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Evolution versus War / War versus Evolution

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posted on Jan, 1 2018 @ 09:39 AM
In our partisan state, the side that tends not to believe in "evolution" seems to always support wars, at least since 9/11. The other side that tends to love evolution tends to be anti-war.

When one looks at nature 'war' is all there is. Not just in the animals, and creatures that creepeth, but in nature itself. Nature is chaos from stellar to solar to subterranean.

In a certain view one might expect we too should be creatures of war. Unless that is we're supposedly some sort of divinity. Then shouldn't we be above it? The we're divine side seems most apt to act like savages these days.

On the other hand, if we really are the epitome of the highest form of evolution, shouldn't we be culturally evolved beyond it already? The evolution side might say we are, but then again their politicians drive the wars just the same and they get in line overnight even after years of marching against it.

As I look at nature all I see is us. It's impossible to say that we aren't a part of this earth, that we didn't come from all of this. I'd actually like to be able to say that we didn't, but everywhere I look when stacking up our recorded history and current behaviors we've been 'all of nature'. We still are today.

Look at the ants. With their hierarchies, swarm behavior, highway networks, and their warrior culture. They attack others of the same what is in our terms 'race' (species), just so long as they're part of the other 'tribe' they're to be annihilated. Some even have projectile chemical warfare capabilities they can kill their own species with.
Just like we do.

Same can be said of bees, for the most part, although they tend more towards inter-species war but with even more dramatic species superiority dynamic effects.
Just like we do.

Next look at the world of fish. Big fish eating little fish. Swarms of fish devouring schools of fish. All manner of camouflage, tactics, weaponry, defenses, brutality and psychopathy.
Just like we do.

Then comes the submariner dolphins, whom are our most kindred spirit. The poor fish don't stand a chance, despite their advanced schooling tactics such as the most impressive "fish ball" maneuver. The dolphin makes the skills of the highest order fish, the shark, look like the major leagues versus t-ball with their strategic swarm tactics and sonar capabilities as they effectively net them via sonar herding strategies during their ruthless assaults on the often poor innocent defenseless but damn tasty fish.
Just like we do.

Then on land we have the the creatures that walketh. Sheep, antelope, oxen type creatures they all herd together in swarms. They're a generally peaceful type of creature. Unless its mating season then they lock horns and potentially impale each other barbarically with their horn appendages that are otherwise only for defensive purposes. When threatened they herd together mindlessly and tend to stampede rather than stand and fight their oppressors.
Just like we do.

The threats to them come in many forms of higher predators such as lions, or wolves. These types hunt strategically in packs quite like the dolphins, but for them there's a whole nother level of sport, danger and savagery in these affairs given the habitat and the prey. With the defensive or offensive capabilities of many of their opponents, whether they be prey or foe, it borders on self-destruction in taking them on day in and day out. On the one hand they need to to survive in so many of these instances, and yet they also seek it out as a sort of obsession often times it bordering on being just for the sport of it if not outright so.
Just like we do.

And then there's the case of "our closest relative": the chimpanzee. We share something like 98% of our DNA with them, but then again we share 97.5% of our DNA with the humble mouse. I can see the logic of contention on the old debate here. Clearly, something like 95% of all of the above is the basic mammalian code, so let us turn to behavior:

This "violent chimpanzee attack" scene, from BBC's Planet Earth, is like watching a jungle tribe of humans stalking and slaying a nearby rival tribe. They way they move, and stop, as one as they close in. The strategic teamwork dynamics involved are really quite brilliant. Then when the assault begins they even use terror tactics. Afterwards, they eat them which if you consider what we did to the Neanderthals...
Just like we do.

As a species we have been, or we even still are, all of these things. Everything. All of them.

Now 10,000 years ago it was only natural that we had to be to even survive, like them.

Today this is no longer the case, for anyone reading this anyways. Yet we still act like it, and live by it, while acting all high and mighty above the muck and slime so distanced we were never even a part of it. To prove it we build ever increasingly sophisticated weaponry to splatter our opponents into the dirt and act like it isn't primitive behavior. You'd think we'd at least have a word for mud made of blood if we're so special...

Meanwhile, in this Century, with all of our advances we're entering it with, and the new emerging fields of higher order tech on our immediate horizon, we face extinction so long as we continue to be backwards primal creatures of nature.

Tribalist monkeys armed with nukes & nano-weapons, hydrogen bombs & bio-weapons, cognitively enhanced with cybernetics, at constant war, imposed on us by a predatory elite whose hierarchy we worship, that wields terror tactics to keep us in line and at each others tribalist throats both domestically & internationally, with a new emerging higher order species (robotics hooked into a global artificial intelligence network), is a sure fire recipe for the extinction of Homo sapiens.

