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Rhyme Time

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posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 01:47 PM
Contributin' to this massacre of edens apple, words, now you massholes can say you know you heard it from her'. Straight Satans Pride curb stompin' that herb. Wait, the pearly gates ain't ther'... when we..

Got subliminal minds doin' minimal time cause' their ambition lies in simple disguises. These guys are disgustin' I despise em'... Paintin' signs & signals sayin lol stayin' in the game through every one of our single comments we nausiously vomit on their comical profits until we actureally puke, wow. Quick, rebuke what you said fore' they turn you to beef stew in your head, less' they get more fed up with it than the undead has meals. Like peew, We smelt em Kurmitton from further than Peppi Lapue. The rapture ain't strung, it's just what we do, scientific technology is a clue. Young, dumb & numb even at 50, our human race to the stars is still iffy, but us few will be through with it soon. America already won, let's sing our tune.

Faith shoves as it's runnin' away, I hate love but still cry off it's pain, cause', pearly gates & golden rules, shine silver lining through those stone tools.
edit on 22-2-2018 by SatansPride because: gate**s

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