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getting to know the enemy

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posted on Jan, 3 2018 @ 05:20 PM

The enemy can be anywhere in a multitude of forms, so its better to know it MO.

Your enemy
will do its best to disarm you
once it feels it has achieved that
it will then do its best to put you down
when your down you can hardly ever see clearly
from that point on, it will be the one that projects
your thought patterns and your choices in life and your approach
to life.
Your enemy, in fact, has implanted itself
so well inside you, you believe that you are no different
than your enemy.
In fact, it is quite obvious that you are
your own worst enemy.
How so?
you have become a clone
or so you have been led to believe.
You believe the senses that have been given to you
is all you have.
This of course if the lie.
The enemy, of course, is contented with you
when you follow orders.
When you do not hell is let loose.
This is the key to understanding your own liberation.
Once internally you decide to use your own tools
you will be able to deal with any situation.
Not only that you will be able to cut through them
with ease, every time with more confidence.
Certain jobs will not even allow you to do this,
why because you are revealing the bosses very own strategy.
Here and even more artful approach will be required.
Don't ever feel intimidated by using your skills
in an attempt to be humble.
Do your best to doing good and allow that to change as you change.

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