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Ignoring the Context is a Massive Booboo

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posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 10:28 PM
Platonic Idealism isn't real: ergo, if you believe something based upon that assumption, sucks to be you.

It's a massive ordeal - this Platonic idealism thing. People who believe in dualism need to believe it. Having discombobulated themselves on the inside by believing the hogwash of being "both good and evil", they have done something that appears downright unreasonable.

The first thinker tgo dispute the insanity of Plato's ideal forms was Aristotle. He did this by reasoning on grounds that sound familiar to systems sciences: instead of mind (and the forms which arise within it) being some free-floating 'essence' with a separated existence, Aristotle rightly recognized that it seemed more coherent - and required less unjustified assuming - to simply see the events and experiences of mind (all mental experiences are events) as "potentialities" that arise from the body. Indeed.

Now, at least 5,000 or so years have gone by since the crazy dualistic cults have arose, and the simplistic assumptions they take, and the pretentious certainty they assume, is all apart of the deal: think about: if symmetry is health, happiness and wellbeing, then doing things to others i.e. through material asymmetries growing up around the first cities, eventually has its breaking point - and indeed - that breaking point was eventually reached with the first cities in Sumer.

Since "gods" are taken to be real things - and not emergent properties arising from human social relations - essentially emergent forms which symbolically constitute the values which we live and breathe - the dumb-dumb ancient elites, pretentious and delusional, eventually confabulated a belief-system that was rooted in a dissociative experience of the body: an experience they could NOT, in principle, have any semiotic control over - for the same exact reasons as today: brain development has critical periods, and so, once the early 2 years are done and over-with, the brainstem is not wired to process information in the ways it has imbibed from its interactive experiences with others. Yikes!

Yada Yada Yada. I know this story gets old, but its actually quite interesting when you got the full picture: and there is probably no stopping it. Systems theory has invaded and taken over all the sciences, and together, they form a composite picture of the evolution of life - or a semiotic spirit; Origin of life studies, evolutionary biology, embryology, developmental biology, epigenetics, developmental psychology, sociology and relational psychoanalyis, is being buttressed by new fields in anthropology like material engagement theory and important new developments in biosemiotics like Frederick Stjernfelts theory of natural propositions.

In short, the dualistic bubble has already been popped; but the power-hungry "elites" - not elites of the mind, that's for sure - but elites with power and other such stuff, what does one make of this 5000 or so year charade?

It's hard to say, really. I don't believe there is any truth to the idea of an individual self that survives death for the simple fact that I'm a neuroscientist, and knowing how essential the brain is to cognition, I can only shake my head at people with whimsical ideas of 'disembodied' spirits and other such fantasies.

Don't get me wrong: I believe reality is alive. I just think it is HUMAN BEINGS WHO MAKE IT THAT WAY. But it is a massive booboo too assume that the geni on the other side is anything other than what you're unconscious structuring puts you into contact with. A person who appeciates the dictum "the simplest explanation is the best" would see the canvas of reality as being able to represent our deepest states - but you would be deeply unscientific to just jump the gun and assume these 'states' have an existence independent of the point-counterpoint interaction of body and world.

Think for a second: how can you have a point without a body? Where does the point go when you die? My theory: the "point", or the observer which you are, must be the universe in its wholeness, correct? Another possibility is what's called the "logos". Here's the logic Peirce uses:

“The very being of the General, of Reason, consists in its governing individual events. So, then, the essence of reason is such that its being never can have been completely perfected. It always must be in a state of incipiency, of growth.” – C.S. Peirce, The Essential Peirce: Selected Philosophical Writings, Vol 2 (1893-1913), pg. 255, Indiana, 1998

You see, the individual cells of your body follow a semiotic logic such that the system is called "autopoietic" by Maturana and Varela; this means it is 'self-reproducing', but in such a way that its dynamical reconstitution is kinetically programmed into its actual organization: this means the very structure of the cell is both emergent life, and at the same time, the very ingredients it needs reproduce itself draw it back to the events/facts of its external couplings with the outside world.

Yes - reality is complex, which is why its not a good idea to jump the gun and start worshipping evil-forms: seems very much against your self-interest. Yet, reality has done just that. Gilgamesh and the other "heros" who've raped, murdered, and tortured other humans, did so because the context mediated the emergence of such desires. Its true. This is the inevitable reality of things. Humans are deterministically structured, which means, the material conditions of our existence act upon our social relations (i.e. elites are inheritors of material institutions and the social relations themselves) which in turn structure our brain development i.e. our emotinal life, and finally, results in the cosntruction of a "just-so story": a pretty little narrative that excises everything one doesn't one to know because it is induces psychological misery.

Death will reveal - and i'm sure it will: its not very likely that all of this insane structuring is by mere chance, although that too makes people feel good, and again, for the same reasons: material structure --> social connections --> emotional processing --> just-so narratives.

Its a logical explantion for our insanity.

Ultimately, I hope we can all just recognize that, even if some of us are on the wrong side of the ledger i.e. the elites, that even these people too are subject to profound delusions stemming from the pretentiousness intrinsic to the mythological consciousness of human beings.

Moral of the story: don't take the context for granted, as when you remove material engagements and social relationships, YOU LOSE ALL YOUR POWER.

I've lived this meaning, so I know how utterly true it is.

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 11:06 PM
Ice cream is both good and evil..


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