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Raising Atlantis (from the top of the ocean)

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posted on Feb, 20 2018 @ 10:08 AM
100 important dignitaries have been invited to an undisclosed location in the upper western United States.

Information is going to be shared with them that the speaker is not legally allowed to disclose.

They don't know it yet but once the dignitaries receive this information, their lives will be in grave danger. The speaker probably won't live very long after he shares this information.

The speaker approaches the podium.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you already know who I am so I won't bore you with an introduction. I am going to get right to the point. Everything you have ever been told, everything you have ever been taught is a lie.

No human being has ever walked on the moon. There are no satellites in space. Not ours, not anyone else's. Not a single one. There are over 100 trillionaires living on Earth. Dinosaurs still exist in most parts of the world. 911 didn't happen the way you were told. Most school shootings are staged events. Staged by powers that exist well above the governments you know. 99% of the world has yet to be discovered and I'm not talking about the bottom of the ocean. The American Civil War was not fought to end slavery or to decide if we would have a confederacy or a republic. The civil war was fought to expand slavery to every corner of the world you know and to make slavery eternal and everlasting. The side that wanted to expand slavery did not lose the civil war. They one. Although you won't believe me yet, every single person here, despite all your wealth, is a slave and you have been since your birth. Today, I will offer you freedom. A freedom you can not comprehend.

You probably are thinking I am going to tell you you the world is flat. On the contrary, the world is indeed round. But it is bigger, much bigger then you have ever imagined. We, well-you, are limited to 1% of this world. 99% of the world lives within 1% of it. 1% of the world lives within the other 99% of the planet.

All of you in this room, despite your wealth, are using technology that is over 1,000 years old. Cell phones and cell towers have been in use in the other 99% of the planet since before the days of Jesus Christ.

Atlantis never died. It never sank to the bottom of the ocean. Quite the opposite happened, actually. Atlantis still exists to this day. It is the capital of the world and out of Atlantis, decisions are made for the part of this world you know, Earth. The name of this planet, not just the part you know as Earth, is Gaia.

Antarctica is not a continent. It is a ring. It is a wall greater then any wall the Chinese, the East Germans, the North Koreans and even our President Trump could ever imagine.

It is a wall that has kept all of you in for centuries. You think you are free. You think the United States of America is a guiding light to freedom. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the 1770's, the United States fought a war to become the nation inside the Antarctic ring that would rule every nation within that ring. In the 1860's, a war was staged within that governing group to either tell the world the truth or keep the system of slavery within this ring for the foreseeable future. A very looooong future. Because you know nothing of the world that exist outside the ring, you know which side won.

The reason people argue if this world has curvature is because you haven't seen the whole of it. Although you are all multi-millionaires here, you do not have the wealth required to purchase your freedom.

Today, I offer that world to you. Today, I offer you a sort of hack; a hack to see the rest of the world, the other 99% of it with it's landscapes so vast, you can't imagine.

Earth, as you so affectionately call it, exists so those of us outside this ring can have our freedom. Freedom in paradise. Earth works so Gaia doesn't have too. 99% of the world work for the remaining 1% but not in the way you have been taught.

I invited each of you here today because I literally own, I carry the ownership rights, to each and every one of you. Each one of your spouses and each and every one of your children. Each and everyone of you and all of your employees work for me and me alone. Today, I offer all of you your freedom from me however, how long you live after word of this meeting gets out is.................

Follow me. We are going on a cruise to Antarctica where we will travel through a tunnel of ice you never knew existed. On the other side of the tunnel is the other 99% of Gaia. An area you would probably call SPACE."

(to be continued?)

posted on Feb, 20 2018 @ 10:31 AM
a reply to: Genfinity

Wow, just wow!
Mind blown! You seem to have linked many of the conspiracies discussed here on ATS and wrapped them all very well together. A most compelling read indeed. I salute you!

ETA Is there a second part? You leave me wanting more.
edit on 20/2/18 by LightSpeedDriver because: ETA

posted on Feb, 20 2018 @ 12:22 PM
I would like to see this as a big budget movie with lots of stars and a good producer.

posted on Feb, 20 2018 @ 12:39 PM
Perhaps I should look at what forum these posts are in. I was getting excited for a second there. Nicely done!! More please.

posted on Feb, 20 2018 @ 07:59 PM
I'll try to add something to do in the next few days. Thanks for your support! Can you imagine the anger in the world if something like this was exposed? Well, in 1% of the world, I guess.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 09:50 AM
In case you missed it, in the Raising Atlantis universe, I have managed to combine the flat Earth theory with main stream round Earth science.

Under this guise, Earth is larger then you could ever imagine. Even space, as you have been taught, is a complete lie.

Less then 1% of the world is imprisoned inside a massive(?) wall of ice which we have always been told is a continent. This explains why airplanes fly the routes they do and why every nation on the Earth is so aggressive about keeping man off Antarctica.

t explains why rockets and the Space Shuttle make a hook on the way to space. They don't actually go to space. They go to a designated area outside the Antarctic ring.

So, of course the world wouldn't seem round to so many.

We aren't being allowed to see the whole of it.

This planet is an absolute paradise but you would never know it inside the ring because 99% of the world toils for the uber wealthy 1%. Only that 1% have access to the remaining 99% of the world. The rest of us are literally in prison. Each one of them owns thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, of acres of land PER PERSON.

What are UFOs? Just people from outside the ring cruising around in their vehicles. They are not allowed to fly in the ring but people break rules.

