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Agenda: Controlled Demolition

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posted on Feb, 12 2018 @ 12:41 PM
Hello, fellow ATSrs.

I Have been missing from ATS for years by my own will, and yet I come back once more to share some thoughts with you. Whatever ATS is, one uncompromising truth is, that the gross number of it's users and readers hold true, passionate for life heart in their chests. I bet my dinner on it, that this fact drives me to share what I am about to with you, and not hold it secretly in me own mental prison, like I did many times - the shameful thing that explains my absence from the board.

Another reason for why I write this thoughts down is that honestly they are a bit missing from the general discussion on ATS, or at least the one I remember. I know this is going to sound a bit odd to the general minds here, as this is:


Maybe a thread, that I expect to be accepted as heresy here, if not even lower, as a laugh and free chance to troll your friend Ego. Yet I bet my dessert, that there is enough open-minded people still browsing, so my time writing this is not just another hour lost in oblivion.

---------------------(dash, dash, cat, dash, dash, dash)------------

I will point you attention for start at the general idea about to be discussed. This would be: The general conspiracy of powerful and wealthy families, people, secret societies, corporations (and if you even wish the Devil Himself) against Humanity and common folk. This will involve globalization conspiracy, control of population conspiracy, power-hunger conspiracies, occult conspiracies, and some other ones.

The reason I must involve so many branches of conspiracy talk is simple - Many years I was searching for a possible shadowy web of motives which if revealed might shed light on the reasons and details of is observable ends - the conspiracies we see and discuss as separate objects. Something in my heart all this years was telling me that there is single very special motive behind the greatest conspiracies organized and executed. All this years I was searching for that spider and I was not finding it.

Until Now. be continued in the next post, very soon, please bear with me.
Thank you.

posted on Feb, 12 2018 @ 01:30 PM
I hope that my narrative will reveal the essence of the complex ideas I have to share with you tonight.

But first let's make some statements:
A: Many powerful groups, shadowy organizations and powerful people who posses influence by one or other way over the population of this Earth have been found by considerable number of researchers and even have been documented in history, that, they conspire between themselves, organize actions and execute events, which drive humanity in one or other direction. Most of these things are done in deep secrecy and their ends are kept obscure from the public.

B: Humankind and its social structures are highly uncontrollable entities. Studies in sociology and economics, has shown us that humans as separate beings possessed far greater autonomy of actions, then the group they belong to. Indeed, what this sciences had found is that social groups are driven more by the laws of nature itself, than by the laws of human consciousness in mind. What this means is that if a single person can have morals, values and honor, as a group this is not possible to have because nature is not working like a single human being. It's the other way around, Nature, as old alchemists had told us is volatile and highly dangerous to play with.

After having this statement I would like you to return a little bit back in history. Our societies, grill and developed by the laws of nature, there was competition there was fight, there was collaboration and everything else we know from general history books. The one thing that we know as well is that this way of human development sprouted powerful and week people, rich and poor people, in one word it divided the classes in many many layers.

So some people had more resources to live their lives with, while others head to struggle for their very existence every second of their lives. Of course is not a human nature to desire the loss of your riches and resources, thus most rich people and rich families subconsciously tried to keep their power as long as they could. That's a fact even a child knows. But what a child can easily miss is one detail in the whole picture - the rich, famous and powerful people were not always as bad personalities as in the eyes of the poor. And it generally happens that with the growth of knowledge through our societies, the rich and powerful would be the first to gain access to it.

This is the place where I will land my first hypothesis: Powerful and rich people in the past had far quicker access to occult, spiritual, and religious, knowledge, enlightenment and insight, than the ordinary folk, because their influence and money created a shortcut to it.

Now your gonna ask me: "But what happens with the poor people who are highly spiritual and enlightened personalities?"

And the answer will be easy. What happens is that either this people choose humble life, because of the lack of self-esteem or unwillingness to participate in the common world, or they quickly become rich because of their understanding of the world and the life and all laws governing existence.

So what we've got now here is the fact that most enlightened and "tuned" people in history of humankind somehow turned to be rich and influential, even this being not only in the field of economics, but as well in the field of art, sciences and all other socially important branches.

Think of several great scientist, several great novelists, Several great painters, several great composers, several great philosophers, several great governors, find and read their biographies and you soon realize that all of them have been enlightened. Yes, the same people who are the pillars of our societies have been there for reason, not a chance.

Yet, somewhere in history, somewhere in time, something strange appears on the scene. In the social fields of this rich, famous and intellectual people, occurrences now known as Conspiracies start to arise.

