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Heart between lungs, holes in the skull not when i grew up

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posted on Jan, 4 2018 @ 01:04 PM

originally posted by: Nyiah
You can buy 'em books, send 'em to school -- hell, you can even opt to teach 'em yourself. You still end up with millions of dolts like the OP who never paid any attention in science class.

It's why America is the butt of intelligence jokes worldwide -- know-it-alls with no knowledge at all.

The only "DOLTS" around are the ones with zero respect for the forum and the OP. It is in skunkworks, we all know what that means and yet nearly every person who responded to the Op did so only to deride the poster..time to grow up.

posted on Jan, 4 2018 @ 01:53 PM
a reply to: anotherside

Either A) you flunked middle school science


B) you left the bread out too long.. (Those moldy rye ergots can do funny things to your brain.)

posted on Jan, 4 2018 @ 09:14 PM
a reply to: Agartha

Now you are playing the rational but you are the one whom took the name of a mythical underground kingdom which the NAZI's and the Ahnenerb believed in as your avatar which makes me chuckle a little bit, softly of course.

Now I experienced a reality shift myself, back in 1993 I picked up my bible - this was prior to my head injury's which I had later that year so not related - which I had not read for about a year or so and noticed discrepancies including passages which had puzzled me and which were now missing entirely from the book of revelation as well as several from the old testament, the whole thing felt different and portrayed a far darker and angrier god to the one in the version of the bible I had read many time's before this.

But while most of these changes were small the one that stood out most to me was the missing paragraph and word's about Seven Threescore and Seven man from the book of revelation, I can not word for word but it was about a being - an angel becoming man - not the lord whom would come down from heaven and overcome the beast and the kingdom of the beast, this angel had a number like the beast has, his number though was Seven Threescore and Seven which was THE (Entire or race) number of man while the beast's number is Six Threescore and Six which is the number of A (Singular entity) Man.

Seven threescore and Seven was commonly mistranslated as Seven Seven Seven when in fact since a score is 20 three score is 60 so it was 7 60 and 7 or 767 hence I use it in my own avatar because I remember it and KNOW that reality changed you and your kind of lower dimensional being's included whom were not so altered by the effect of whatever this shift was.

Now I was and hope that I am still not a racist - though I have in later years become jaded over migration among other thing's so the following is simply something else that played on that missing part of the bible.

On a panorama interview the Leader of the white separatist Afrikaans movement in south Africa whom at the time was opposing the abolition of apartheid and had a large following of extremist white south African's, a buy by the name of Eugene Terrablanche whom was know as De Boar to many explained what his movment's flag was because he denied that it was a NAZI swastika which it plainly was:-
On that interview he claimed that rather it was based on the bible and it was the symbol of MAN then he waxed lyrical claiming that the African's - black people - were the Beast and were 666 which needless to say infuriated me so much that I nearly kicked my TV screen in in rage as I was a bit of a bible basher I would have you know.

So while I hated his claim's and abuse of the number to make a bloody evil flag I still recognize it as a pertinent fact in my recollection of history at that time.

I got so distressed I ended up trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with reality, why so many of you are so unaware or just willfully oblivious to changes in the world around you and decided the answer must lie in science.

Now I am no astrophysicist but I had a broad layman's understanding of thing's and a limited scientific knowledge so I sat there thinking and thinking and thinking and came up with a hypothesis of my own.

If reality's can diverge and all states of reality are equally real just played out in parallel reality's as parallel reality theory postulate's then that must contradict some form of the law of conservation - some form of it.
So how would the universe re-merge these less tenuous reality's back together to conserve whatever form of energy reality is actually based on.

Perhaps over time disparate reality's drift back together BUT also perhaps over time they can merge more violently or suddenly, a guy walking down the street in one reality has his newspaper in his left hand and in the other reality he has his newspaper in his right hand, in another he never bought one, these three reality's merge and the guy is left with one of these three states' being his dominant reality but he may actually still remember one of the other state's having been his reality before this merging take's place so is a little confused, he has no paper for example so say's to himself Ah I must have forgot to pick my paper up at the counter so go's back to the shop to get one and think's no more about it so for him it was just one of them moment's he forget's all about.

But how can disparate reality's be merged more forcefully back together, well the answer is Gravity.
There is a theory that our gravity is a non local phenomena and in membrane universe theory it is thought it is a force that may originate on another membrane in superspace so if it is not directly linked to our native membrane but originates from another membrane in superspace then it must be the same gravity that permeat's all reality's simultaneously.

So if a black hole form's, at the moment the collapsing star turn's into a proper black hole it forms' what is called and event horizon around it and at this instant a super gravitational wave is released that rippled outward from the singularity ZIPPING these parallel reality's back together and not always to everyone's liking.

I could go on and on and on but I am afraid you would probably have to learn to UNDERSTAND, not Know there is a distinct difference, a lot more before I could explain it to you.

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posted on Jan, 5 2018 @ 04:02 PM

originally posted by: LABTECH767
a reply to: Agartha

Now you are playing the rational but you are the one whom took the name of a mythical underground kingdom which the NAZI's and the Ahnenerb believed in as your avatar which makes me chuckle a little bit, softly of course.

Choosing the name Agartha as my profile does not mean I believe there is a mythical city underground. There is a story behind the name, and a personal story that made me choose it, but that's for another thread.

I could go on and on and on but I am afraid you would probably have to learn to UNDERSTAND, not Know there is a distinct difference, a lot more before I could explain it to you

Look, of course there is a possibility that multiple universes exist, but 50% of chances are they don't. This is just like God, we don't have any evidence of his/her/its existence or his/her/its non-existence. So until then I will remain an agnostic, open to all possibilities until the evidence hits me in the face.

I actually personally fancy the idea of multiple universes being real, and some of the theories about it make sense. But, at the same time, the arguments against those theories also make sense. And this uncertainty comes from not having tangible evidence.

Some people have faith and trust and believe things just because they 'feel so'. I can't. I need proof. And your explanation doesn't offer that, but thanks for trying.

posted on Jan, 6 2018 @ 02:39 AM
a reply to: Agartha

Right you say that it is half and half that they do or do not exist, that sound's pretty chaotic to me.
Ever heard of the Apperture slit test, a simple test that should never get the result's that it does get.

A Photon is emitted and that photon is then split into two photon's which as you know each have half the energy and are still somehow one photon so that they act like a mirror of one another.

These two photon's that were formerly one photon are sent down two shoot's, one of the two shoot's is blocked so that the photon can not pass beyond it stop's there BUT because the other photon is NOT blocked it hit's a photographic place.

NOW logically you should only get half an interference pattern right?, OR a Full interference pattern and NO Interference pattern 50 percent of the time would also be quite logical if strange BUT you ALWAYS get a FULL interference pattern every time.
Now Photon's behave oddly, they behave as a waveform when not observed and in a particulate fashion when observed so mind has a part to play in this as well but to go down that rabbit hole is even more complex so I shall just stick with this for now.
This mean's that the Photon somehow exists simultaneously in MULTIPLE reality's and can pass between them, hence the full interference pattern + every time.

So to coin what a hypothetical God of Super-Super space an imaginary place were all is and nothing is you have to go Boolean and decide if it Logically is or it Logically is not and the only logical answer at the moment is that it is - therefore there ARE parallel reality's.

But a star for your answer, 50 percent is still a good one, not in MY opinion correct though but hey I am not God and the truth be told ONLY He Know's AND understand's.

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