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There will be a day

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posted on Jan, 3 2018 @ 04:05 AM

I smelt a flower
and so did you
but all you could do
is make a stink
what happened to you
were you rotten?
even when you were in the pink,
old habits die hard.
for some hatred
runs deep.
how good is it for you?
making the innocent weep
no matter what
eyes are watching you
there will be a day
when the wind
will knock you off your feet
it will be a day you realize
your acts were
the seeds of deceit
It will be where you meet
your own souless
your self-made defeat
This heaviness will be yours alone
our eyes of disinterest
with yours shall not cross
for you are no other
than, the living diseased
your only function
is to be a lost beast.
But remember
you're alone now
We've seen you
your games fool us not.
All they do is fasten,
your very own rot.
you've made your choices
now you are living your lot.

Eliberocelta@ el Torcal
edit on 3-1-2018 by ancientthunder because: add words

posted on Jan, 3 2018 @ 07:06 AM
a reply to: ancientthunder

To 'That Day'...


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