The question is WHY? be continued in next post.

posted on Feb, 12 2018 @ 02:42 PM
Just let me remind the beginning of this post that our aim is to find that spider. But for now, let's focus on the last question, I gave.


Personal interest is one of the answers. People fear to lose so they close by are against other people to gain.

Group interest is the other answer. groups fear of their death and decay and that's why its members conspire against other groups in people so theirs continues its existence.

And this kind of conspiracies existed and they continue to sprout. But that is not kind of conspiracy, which is global. This conspiracies are local and far less important to human kind.

I don't know if you do but I do observe a third kind of conspiracy or global conspiracy taken on totally another level. Conspiracy, which involves participants at least from half of the world. And sadly this one is very destructive. It is Machiavellian goal oriented act to bring the social structures of humanity to his knees.

Any means necessary!

Sounds scary isn't it?

If all this is true it tells me that this people who organized this conspiracy must have very very serious reason to do so in that manner. I doubt that this kind of conspiracy would exist just for the survival some person or some organization. it is so grand that it could be called religion by itself. A precisely guided religious movement with specific purpose.

So what kind of people would do that kind of thing? And what goal they are chasing? Why they create this economic trends? Why they created this social trends? Why they create all this things we see the news?

My first answer is that they cannot be dumb people. You need some brains to do that kind of crap. even if it doesn't make sense to me or you they still need to be intelligent to pull it out. But what kind of intelligent people would like to destroy his brothers and their wellbeing? It totally does not make sense, I know.

But let's look at another way. What is some part of this intelligent people back in time realized what really humanity is - a self-driven uncontrolled train heading for its own destruction. They realized, that since the moment humans became the ruler of the Earth, no more just a creatures from the Earth, they signed their own death sentence. So the most probable idea and thought into the heads of all this intelligent people at that time of realization of this fact was: "Well should we do something or just sit and watch it sinking?"

I guess they chose to do something.

And then we must ask the question: What an intelligent and enlightened person who finds himself in this situation would do?

Definitely he will try to find the possible solutions of the situation and execute the easiest of them. And probably they did exactly the same. I don't know who was the first to do this, but probably some guys in history set on the table to discuss general matters which are discussed between intelligence and enlightened people and one of them, said to the others: "Guys, Earth and life on it has very serious problem - The dominative power and uncontrolled desire for self expression of us humans will lead us to uncontrolled growth of our own structures until the bubble bursts and then the consequences would be most likely dire for everybody. You know, we are the smart ones around, thus we should not be lazy about it and start thinking what it can be done to be prevented."

So probably the first thing they thought of was to blow out the big fire of humanity. And they developed religions. You know... these nice things, that teach you to be more humble and have less desires.

Well, it was a nice try, but they very quickly realized that it won't work. You see... you cannot silence human nature. Desire is just god's love in practical, emotional, essence. Yes, it was smart to silence desire, but it was ultimately foolish because it is impossible to do it without breaking the soul of a human. Well I will not blame them for trying, this was the easiest way and the most how to say... polite way to fix the problem.

But it failed. Heavily.

So they turned on their side of the card. They decided to burn the whole thing down before it explodes and takes everybody down with itself. Like in this Hollywood movies...

You know why they invented Rock and roll, why they promote extremist self-sufficiency and a life of belonging to nothing, even your family? Not because it's the ultimately nice, the nicest thing to be or to do, but because... this is the only way to achieve the plan. The not so pleasant plan of Controlled Demolition of own subconscious creation - Humanity.

You've seen it thousands of times on screen, the burning of the world. Why do you think they blew the f****** towers on 9/11? What you see is a miniature of the agenda, a ritual so clear, so emotional - they mean no joke. They want you to participate with your emotional body in things that you don't understand. Maybe you will not like it if they were to announce it on the news and explain it properly.

Here comes globalization. Look, if you're gonna burn the whole world down you first need to possess the damn thing. And every government that does not want to participate will become your enemy.( this is not the decision I would make but they obviously made it )

Remember. All means necessary.

And here "Along comes a spider". The web is woven and it's black queen awaits is victim. That's me and you and all that we've been creating the last thousands of years...

The balance will be restored. As it was written once on this board - This is the resurrection of Osiris.

May we live and prosper. If not Asgard is waiting.

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posted on Feb, 12 2018 @ 03:03 PM
If you understand the above written, you'd probably notice the roaming around cat. If that is so, please let her know that I care very much about her existence, nevermind she looks simple and quite unimportant.

posted on Feb, 12 2018 @ 05:47 PM
a reply to: Egoismyname

maybe its more about aliens/angels & millions of year old plan. it seems like a long time to some right now, i dont think thats very long though.
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