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Tony Blair says "Fire and Fury" filled with falsehood and lies

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posted on Jan, 5 2018 @ 04:41 AM

originally posted by: Jiggly
funny how people dont believe blair, but believe wolff who is known for lying.....


There is room to disbelieve both of these tools, you know...

posted on Jan, 5 2018 @ 05:56 AM

originally posted by: Sillyolme
a reply to: Grimpachi

Set himself up a little card table when he wasn't planted on the couch. Probably had his phone recording every conversation he could capture.

I don't give Bannon a whole lot of credit and I'm unfamiliar with Michael Wolfe. This is another he said he said they said she said things. There are probably lots of truth and lots of fiction. It's just more fodder for the masses to consume.

Except he says he has dozens of hours recorded of the interviews. If only someone would take him to court so he can play them for all to hear.

posted on Jan, 5 2018 @ 11:21 AM

originally posted by: matafuchs
a reply to: LightSpeedDriver

WTF is wrong with you haters?

Bottom line is, do you think Blair is lying about saying what is in the book is not true. I know his fukin history and Bush and all the other warhawks #heads but they are not in office thank god.

Is it so hard for you that feel such a hatred of a man to have clear sight and answer ONE F'N question?

This book is however better than Clintons...hers was all fiction...


You asked, I'll answer. I think Tony Bliar always lies to suit his or others agendas. His history (in a nutshell) was that he was elected leader of the Labour Party which then went on to win the elections. He destroyed the party from within, jumped into bed with George Bush and lied to the British people in order to gain a silent consent to go to war together with the US.

When he left that job, he was first some kind of Peace Envoy at which he excelled as a failure. After that he was helped into a job at a large bank, JPMorgan Chase in a "senior advisory capacity".

Now he does speeches at 250 grand a pop and runs his own consultancy business. In July 2010 it was reported that his personal security guards claimed £250,000 a year in expenses from the tax payer, Expenses...

So, to summarise, he has done what pretty much every crooked political failure does after leaving office. Helped by rich and powerful friends he now seeks money and influence. The man is a scumbag.

You're welcome.

edit on 5/1/18 by LightSpeedDriver because: Typo

ETA Blair's financial assets are structured in a complicated manner, and as such estimates of their extent vary widely.[227] These include figures of up to £100 million; Blair has stated he is worth less than a "fifth of that".[228] A 2015 assertion, by Francis Beckett, David Hencke and Nick Kochan, concluded that Blair had acquired $90 million and a property portfolio worth $37.5 million in the eight years since he had left office.[229]

edit on 5/1/18 by LightSpeedDriver because: ETA

posted on Jan, 5 2018 @ 02:13 PM
I am with LightSpeed Driver on this one. Within the UK we trust Blair virtually nil to the point that the issue is not with Donald Trump (has nothing to do with Trump), it could have been Hilary Clinton or Postman Pat or (please insert a name here) who became the next US President - Blair would have been around with his cheshire cat grin trying to get a job.

The irony of Blair who was that he was a peace envoy for the Middle East after he had blown most of it up which still riles me. Blair may still be protected by MI6 but I do wonder how he would know about current MI6 operations - he would not have that access any more - unless he we commenting in a generic sense - as he would have known what goes on with any US elections.

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