Technology used today has been antiqued for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years by the out-ringers. We are their slaves and although we don't know it, every single one of us is owned by an out-ringer.

You thought the US Civil War was fought to end slavery? LOL! Nothing could be further from the truth. You thought Christopher Columbus discovered America? LOL! He couldn't discover his own butt if he had a roll of toilet paper.

He never even stepped foot on mainland North America. Many in his era criticized his trip because they believed the Earth was flat. In a sense, they were not wrong nor was Columbus in believing it was round. Columbus didn't discover anything. Neither did the Vikings. They were simply given credit when credit wasn't even due. People outside the ring discovered America and they placed their slaves here, called Native Americans. Those slaves wee wiped out by European slaves. And the Europeans brought their own slaves, who were actually the out-ringer's slaves. The poor Africans dragged to America were actually slaving for two.

This is the reality they don't want to share with us: technology exists to the extent that not a single human being on Earth should have to work. Each and every one of us could have a robot for free; created by the labor of other robots. While many Americans believe it is their God given right to own a firearm, it is actually the God given right of every human being to own a robot at birth.

None of us have to work because the robots can do it all. There is enough land and enough resources available that we should all be living in million dollar homes perched on thousands of acres that we should own.

Early American colonists got a tiny taste of that lifestyle and the out-ringers didn't like it. So they shut it down. They won't let us have that. They realized if they gave us freedom, they wouldn't be able to live in their BILLION dollar super mansions. There are plenty of resources but still not enough for all of us to exist with that lifestyle.

There are about 7.5 billion inside the ring called Earth. Another 75 million or so live on the remaining 99% of the planet. Outside the Antarctic ring (Earth) is the planet Gaia.

But there is major trouble brewing in Gaia. And this is why their little secret is getting leaked to a very select few people on "Earth".

You see, Gaia has a frozen continent at the bottom of the planet that nobody is allowed to go to. It's called Tica. And there are many flat Gaia folks over there suggesting that Gaia is only 1% of a much larger planet. And that all those super rich people are actually slaves to their wealthiest 1%.

Do the math on that and you begin to realize just how big this planet really is in the Raising Atlantis universe.

What if the process keeps repeating itself until we finally get to some all powerful wizard.

Would that all powerful wizard be....GOD?!

Is the universe anything like we have been told? Is there a universe? Are the lights we see in the sky every night even real? Are they stars? Are they entire galaxies? Or are they simply lights on a very high ceiling?

If this is our true reality, is anything we have ever been taught in school even real? Does 1+1=2 or does 1+1 really equal what ever each one of us wants it to be?

Is that much freedom being kept from us inside this Antarctic ring?

We fight our local and national governments to stop school shootings and police brutality so we can all finally be free. Truly free.

Are mass shootings and police brutality and terrorist attacks just away to distract us so we will always be enslaved? All the while, we think we are fighting for our freedom. Are we really just brainwashed to chase our tail forever?

What do ya think? Would that concept make somebody read a book?

posted on Feb, 25 2018 @ 11:43 AM
a reply to: Genfinity

It's a good job I click on my older posts sometimes or I would never have seen this.

You created a cohesive and logical world in your OP. The details are often just a device in the telling of a story. It could be said that the details don't matter, it is the stitching together of various details into a believable and possibly entertaining reality that matter. Or leave the reader to do the stitching.

If in your world, a troll in a treadmill is the ultimate source of all power, while connected to a flux-capacitor asynchronously triple back-wired to a turbo-encabulator then so be it. Make it believable. Your OP (the first post) made it all very believable.

Your second post, I don't think you need me to tell you the answer. Just to be sure though, the answer is yes. People like to hear stories. Movies too, which are often stories adapted for the screen.

As for flat-earth, it's been done quite well by the late great Sir Terry Pratchet with his Disc World series. Flat-earth was just a detail in the stories though. The Earth is a flat disc carried on the back of a huge elephant who in turn was supported by 4 huge turtles as they all went through space. Turtles, all the way down.

If you check out the short stories forum you might be able to find info and tips. There are a few published authors on ATS. I don't write so good.

And otherwise it's just a piece of creative fun you gave ATS the rights to by posting it here. In an infinite universe everything is possible.

posted on Feb, 25 2018 @ 02:46 PM
This is a good story. I am enjoying it.

posted on Mar, 3 2018 @ 04:29 PM
In my story, I haven't decided if outer space really exists or not. If outer space doesn't exist, what exactly are the Sun and Moon?

Some flat-Earthers say the Moon is a tiny star. I guess I can think of a way to make that work. :/

But rockets going to space always curve on the way up so that's easy for a flat Earth story. Except that I have combined flat Earth with round Earth, making both sides right and wrong at the same time.

I was recently on an airplane flying at 35,000 feet and I didn't see any curve to the left or right of the window. There is a curvature formula with a round Earth is really all there is.

"The Earth has a radius of approximately 3965 miles. Using the Pythagorean theorem, that calculates to an average curvature of 7.98 inches per mile or approximately 8 inches per mile (squared)."

At 35,000 feet, the temperature outside was a brisk -54F at it's coldest (according to the airline's ap). So why can't someone charter a plane from one end of Antarctica to the other during the Southern Hemisphere's summer?

I believe the Earth is round but solid proof of a flat Earth would change my mind. I am open to the possibly that we have been lied too. But if a round Earth is a lie, everything we have ever been taught is also false. Everything.

From a sci-fi standpoint, a flat Earth theory breaks the door down for anything you want to do.

Thanks for the feedback and support!

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