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Rampant migrant crime forcing Austria to rethink asylum policy

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posted on Jan, 10 2018 @ 05:52 PM
A week ago I made this thread regarding the migrant crime statistics in Germany, which showed that migrants were involved in over 92% of the violent crime in Germany, despite making up only a tiny portion of the population. Recently, the government of Austria released a report showing that 40% of the crime in Austria is committed by migrants, despite them being only about 1% of the total Austrian population. 1% of the population of Austria is responsible for 40% of the total crime, and now the government of Austria is rethinking their asylum policies.

In 2016, some 500,000 offenses were registered in Austria, with 40 percent of them being committed by “foreigners,” a new security report presented by the Interior Ministry says.

“This shows that those who come to us to allegedly seek protection are also those from whom we then have to protect the Austrian people,”

Here are some interesting numbers:

Since 2015, the country has taken in some 150,000 asylum seekers

In 2016, some 500,000 offenses were registered in Austria, with 40 percent of them being committed by “foreigners,”

40% of 500,000 is 200,000 crimes, more than the total number of migrants that are even there in the first place.

posted on Jan, 10 2018 @ 05:59 PM
a reply to: trollz

I was talking to a friend yesterday who has been traveling to many places in Europe. I asked him about Paris and he said I would not believe the changes that are going on due to the North African's milling in many of the tourist spots. He said he was going to stay a week but left after two days due to being tired of the feeling of having to look over his shoulders when out and about.. No he is not a racist and works with international crews.. He is also a black belt in self defense.. He could not wait to leave..

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posted on Jan, 11 2018 @ 07:23 AM
People that are strictly rightwingers will see it like you see it.
But you could see too that the overall crime rate didn´t grow(in germany), even with around a million people more in Germany.

It´s the pressure from the righwingers side(don´t forget what government the motherland of Hitler has now), that makes it look as if the world, especially germany, would be doomed. With a not growing overall crime rate even with a million people more...

But they make it look as if we would live in third world civil war countries, with public beheadings because of sharia law and stuff like that. If something happens and a migrant, a refugee, a blackhaired, a not bio german did it, the whole Facebook and social media echo chambers of the rightwingers explode, the rightwingers flood every comment section of every MSM online news magazine, that still has the nuts to have a comment section.

And the MSM is happy to generate clicks with nothing else to do than to copy that rightwinger stuff and make articles from it. Like they copy everything else from Reuters, AP or DPA. "We are all doomed" articles, because these are the ones that generate clicks, generate money with those that don´t have the right ad-blockers and ad-blocker-blockers.

But how does all that fit with the fact that the overall crime rate for 2016 didn´t grow, with around a million more of people? Is it because suddenly all german criminals decided to be not criminal anymore and all crimes are done now by only Ausländers. Which, btw, are mostly only Ausländers if they don´t look like white middle europeans or white "U"S americans.

I have been in jail and believe me, most people in german jails are still german people. I know somebody who works in the jail i was forced to do a two weeks vacation. It´s colognes jail, not a small or harmless one, they have sections for terrorists and stuff. Last prominent terrorist in there, Beate Zschäpe, a german neonazi, the last survivor of that obscure NSU/deep state affaire. Not any "Abu whatever Akbar".

Then you have a lot of russians and other east europeans(poland, romania, bulgaria, ukraine, lettland etc). They tell you that jail in Germany is like rest cure for them. And that they only came for burglary, or to steal cars or parts, like navigation systems and stuff. They steal even bicycles and make money a lot with it, because they don´t steal one but hundreds. They tell you that they don´t care if they get caught here. They do their time(mostly on heroin) and if they come back home, they live like little oligarchs in their towns, because they made enough money here, which all is invested at home.

Then you have a lot of turkish people in german jails. Not a wonder, we invited a lot of them, decades ago, when we needed them urgently and they were willing to help. For sure they helped us to help themselves too. So we have a lot of turkish or of turkish origin people there.

Under 100 inmates you maybe got 1-5 black persons, where 5 is a really high number.

The real problems come from the east european crime tourists, the east european burglars, the gypsies bulgaria and romaina didn´t want to have anymore and were sended to germany. The east european alcoholic and drug addicted homeless, that live better than homeless here than in their own countries, where they are treated like scum. Now they flood the german cities. Makes it hard for german homeless to find a sleeping place now. And because thes east european homeless often behave like a-holes, when they are drunk, fightings and stuff, attacking people or are agressively panhandling people, tourists etc, german homeless get treated bad now, too.

But somehow nobody really talks about the problems we have with the east europeans. Because they mostly look exactly like us, germans? And because many of their homelands are rightwinger states, and the german or other european rightwingers don´t want to put their partners and friends under a bad light?

I mean, even in east germany, at the borders to poland and the czech republic, where, like it seems, almost everybody is a neonazi and the most victims of these east european criminals live, they rather hate blackhaired muslims they never met and which don´t break in their houses and steal their stuff. Man, the east europeans even steal their cattle and tractors and stuff, ruin farmers there. But it´s the bad blackhaired refugees, migrants, muslims, not "bio german" looking Ausländers that turn parts of germany in parts where you don´t want to live anymore, because you can´t live there anymore. For sure...

Look at cities where rightwingers say there are the no go zones(if you are a wimp and biased, sure you will find no go areas everywhere), like Duisburg Marxloh for example. Who lives there in huge numbers? Romanians and bulgarians. Followed then by some libanese and turkish people.

We have problems with criminal "Ausländers", a lot, but we are pointing the finger to the smaller group of criminal "Ausländers", because blackhaired and not bio german looking people fit better into the nowadays Zeitgeist. They are "all terrorists anyway"...

And RT, i am not saying that it is bad or worse than the others sides propaganda media, i read it too. But i know also that russia supports ( for sure not east europeas hating) rightwingers in western europe, so it is not a wonder that such an article is published on RT. It´s just good to know about the reasons.

I am asking myself, if rightwingers think and act as they would love their country, why are they willing to be played by other Ausländers, to hate those Ausländers" that fit into the Zeitgeist of some(as "anyway terrorists"), nowadays. But don´t point at the crimes germany really suffers from. Burglary was and is the biggest problem since years.

If rightwingers really would love their country, they would not just hate those that are supposed to be hated nowadays(migrants, refugees, muslims, they just have to be blackhaired and a bit more dark skinned than bio germans), but those that are guilty for most of the crimes, done in Germany!

And don´t fall for that nazi propaganda from austria, we all know how that can end!

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posted on Jan, 11 2018 @ 07:32 AM
a reply to: DerBeobachter

well...color me unconvinced.

But I appreciate your endless efforts to minimize the impact of migration in Europe.

posted on Jan, 11 2018 @ 07:57 AM
a reply to: trollz

You are still peddling that incorrect stat?

It was 92% of the 10% increase, not the total.

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