they sent in because in Mexico you can buy the stuff needed to make meth in 50 gallon drums. You know what happened when we started making it more difficult to get things like oxycontin, yep you guessed it, thank you. The only people you're helping with this crap is the Mexican drug cartel's.

Oh right, only Mexicans can make drugs.

They do Everything wrong and also. Contributed to you not going RV’ing, as did I and my nephew, and likely my dad

posted on Mar, 7 2018 @ 06:38 AM
a reply to: MikeA

You know nothing about me!
Stop trying to blame me.
Who says I take pills to get high either?

How dare you say I don’t need pills?
You don’t know what my condition is.
How about YOU know nothing about not moving?
All day long I “can’t move” , to use your words. I’m paralyzed in a wheelchair, I can’t walk, can’t move one arm either. I’m severely brain damaged. I won’t ever recover. It’s not much fun, but whatever, such is life.

I can’t sleep comfortable either. I suffer every dam night. I use Ativan to help me sleep, they are part muscle relaxers and it stops my leg and arm from cramping and ceasing up, to some degree. I’ve heard some doctors prescribe other muscle relaxers to help manage pain. The teasing up causes more pain.

I never said I’m stockpiling serious pain or narcotic meds. I’m on nerve pills. Actually I use them for fluctuating body temperature now as well. Big difference. By stockpile, I meant I’m trying to put a few aside. It’s not a big drum of them. I just want some assorted pills (including Tylenol’s, if you care to read) in my wheelchair bag, should I be evacuated and not have any on me. This way they go with me. I still end up using them. I just put some back in there when I get more. It’s a sensible thing to do. Others in my region are trying to put them in their emergency kits this same way. . I said it would be nice to have the suggested two weeks worth, but I certainly can’t get that many. My dad gave me some he no longer needed last year when I ran out and wasn’t able to get out to get some, not illegal, not narcotics.

Anyways I don’t need to justify my needs to you. Nor should I have to be divulging my condition in a public forum. I don’t like seeking sympathy, but you struck a real nerve lashing out at me, going on about how your life is ruined. You’re not the only one. There are many others.

If not going RV’ing is your biggest problem, you are very lucky, I don’t get to go anywhere. Will never travel either. No point crying about it,
Your retirement plans are the least of your problems, not that important. Get over it.

There are other people far worse off than you or I.

Being angry is not the solution. If you want to improve, you’d do well to learn to accept your new life, even though it sucks. It’s not that hard once you face acceptance. I’ve seen all kinds of different forms of suffering when I was first in hospital with this. Young men about 20 years old, had their entire lives ahead of them, it’s taken in an instant. Yes this all happens in an instant. Yet they weren’t angry. One man who I’m quite sure knows a lot about pain was a burn victim. Not much was left of him. He was the happiest, nicest fellow of the bunch. People like that inspire me.

Or you need to get some therapy to treat this anger you lash out at those who did nothing to you directly.

I wish you well and hope you can achieve better acceptance.

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