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Milankovich cycles and should we be worried?

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posted on Jan, 3 2018 @ 07:13 PM

It appears that solar radiation is subject to the law of Inverse squares, which means that if the Earths distance from the sun increased by 13% then the drop in solar radiation hitting the top of the atmosphere would drop by a whopping 24% .In 2024 all the large planets will be our side of the sun, which according to the Milankovitch calculations also happened at the time of greater Glaciation. At that time our obliquity increases, because the Earth does not go around the Sun in a nice eternal circle, it varies probably because of the other planets gravitational pulling, either way the amount that the distance from the Sun varies by a significant amount when taken into the inverse square law. I thought that as the Sun is going into a period of low activity, which also means a drop in solar radiation. At this particular stage of the Milankovitch cycle the Math's of this could be significant, and explain why the Interglacial periods tend to be in twelve thousand year cycles.
The onset of Glaciation according to ice core samples can vary from three to fifty years . Either way the warm periods last about twelve thousand years, and since that time is slightly over since the end of the last Glaciation .

posted on Jan, 3 2018 @ 07:46 PM
a reply to: anonentity

posted on Jan, 3 2018 @ 08:05 PM
a reply to: anonentity

At one point in the video the narrator "guesses" that the earth would be about 13% further away from the sun in 2024 (I believe it will only be like 3%)

This does not sound legit to me.

posted on Jan, 3 2018 @ 08:18 PM
a reply to: FamCore

I don't think it is that much. Seems like I remember it being less than 1%. Could be wrong.

Damnit... now ya got me interested in the video with a 3Mbps connection and 2 grand kids using every bit of that.

posted on Jan, 3 2018 @ 08:30 PM
There are many people who are saying we are going into another ice age.. I will post a rather long video of testimony before some congress critters that totally debunks man made global warming as everything is about cycles......everything from earth's orbit which is not a perfect circle to cosmic rays and planetary tilt and alignment are all factors.. Simple computer programs which have never reflected reality since Al Gore sounded the warning should be discarded out of hand.. Nothing they predicted 10 years ago has come to pass.

People will survive it getting warmer.. If we go into another ice age even a minor one... with the resulting crop failures billions will starve.

Regardless of who says what, we will not have much longer to see who has been right... Either hotter of colder... whatever... ... I think the human race could handle the heat better than a new ice age with 20' snow drifts and crop failures.. But that is just me and my way of thinking for we are not going to change earths cycles one way or the other

230 year cycles

I could post much more but it will not change the minds of those who believe CO2 is causing warming and it is all mankind's fault.. There are plenty of scientist who can prove that CO2 follows temp not causes temp.. Considering C02 is only something like .39 of 1 percent of Earth's atmosphere I tend to agree without mentioning CO2 has been much higher in the past .... Water vapor is something like ten times the green house gas that CO2 is claimed to be..

posted on Jan, 3 2018 @ 10:12 PM
We had snow today here in North Florida. We had snow back in 1989 that stayed for 3 days after freezing rain left an ice sheet for the snow to remain on. I know, it is just weather! But the global warming folks sure do jump up and down when we have a strong hurricane or a series of hot days to point out they are caused by global warming.

Of course we didn't miss the quick change from 'global warming' to 'climate change'. Nice way to CYA. So, no matter what happens the global wealth yea, climate change, the AGW folks are now covered regardless of their other scandals of data manipulation, destroyed data, etc.

I don't know if I can take much more of this global warming though. I am a Florida boy now. I grew up in Michigan, but this cold is ridiculous. If we are going to go into another glaciation period (that is some climate change for you) I am going to have to move to the equator. What then? Are we going to have to ramp up CO2 output to warm the Earth up again?

And one other question. How did the Piri Reese map show Antarctica with no ice on the continent? I thought is the ice melted off of Antarctica all life would end and we would be like Venus. Or are the AGW folks going to explain it by the great flood stories in ancient texts? I don't think the flood lasted long enough for them to use that excuse though.

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posted on Jan, 3 2018 @ 11:21 PM
a reply to: spirit_horse

Where does the piri reis map show Antartica?li nk

posted on Jan, 4 2018 @ 12:16 AM
we might be in the process of having the Orbit phasing into longer ellipse path & more distance from Sun
and at that more oblique angle...

then we are actually entering the cyclical Solar Minimum phase Plus

with all these + 75 suddenly active Volcano's it might be that 2-3 or more Volcano sites goes into the Super Volcano Mode like Krakatoa did in 1883... or the Volcano at Yellowstone did back around 1350 BCE (now due to blow again)
If three super volcano's go in the same year the Earth would 90% likely enter into a sudden Mini-Ice-Age

next current threat we got going on is the magnetic Poles going whacko & entering the pole-shift/pole-flipping phase

even as the Earth Core heats up or else the Mantle Convection Currents of super heated Lava like stone are in a strange condition which is causing hot-spots & Mantle Plumes galore all over the Planet to disrupt the Ocean Currents & the Ocean Salinity which then messes up the warm & temperate atmospheric climates that have been keeping Europe from freezing

so the 3 or more Earth Cycles are collapsing at the same time, which does not bode well for a serene country side or our future weather patterns which are accustomed to bringing rain & adequate growing seasons all over the planet for the most part

Weather cycles and trade winds changes are also in stages of disarray

in the '50 public schools the world was forecasting a mini ice-age in the early 2000s-2100...
but the false GreenHouse Gasses ploy & the Climate Change scams took over the narrative

back then in the 1950s, living in Michigan, Pennsylvania, W Va... I decided that when I grew up I would move further I been in SC & AZ, FLA since 1970.... always staying ahead of the ice & frozen finger tips

posted on Jan, 4 2018 @ 03:03 AM
a reply to: St Udio

The "almost " clock like regularity of glaciation over the last million years, infers that some sort of cyclical switch occurs all at once, the Sun might also react to a line up of planets .The infra structure might be set up for the eventual Glaciation, but I doubt whether the majority will have a clue when the event starts to get serious. Because the power will be down, when you need it most.

posted on Jan, 6 2018 @ 12:32 PM

originally posted by: Grimpachi
a reply to: spirit_horse

Where does the piri reis map show Antartica?li nk

Piri Reis Map of Antarctica without ice

On 6th July 1960 the U. S. Air Force responded to Prof. Charles H. Hapgood of Keene College, specifically to his request for an evaluation of the ancient Piri Reis Map:

TO: Prof Charles H. Hapgood, Keene College

Dear Professor Hapgood,

Your request of evaluation of certain unusual features of the Piri Reis Antarctica map of 1513 by this organization has been reviewed.. The claim that the lower part of the map portrays the Princess Martha Coast of Queen Maud Land, Antarctic, and the Palmer Peninsular, is reasonable. We find that this is the most logical and in all probability the correct interpretation of the map. The geographical detail shown in the lower part of the map agrees very remarkably with the results of the seismic profile made across the top of the ice-cap by the Swedish-British Antarctic Expedition of 1949.This indicates the coastline had been mapped before it was covered by the ice-cap. This part of Antarctica ice free. The ice-cap in this region is now about a mile thick. We have no idea how the data on this map can be reconciled with the supposed state of geographical knowledge in 1513.

Harold Z. Ohlmeyer Lt. Colonel, USAF Commander

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