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Ridiculously free

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posted on Jan, 4 2018 @ 04:37 PM

We don't need another lover
Why not just pure love
no middleman or middlewoman
Have you ever wondered
about life in love
like fish in the sea
feeling ridiculously free.
No permission required
nobody to ask.
Is it an unreasonable thought
or an impossible task?
Or have we been hooked
on someones else's twisted lies.?
If you prefer
to hunt for love
be my guest.
But you may find
you have left behind
that natural ability
to swim in the sublime.
Time will tell
if I am right
or even if I'm out of my mind.
But please consider
another way, another time.
Love may be much much easier
than anything unkind.

Eliberocelta @ el Torcal Jan /18

posted on Jan, 10 2018 @ 02:51 AM
I am Free swimming in the sublime
I am so free that I can rip you off intellectually
I am so free that only a perfect thunder mind applies to me..

I am so free that I can tie any knot available to me..
And I am so free that I can untie any knot that is before me..

And as worse.. being a reincarnation of Alexander the Great.. I can cut any knot at any angle as I see fit..

A firm cough or blow to the wind.. and I really remember bowing as Dogen!

My zen is so pure and sublime that I am infatuated with the law of karma..

And that means no dharma's can shake me..

I am a hand shake of the 33rd degree Freemason.. and just a regular Joe like any blue collar mason(3rd degree)(navy born yes)

I am the great genius predicted by Nostradamus..

I am the Third Anti-Christ.

And the second coming of Jesus Christ..

I have a cross(that I am on) and I still charge you for my teaching..

But what do I do with coin..?

I throw it in the river.. of time and eternity..

Each river is like pissing gold(and thats for the Irish) which are of supreme luck..

And the Lithuanian spirit of light and prosperity..

I am Light and Jehovah..

But am known as God's first son; Adam..

And it is I that am in control of all religions.. being the Hopi prophet and saviour of tibet..

I am driven around in a car by the Yakuza.. but its in the pure spirit of life that I was Bruce Lee..

Even I have an efen kettle..means I am straight great and true.. as a Sun.. and time.. Amun Ra himself.. is just another name for Adam..

I am in good teachings and am best friends with God and Satan..

But it is of my great regret that I am so honored that I have failed to see the true notion of Eve.. but that leaves the rest of eternity just to discover that!

I am not evil., for I am Good..

And that is all for the lesson today!

posted on Jan, 11 2018 @ 03:10 AM
Thanks for the great reply and lesson, looking forward to your own original posts in this forum. You will certainly give forth a burst of the wide view, which can not be a bad thing, can it?a reply to: Boundless1


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