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Don't Be Afraid of Shame

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posted on Jan, 4 2018 @ 02:23 PM
In almost all primitive philosophies - i.e. ancient Vedic philosophy, Tantrism, Gnosticism, etc - there is what seems to my modern mind to be a ludicrous denial of psychodynamic realities - so much so that the amateur reader knowing nothing more than what would be typical would more often than not come away thinking that there is a "secret truth" known to "all adepts" who are "initiates" of a "secret tradition" going back "aeons" into an era preceding our own - the "kali yuga" - and it is from the period before this present era that todays "mystery schools" ultimately derive.

This sad, pathetic, drummed-up mythological FARCITY - A myth - a sad, psychodynamic concoction of the "unconscious" - which, since its in quotations, is also a mythological concept drummed up by Freud and Jung - and ultimately taken to be a real thing by poorly educated people; this "unconscious" is really just your body. Your mind is a "carrier wave" - in quotations because the concept is new (see Dardik, 2017) and still needs to be better clarified, but the basic idea is that the body as a whole constitutes a coherent pattern of material organization, and that this whole is the largest causal structure in a chain or concatenation of 'waves' which simultaneously organizes from within as 'inner' waves i.e. from quarks, to protons, to atoms, to molecules, to cells, to organs, to tissues, etc.

This carrier wave, the body, is ultimately an abstraction which seeks to point out how the mind stands between the inside of "inner waves" and the outside of our body's "carrier wave". The patterns of the top and the bottom are reflected in the "middle zone" of our conscious mind. Yet everything we think or feel doesn't evaporate into some ether; rather, it goes down into the very structuring of our body. There is no unconscious - only the body and the meanings that come to constitute its processes. Your meanings - what you believe - becomes reflected in your body's dynamics, so that if you're a satanically oriented individual, and seek to 'live forever', you seem to not realize that how your orient towards others constitutes a higher level fractal which directs and orients how your individual cells communicate with each other. CANCER IS A CONFUSION OF TONGUES. The mind which misrepresents its connections with external reality is mispatterning its body; yet since change is slow and gradual and non-linear, when disease or illness or dysfunction ultimately arises, it will be common and normal for the dysregulated and disordered mind to misrepresent what is happening. Becoming nihilistic and self-pitying is more likely to result; after all, the self subjects itself - purely by reflex - to the same rigid standards that it subjects the people outside it. Self-alienation means suffering; and suffering for the sake of "doing what you want" - when what "you" want is really just what your demons want - doesn't make any sense. But sense and clarity changes when the mind is full of asymmetry and disorder. Entropy empties the mind of the conditions for coherent thinking - a clarity and wellbeing - with an irritability and angriness. What is the good that this state offers? Nothing. It is a purely undesirable existential situation to be stuck in; with your body holding semiotic interpersonal meanings - self + other, again and again, with the logjam being the facts of what it means to violate the semiotic realities of others, even though your very capacities as a conscious, self-aware existing self derives from the emotion of love.

A mind taken up by evil will therefore come to generate a sophisticated mythology that ultimately amounts to nonsense to people who understand things from the perspective of science - episteme - and therefore from the wisdom of Athens and the historical clarity of Jerusalem, as Michel Serres would put it.

Rome is evil. It is the furnace - the object - the "thing in itself". People who make-meaning-from-within-its-corridors are condemned to live a life of lies, which, presumably, will only achieve its clarity from the perspective of love with the death of the body and the return to the universe-as-a-semiotic-whole.

Shame - the topic of this thread - is an important emotion that can inform us rightly if we only recognize what its really trying to say. If we only recognize that the structure of our minds is dyadic, and therefore modelled on external communication, it will be apparent that the individual self is fundamentally social, and furthermore, that the only way for the human self to properly and effectively exist in the world is for it to cultivate a culture which emphasizes the social as more real than the individual, insomuch as the products of our individual experiences necessarily derive from the affordances created by having a mind built to represent the viewpoint of the OTHER.

Shame can be destructive and must be used with caution; it can be weaponized and deployed wrongly in a satanic way against others - as well as against the self. And in this sense, one should gain a meditative hold over the influence and power of shame.

But trying to deny shame any hold in your mind when the shame is seeking to rightly redirect your mind to something you did - this shame is a facticity of your physiological self, and the semiotic thalwegs that bind you to the 'divine will' of the continuum of the Universe.

This idea that "all shame is bad" is juvenile and delusional, when you recognize that your self is a fucntion of Love - and from the perspectie of Love, the Reason for you claiming otherwise is simply because You Dont Want To Challenge Your Own Shame.

It's not a mystery how humans work. It seems clear to me - very clear - so much so that it finally seems reasonable for me to understand a state of affairs where humans don't act "evilly" because they have a profoundly nuanced recognition of how 'episteme' - or how we know - reflects the sort of spiritual reality we live. And so - when you're at the top, or come to recognize the 'nature of things', you have no desire at all to cause harm or disturb the natural order of things - as you no longer experience your identity in conflict with it. Rather, you know and quite enjoy the fruits of being it.

posted on Jan, 4 2018 @ 04:36 PM
Is shame forced humility?

Edit to add: My quick conclusion after mulling it over, is no.
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