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You have been divided and devolved.

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posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 02:04 AM
ATS is a perfect example of how the media have divided the nations of the world.

Countless posts from American members claiming to be right/left Trump/anti Trump.

This place is now a shameful haunt for kids from both sides who get triggered and waste their lives typing up long posts, locked in their smelly bedrooms hoping to change the world from their keyboard.

I have honestly never been more ashamed to be part of a community than I am today. I left Facebook years ago for the exact things that are happening here, embarrassing political rants strengthening the divide and making the author look like a dummy spitting adolescent.

I don't think I have seen one statistic or non-tabloid piece of evidence in any of the Trump threads, just frustrated child-speak, kids pretending to be adults, jibing at each other by making threads.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 02:10 AM
a reply to: and14263

MSM Tunnel Vision keeps US pointed at the Scandals, each other, and away from The Corruption.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 02:20 AM
I agree with your sentiments. The past few years they have really taken their propaganda to new levels. Trump, the media and all of their "fans" are complicit in the degradation of our society and the ruining of civil discourse and mutual respect. This entire campaign cycle and administration has been nothing more than a psyop to get the American people (and others abroad) at each other's throats. While we bicker amongst ourselves the ones orchestrating the charade laugh all the way to the bank and go unnoticed.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 02:21 AM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

You're forgetting a big part of it, Trump Tunnel Vision. Both sides are falling for it, not just people who trust the media.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 02:22 AM
a reply to: and14263 Yes we have and it’s awesome. I lean left but mostly I want A complete redo. Clearly America is broken and needs some love. Now I will argue against Trump but he is my POTUS and hopefully draining the swamp leads to a clean sweep, including him above all. He has made America into a game show now more than ever. I didn’t vote for anyone in 2016 after the snake I was going to vote for had her campaign call me and threaten to take away my seat as a delegate. Oh and also she did something to steal the nomination away from Bernie Sanders. F# American politics, this is all a joke and the big things are going on while we bicker about somewhat petty crap.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 02:27 AM

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 02:31 AM
a reply to: and14263


You just gotta stay on this side of the forum... BTS

the other side is not TOP SECRET anymore... its just trumpfest

damn threads need their own sub forum... like, "all things Trump"

Then maybe we can get back to normality around this place

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 02:50 AM
a reply to: Akragon

I know what you are saying... I tend to use the 'New' topics tab so everything shows up, maybe I should change my surfing habits.

I'll keep checking this thread out of politeness so I can reply if required but I think it's time for another ATS break.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 02:52 AM
a reply to: and14263

i have ??? - so i am now 2 darwin fishies - kewl

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 03:06 AM
a reply to: 3NL1GHT3N3D1

It'd be the same thing if it were Hillary but Fox would get all the lead in rabble rousing. It took two to tango in the election for example. Trump could actually be 'outside of Them', The Corruption truly be against him as it often appears, and they'd still run it precisely how they have been. Trump is just too perfect for fueling their game with his mannerisms, and their / the nu-liberal triggerability (not to mention this over the top trumped up Russian Narrative type BS these ongoing manufactured scandals everyday). But their overall game is simple: keeps US pointed at all the scandals + each other, and away from The Corruption. That very last part is what most important.

That's speaking directly to the larger MSM Tunnel Vision. Both "sides" of the Two Party part of the Two Party + MSM System equation push their own Tunnel Vision (supremacism) [brand] no doubt about that at all.
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posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 03:14 AM
a reply to: and14263

Omg. A lone tear down my face. EXACTLY, thank you for post

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 03:29 AM
(You have been divided and devolved.)a reply to: and14263
first step is realization of the above, which is almost total manipulation.
second step now you know, what you gonna do to reverse engerneer it?
Third step learning to swim through the network of duality.( a lifetime commitment.)
forth step help those who are half in and half out.
added point know that the whole of humanity are no way near as a collective to take the leap. But individuals yes....brave individuals.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 05:04 AM
a reply to: ancientthunder
eh, its only true if one participates in the countless divisive useless threads. The rest of us just carry on and try our best to pretend this filth is not even there. This phenomenon really is mostly limited to the internet and the news. The real world is pretty much the same as it has been, people who have zero clucks to give continue giving zero clucks.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 06:46 AM
Yes I have to say your right its all a mental display of .....a reply to: worldstarcountry

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 07:25 AM
a reply to: and14263

If only the left would just agree the "right" is always right and go along with everything the right wingers are saying everything would be just great in this country. The left just as to accept the right winger's opinions are facts.

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posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 07:42 AM
We have been divided alright.
Not by the media.
Not by propaganda.
No, we have been divided by the issues.
Always have been.
Social media like this very site has made the division worse.
Every little thing is picked apart like trumps sex life, that we have multiple threads on by the way.

Nothing will change until people ignore the first ladies choice of xmas decorations.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 08:12 AM
a reply to: and14263

I know what would revitalize ATS; go back to it's roots.

I've mentioned this before but the first time I visited ATS 16 years ago It wasn't 'Trump did this' or Hillary did that' It was about stories of High strangeness, secret government projects and so forth. Now one of the forums can sum up the site perfectly...political mud pit.

TBH this site needs a sister site dedicated to politics because I for one is sick of seeing the homepage cluttered with political threads.

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posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 10:37 AM
The thing that most people don`t realize is that it doesn`t matter what any of us common (we the people) people think.

even if crimes were committed the politicians and other people in power will decide whether to seek justice,cover up the crimes or to just sweep them under the rug, and there is NOTHING any of us can do to influence or change their decision.

no amount of name calling on the internet or protesting in the streets is going to stop the corruption or force politicians to do the right thing.

a lot of americans were angry and felt betrayed when Nixon was pardoned and didn`t have to face the consequences of his corruption,but there was nothing the American people could do about it.The rich and powerful will always protect each other even if it pisses off the peasants.

life is much easier and less stressful when you finally realize that as a peasant you are completely powerless to hold the rich and powerful accountable for their crimes.
you are completely powerless to force rich and powerful people to hold other rich and powerful people accountable for their crimes.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 11:56 AM
a reply to: and14263

i really hate the "triggered" tag showing up more and more on ats. i am triggered 24h a day. when get up in the mornings i turn on the news for a few min before i head out the door for work, thats where it starts. doesn't matter if its local or national news. i see the local news talking about crime being up then i drive across town, see cops just sitting around doing nothing. i see on national news no one in the government can work together and the fools that voted these people in keep voting in the same damn people. we need to replace these people make your votes count get the bad ones that cant work for us out. we are not being represented like we should be. yeah, im triggered 24h a day.
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