Meaning regardless your view on biological evolution, we as a species must finally evolve culturally in this Century, or the odds are overwhelming we're not going to survive it while this bleak future has the very real possibility of happening in our lifetimes.

Look at our history, its been an never ending cascade of wars of conquest and retribution, of cycles of violence, and oppression. Look to the previous world wars for clues of the scale of devastation we're facing, but realize that in the looming highly evolved Tech War we're facing it'll be unlike anything we've ever seen to such a degree even the top futurists alive today can barely imagine it... that is if we keep on as we do which is exactly as our ancient ancestors did. As the ants do.

I contend that whoever, or whatever from our offspring survives it, by the time it's over they'll regret they did. The scars of the past will forever haunt these creatures, and God forbid that race goes on to find and devastate other worlds, as our living legacy in the universe.

Whether or not we're from the monkeys, the sheep, the fish, and the ants, its time we start proving that we truly are above them. If we cant culturally evolve then we how can we deserve to act like divinity instead of being the mud?

The Darkest Patterns S01E01 "PRIMAL" [Full Episode]
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posted on Jan, 1 2018 @ 09:52 AM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

Please ignore the animalistic tendencies we have and all creatures have because of survival urges and see that a pure consciousness is something that every lower animal (even most humans) cannot attain.

There IS something more than being a physical being wanting another beer from the fridge and wonder what is on TV. Really, there is.... A sufficient depth of meditation can attain it. The cure for humanity is as simple as that, sitting and doing nothing physical, letting the mind do its best business.

posted on Jan, 1 2018 @ 10:18 AM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss
Congratulations, you get my first ASBO of 2018. There have been numerous trials and studies done with the resounding results that man kind, within a few days of lack of modern life, reverts back to animal behavior.
Why is it that thinking man has the effrontery to think that they are better than the animal world? Why does he think that just because he has a car, electricity, all the accoutrements of so called modern life he is higher than animals? Why does man think because he thinks he is the only being with reasoning thought or better still the thought that he is superior because he can be lenient on whether to kill or not to kill?
Or why people flaunt their superiority for not killing anything or eating any living thing and not harming their environment?
Does the ant care? No. Does the lion care? No.
Keep going mans arrogance will not help him for as long as there are 2 men and 1 woman there will be war.

posted on Jan, 1 2018 @ 10:44 AM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

if we really are the epitome of the highest form of evolution

This is not how evolution works. In the whole grand scheme of things there is no highest forms or winners, it's forever changing and will always change. Ants can be arguably 'more evolved' than us, after all insects have been on this planet far longer than mammals.

posted on Jan, 1 2018 @ 02:46 PM
a reply to: IgnoranceIsntBlisss

You can't compare animals with humans in the concept of war by giving examples of violent acts by animals.

Humans have something that animals don't have by definition: free will Animals act sheerly out of instinct.

I know that may sound simplistic, but nonetheless are there cases in nature of suicide, torture, martyrdom, religious conflict? No. Those are manifestations of human free will.

And war is a concerted, negative manifestion of humanity's free will. We always have been and always will be capable of making that choice in our 3d existence.

Furthermore, species of animals follow of group consciousness rather than the individual human consciousness. ( They have no sense of self. ) You can see some further evolved ( and usually domesticated ) animals exhibiting signs of individual consciousness, but they're still in an animal ( or second density ) consciousness at their core.

Humans maintain a societal and a planetary consciousness as well, and as that evolves, the negative manifestations ( like war ) fall to the wayside as well. Many individuals on this planet are at that point, yet we still see war as a common occurrence. Our wars are started by a tiny faction of humanity. The larger faction of humanity is complicit and will accept war simply because they've been deceived into believing it's necessary or even a positive undertaking.

In response to your last paragraph, our struggle isn't war itself. The act is psychopathic at best. But war is merely a manifestation, a by product, of a planet full of people that is still developing individual human consciousness. The battle isn't about merely overcoming our aggression, but about having a deeper understanding of truth and the undeniable power of a cohesive humanity.

posted on Jan, 2 2018 @ 07:05 AM
Life is not separate things, it is all one thing.

It exists, interdependent. All the parts are necessary for the whole to operate. Unfortunately, its pretty brutal.

posted on Jan, 2 2018 @ 07:09 AM
a reply to: AgarthaSeed

A:"Humans have something that animals don't have by definition: free will Animals act sheerly out of instinct. "

How much freewill do humans have when their actions are dependent upon *conditions*.

Did I *decide* to go have a drink with my own free will or did I go have a drink because I felt thirsty due to these feelings I get when my body lacks water?


There is a stratification of differences from earlier life forms to humans but I am not sure I would call that "free will", maybe something more like thinking and reasoning.

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